Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meeting of fake neighborhood association concerning Magazine Beach on the Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA

1. General.
2. Alewife.
3. Implementation. Destruction to be extended at Magazine Beach with mentioning destruction.
4. Fake meetings, censorship. Destruction at the destroyed nesting area praised. Reality shouted down.
5. A decent human being from outside the control of the Machine reports on a radar study of Magazine Beach.
6. Early departure.

1. General.

The Cambridge Machine cons people into doing exactly the opposite of what the victims want by lying that they are on the victim’s side. Then comes the clincher, “You can’t win. You can’t win. You can’t win. But have we got a deal for you.”

I will follow with an extended photo analysis of destruction.

2. Alewife.

The Cambridgeport branch of the machine assisted in the destruction of acres of virgin forest at Alewife and the killing of hundreds of resident animals through the same con. They told people concerned about Alewife to work with the destructive Friends of Alewife Reservation.

The fake Friends group spent the last 14 or so years running around telling people of their love for Alewife. The con was that their friends at city and state were working for irresponsible destruction of the Alewife reservation and the “Friends” group was aware of it.

So the “Friends” group told concerned people told people to look at everything except for what counted.

After they succeeded in inexcuseable, avoidable and totally wasteful destruction and killing, the leader of the “Friends” group went into the Cambridge Chronicle and, in an exact reversal of public position, bragged about the destruction.

The fake neighborhood association, once it had achieved the destruction it was fighting for at Alewife, suddenly decided it had nothing to do with Alewife and comments that they had succeeded in destruction became “out of order” in their meetings.

3. Implementation. Destruction to be extended at Magazine Beach with mentioning destruction.

The fake neighborhood association is using exactly the same tactic on the Charles River at Magazine Beach.

They lie that they love Magazine Beach. They want to improve it.

They suppress reality. They suppress the reality that the biggest improvements needed are to undo twelve years of outrage. Twelve years of outrage which, for the most part are readily correctable.

But have they got a deal for you.

After spending years not wanting to know about Magazine Beach, they have suddenly discovered it and now constantly proclaim their “love” for it.

They want to expand the destruction, loudly claiming concern.

At last night’s meeting, they announced the receipt of funds to expand the destruction, as usual not mentioning the destruction. The goal is the destruction of the parking lot to the west of the Magazine Beach, thus rendering a picnic area useless and making access to historical buildings far more difficult.

The area is directly across from Magazine Street in Cambridge.

The con in that they loudly crow about the historical buildings and don’t talk about the irresponsible part of the deal any more than they can help.

They have money. They are going to destroy, and never mention the destruction.

But they will keep telling you they mean well.

4. Fake meetings, censorship. Destruction at the destroyed nesting area praised. Reality shouted down.

Their fake concern for Magazine Beach is proclaimed non stop.

And reality is censored as much as possible.

The con is to get that destruction done by lying to meaningfully concerned people about their concern while keeping the irresponsible destruction at the Magazine Beach playing fields and in the destroyed nesting area of the Charles River White Geese as much as they can.

The con is to prevent undoing the totally inexcusable destruction which was obtained through the usual lies, outright, by omission, or using some other skillful technique of lying. And continue the destruction. All part of a standard script.

Two Magazine Beach meetings ago, the very destructive state agency was given all the time it wanted to pitch for the further destruction.

Response as to the real needs and the irresponsible nature was explicitly censored.

It was publicly ordered that the fake neighborhood association would only allow positive comment.

Shortly after censoring reality about Magazine Beach, they announced a “celebration” of Magazine Beach.

At the last Magazine Beach meeting a fake history was presented. It was fake because it explicitly excluded the destruction of the last twelve years. I was allowed to “reply” to extended presentations with a limit of “three minutes to the extent you can restrict yourself to that” which was cut to a flat limit of three minutes with the chair shouting over me during the last crucial minutes.

Last night, a key member or the fake group who used to support the Charles River White Geese reported on the destruction which has just occurred at the Destroyed Nesting Area. She gushed with the usual Garden Club praise for the destruction. She talked about how beautiful it was.

After repeated attempts, I was finally “allowed” to respond. I mentioned the total lack of public participation or public announcement / discussion of plans.

When I got to the fact that the area the Charles River White Geese had for their key nesting for the past more than 30 years was replaced with what would be an impenetrable thicket, I was shouted down by the chair.

I have had printed in last week’s Cambridge Chronicle a good summary of the outrage at Magazine Beach. That letter with analysis is reported at:

That chair had the outrage to follow his shouting down my key comments once again with the flat out lie that we are both on the same side. “Like Hell” was my response.

I gave him a copy of our now outdated standard flier which includes everything except for the latest outrage. I have transmitted the above link to the fake group’s listserve in response to this nonsense.

The poor dear, reading from the Machine’s script and totally ignoring the heavy handed outrages by his fake group including him, claimed he does not know what he is talking about.

Please give me a ring at if you would want an electronic master of the standard flier.

5. A decent human being from outside the control of the Machine reports on a radar study of Magazine Beach.

A key guest in last night’s meeting was Lars Anderas, M.S., of the University of Massachusetts Boston.

He has done a radar study of the ground at the Magazine Beach playing fields and he put on a good presentation.

We spoke before the meeting. His radar device goes straight down, so he was not able to study that portion under the drainage system to drain off the totally unneeded and irresponsible poisons being dumped. Since nobody, human or goose, can get into the impenetrable thicket walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles River, he, of course, did not scan that area either.

The gentleman was out of place. He thinks the environment is the world around us. The machine talks about everything except the world around us because the machine is destroying the world around us.

He showed the area and pattern of scan.  He will report back when he receives the interpretation of his scans.  It will be quite awhile.

Nice presentation. Usual con from the machine. They give the false impression of concern. They forward destruction by destroying that parking lot without mentioning the destruction. And they shout down objections to the latest destruction. And they consistently censor reality at Magazine Beach and the Destroyed Nesting Area.

But they do present a good report which has nothing to do with their destruction.

The usual, cynical lie by the Machine.

6. Early departure.

The fake neighborhood association devoted the latter part of the meeting to self praise by the most environmentally destructive city councilor, Henrietta Davis. I was not able to stay that long.