Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 392, Poison Fed Grass looks even worse.

1. Day 392 at the Destroyed Nesting Area — Red Sox crowd.
2. Poison Fed Grass looks even worse.

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. Day 392 at the Destroyed Nesting Area — Red Sox crowd.

Rush hour was quite busy at the Destroyed Nesting Area. The Red Sox are in town and a lot of people were driving and walking to the game.

For the first time, I had a bicyclist grab a flier passing me.

People were interested and concerned.

2. Poison Fed Grass looks even worse.

I walked through the environmental outrage at the Magazine Beach athletic fields and looked more closely at the introduced poison fed grass.

The grass varies in quality from one location to another. Some locations are nearly bare.

The bare stuff is clearly inferior to the native, environmentally responsible grass which has not yet been destroyed, at the top of the hill to the west of the bizarre athletic fields.

Some parts look quite good, but are they better than the native grass which does not and did not need poisons to survive? And does it make any sense whatsoever to destroy all that healthy, viable grass to introduce sickly stuff that needs poisons to survive?

I had an extended discussion with a woman exercising a Lab on the hill. Her comments without prompting agreed with what normal people have been saying for the past thirteen years. The hill could use some work. Working on the playing fields was silly.

She was quite shocked to learn of the plans to destroy the parking on the hill. We are dealing with incompetents who have contempt both for the environment and for the people using the environment. These continuing projects both destroy the environment and destroy access for normal human beings to the Charles River. First and foremost, these incompetents should be fired. Instead, the Cambridge Machine runs around spouting flat out lies that the incompetents are worthy of our respect.