Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Longfellow Bridge, Magazine Beach, 80 year unused Bathhouse; Charles River, Cambridge, MA

1. Background, Longfellow Bridge “defenders” and destructive nonsense on the Charles River.
2. Response.
3. Editor’s Reply.
4. Caveat.

1. Background, Longfellow Bridge “defenders” and destructive nonsense on the Charles River.

In my last report, I commented on the Cambridge Machine suddenly noticing the Longfellow Bridge project, which has seen outrageous and unnecessary tree destruction. I was particularly observant of the leader of the Cambridgeport front organization of the Cambridge Machine crying about pollution, automobile pollution.

I analyzed his suddenly found environmental outrage in the context of his and his organization’s destructiveness at Magazine Beach and with regard to the hundreds of trees targeted for destruction with Machine support and corrupt practices between Magazine Beach / BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge on the Charles River.

The report was posted at: http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2013/07/cambridge-machine-notices-longfellow.html.

I have received the following response and replied with an earlier draft of section 3.

2. Response.

Thanks Bob for your work and explanations. I am very disappointed in the Magazine Beach push to renovate as opposed to protecting the natural environment. I don't need another "monument" to war in the building down there, I say let it rot and that's just what I told the committee !

3. Editor’s Reply.

Thank you very much.

The most bizarre aspect to their irresponsible behavior is that none of the irresponsible actions at Magazine Beach were done other than through secrecy and lying. The wall barring access between the Charles River and Magazine Beach is explained solely as incompetence. They do not know how to chop down bushes.

The poisons being dumped to keep alive the sickly grass can be remedied by spending money on seed for the grass which survived the better part of a century and was stupidly destroyed. Sew seeds for that grass, rather than spreading poisons.

Reinstituting the responsible grass would allow Cambridge and its friends, should they care, to spend money on returning the playing fields to their size before the start of destruction. Playing field size has been reduced for fancy drainage to keep poisons out of the Charles which should not even be dumped there.

The real reason for the renovations to the building which has not been used for 80 years is to prevent needed repairs on the Charles River to undo outrages created by Cambridge and its friends. This is the standard company union game regularly and destructively used by the Cambridge Machine.

At Magazine Beach, they are lying that they love the Charles River. In reality, they are seeking something to get people chasing their tails over rather than behaving in a constructive manner and undoing 13 years of unnecessary destruction.

The corruption inherent in the vote

(a) to expand the outrage at the playing fields to the top of the hill and to the wetlands behind the swimming pool,
(b) plus to destroy the parking lot needed for the picnic area which they lie that they love,

says everything about their real concerns.

Fooling responsible people into chasing their tails is the same tactic which has been used and continues to be used by the Cambridge Machine in its fight for

(a) the already accomplished partial destruction and
(b) the forthcoming total destruction

of the publicly owned areas of the Alewife Reservation in the western part of Cambridge.

4. Caveat.

A responsible analysis of Cambridge Machine destructiveness cannot possibly distinguish between the knaves and the fools. My analysis of reality looks at the overall situation and does not waste time on the fact that it is entirely possible, but highly unlikely, that all the visible people have been conned.

The ongoing and applicable analysis of Cambridge Machine members, which has been true for the 35 years I have been fighting them, is: “You cannot possibly be so stupid.”

And I have many successes, including spectacular successes.