Friday, June 14, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA Environmental Destroyers brag of Environmentalism, yelling at the other guy.

The following has been sent to the Cambridge Chronicle. It responds to materials in the June 13, 2013 Cambridge (MA, USA) Chronicle. The Chronicle has been censoring me for months now. It objects to my calling environmental destroyers environmental destroyers.

Cambridge Chronicle

I have been listening to the city councilors yelling at the other guy concerning transporting ethanol through Cambridge. It comes as no surprise that every city councilor just voted to destroy 22 excellent trees on the Cambridge Common, most because they block the view.

The councilors have destroyed acres of Alewife for “flood protections” which they are not providing and which can be provided on adjacent properties, until those properties get built on. The councilors’ explanation is to yell at the private developers in the area.

The councilors support true environmental outrages on the Charles River, They are attempting to massively increase those outrages, including, looking at the Governor’s bond request in context, destruction of hundreds of excellent trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge.

So they yell at the other guy and lie that they are pro environment.

Reading Mr. McGovern’s comments on the environment brings things very close to home. McGovern has a record on the Charles River. McGovern fought for the outrage at Magazine Beach. He says he is only responsible for the good stuff there..

McGovern says he fought to “improve” Magazine Beach for playing fields, but cannot explain how walling Magazine Beach off from the Charles River with that bizarre wall of bushes “improves” the playing fields.

McGovern’s beloved playing fields have been decreased in size as a result of his efforts. This is to drain off poisons being dumped on this formerly pristine area. The poisons keep alive introduced grasses which are too sickly to survive without poisons. Those introduced grasses replaced perfectly good grasses which survived the better part of a century without poisons.

The state and its friends are trying to expand this outrage to the hill to the west and the wetlands behind the swimming pool. They want to destroy the little guy’s parking lot.

Then there is the deliberate starving of beautiful 33 year resident geese the state manager has proclaimed no intent to harm

All that is needed is sewing responsible grass seed instead of poisons, and chopping down the bushes as so many others are chopped down.

Reality with the councilors and McGovern is irrelevant. Yell at the other guy as part of saving the world. Keep your very destructive record in places only Cambridge pols can destroy secret. Don’t look at the record.

McGovern fits in very well with a very bad city council.