Sunday, June 22, 2014

Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA, Babies enjoy the Charles River

1. Babies enjoy the Charles River.
2. Links to latest reports of outrages.
3. Contacts: Protect against destruction.
4. Tip.

1. Babies enjoy the Charles River.

Here are some photos from June 18, 2014.

The proud parents took the two babies I have been following swimming.

They enjoyed themselves.

The area they went swimming off is near the big tree which is beloved by the gaggle.  Fortunately, the destruction has been minimal in this tiny, beloved area.

The photos start in the Charles River and follow them leaving the river and returning to dry ground.

2. Links to latest reports of outrages.

The plans for destruction under House Bill H4009 are in my letter to the Cambridge City Council posted at

These are the official plans posted when they sought Obama moneys, lying of disease to the public.  They have been fighting to destroy these trees for 10 years.  Do not be conned.  Any deviation from these plans will be minor.

The exact citation is House Bill H4009 is Section 2C, line item 2890-7020.

The photos of trees marked for destruction on the Cambridge Common are posted in two parts:


My letter of objection to the Cambridge City Council is posted at:  The letter includes smaller reproductions of the actual photos.

The Cambridge City Clerk's Printing of my letter and the attachments far surpasses in quality my records.  It is posted at:

On June 3, 2014, I posted on YouTube my presentation of that letter, at

My objection to the Cambridge City Council on the Grand Junction highway proposal is posted at

3. Contacts: Protect against destruction.

I have repeatedly reported on the outrages being inflicted on the Charles River and the Cambridge Common.

I included in the letter to the Cambridge City Council objecting to its imminent outrages on the Cambridge Common my objections to House Bill H4009 initiated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  This will destroy hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, and ALL such destruction is coordinated with the City of Cambridge.  Passage could be imminent.

I summarized many other ongoing and recently accomplished environmental outrages for the City Council of the City of Cambridge has filthy hands.

The imminent target of destruction is the excellent common just north of Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, USA.

If you would like to be recorded opposing to these outrages, please send an email to  That will get your email to Donna Lopez, the City Clerk.  As part of your email, ask that your email be forwarded to the Cambridge City Council and included in their Communications for the next meeting.

Support of my letter opposing the destruction on the Cambridge Common and the destruction in H4009 concerning multiple destruction of trees and animals on the Charles River would be helpful.

Of greater value in opposing the outrages on the Charles River would be communications to state officials as follows:

Massachusetts Governor’s Office email form:

All Massachusetts Legislators’ emails:

The list of legislators’ emails is set up so that you can copy and paste them into addresses on your email, either original addressees or, better, blind copies.  Please do not miss the addendum at the beginning in which I list the local State Representative who was recently elected.

4. Tip.

The key with the Cambridge City Council is that their weakness is a very distressing and continued lie that they are pro-environment.

One of the major purposes of the fake company union groups is to perpetuate this lie.

It is a very major weakness, but the lack of response to complaint concerning their destruction on the Cambridge Common is not encouraging.

There are four out of nine newcomers.  One might be subject to persuasion.  The balance could be possibly be embarrassed into decency.  I have major zoning victories as an environmental technique in Cambridge.  It was common to get approvals from the “conservatives.”  The “liberals” were then embarrassed into compliance with their claimed positions.

The current situation on the Cambridge Common gives good reason to question whether any of the newcomers have environmental decency.

Of major importance with legislators is a widespread contempt for the Department of Conservation and Recreation and its destructiveness.  Cambridge, MA, is a distinctive entity which is in sync with the problems that the DCR embodies.