Monday, July 11, 2011

Boston Herald op ed on the BU Bridge

The BU Bridge is heart of what used to be a mile long habitat lived in by the Charles River White Geese. Things have changed with the goal created by the state bureaucrats with clear Cambridge support to kill off all animals living in the Charles River Basin. The current project, like a series of frequently bizarre projects, is needlessly and heartless cruel to these beautiful, valuable beings.

The oped is entitled “A Bridge to Nowhere Fast” by Stanley Spiegel. It was published last Saturday, in hard copy and on line.

I strongly appreciate this link being passed on to me.

Cambridge Pols announce attack on Invasives, still neutral or celebrating massive environmental destruction

1. Introduction.
2. The latest con game.

1. Introduction.

Cambridge Pols announce attack on invasives. They are still “neutral” or “celebrating” massive environmental destruction coming at Alewife, ongoing at Fresh Pond and ongoing and accelerating on the Charles River.

One of the key techniques by which an environmentally “reprehensible” (to quote a Civil Rights judge) City of Cambridge gets away with its environmental outrages is through pretty much non stop con games. They are defending against pretty much everything but do not want to know about their own massive destruction of the environment.

They have been known to conduct “public meetings” to allow destructive bureaucrats announce their “plans” and to explicitly prohibit comment on reality.

Of major importance, including among the typically lovely sounding sponsors are two “groups” which claim to be defending Fresh Pond.

I have seen massive, irresponsible logging by Cambridge on the Fresh Pond reservation. I have seen and heard the assistant City Manager brag of plans to plant a thousand saplings. Given the density of tree population, and the much less dense practices in their plantings, planting a thousand saplings would of necessity involve destruction of thousand of mature trees.

The City Manager brags that he has a right to only announce his “plans” on environmental destruction. If you expect to learn what he intends to destroy, well that is not relevant to his “plans”, and is something you have to pry out separately.

You can be certain that the Cambridge Pols will trump up their attack on invasives and continue not wanting to know about their irresponsible destruction at Alewife, Fresh Pond and on the Charles.

2. The latest con game.

The following is a edited version of the latest con game, taken from an broadly circulated email. Edits are intended to remove less general comments. Fresh Pond is one block from Alewife. There is no expression of concern for the forthcoming logging at Alewife.

The people passing on this invitation were involved in the celebration of environmental destruction on the Charles River which neglected to mention the environmental destruction.


Please see the following description of an opportunity to protect native species at Fresh Pond and in Cambridge neighborhoods by participating in a community-wide weeding campaign for one of the invasive plants, called Black Swallow-wort.
Pod Patrol Campaign Kickoff

Sunday, July at Fresh Pond Reservation

Meet in the Water Department parking lot at the volunteer trailer.

Black Swallow-wort is one of the most aggressive invasive weeds, and it is spreading at Fresh Pond and throughout Cambridge. You can help limit its further spread by removing the jalapeno pepper - like seed pods before they release their wind-borne seeds. Join other volunteers and Water Department staff as we learn more about Black Swallow-wort and start removing pods around the Reservation; then take what you learn into your own neighborhood. During the summer we’ll be tracking our progress block by block throughout Cambridge. The Pod Patrol is sponsored by [ed: Includes two “groups” which claim to be defending Fresh Pond, an area notable for massive, needless actual / announced tree destruction by the City of Cambridge. My reading of announcements includes translation of secret definitions.].