Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good news on the Western Avenue and River Street Bridges repair project over the Charles River

The lead environmental destroyer on the Charles River, the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” has reported on the March 13 and 15 public meetings concerning the repair of the Western Avenue and River Street Bridges over the Charles River. These are the next two bridges to the west from the BU Bridge.

The technical reason for the hearings is that they are for the “25% design” on the project by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

This entity states that the CRC and fellow destroyers are fighting for underpasses on the south, BOSTON, side. That sounds very wrong, very certainly a typo. The fight is on the Cambridge side.

This outrage has already been rejected by MassDOT and the Department of Conservation and Recreation for its environmental destructiveness. As usual with these characters, lying by omission is the norm. The environmental destruction would include large environmental / wetlands / tree destruction and further heartless animal abuse, on the CAMBRIDGE side. The agencies referred to the proposal as the “Cambridge”: proposal when they rejected it. They did not deign to give credence to these cheerleaders.

The reporting entity is hurt that the plans for the bridges are responsible and do not comport with the environmental destruction they want.

Interestingly, the report states that Senator Brownsberger, Representatives Honan, Moran, and Wolf, and Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis spoke. Brownsberger, Wolf and Davis have bad records. It is likely they spoke in favor of environmental destruction.

The vague wording in the report gives the impression that the other two spoke in favor of destruction as well. That vague wording is almost certainly deliberately misleading.

Business as usual from the bad guys.

We had conflicts for the meeting, and it sounds like nothing new happened.

I would appreciate input from knowledgeable friends.