Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Con Games at Magazine Beach / Destroyed Nesting Area Continue: photos sought of area where they seek destruction, without mentioning destruction

The Cambridge Chronicle has published on line an announcement that the Cambridge city manager’s front organization in Cambridgeport is seeking photos of an historical building at the foot of Magazine Street.

“This project is part of a larger effort to revitalize Magazine Beach, spearheaded by the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association with the support of the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation and Cambridge Historical Commission.”

Naturally, the “larger effort” is kept as secret as possible.

The larger effort destroys access to the historical building and the adjacent picnic area by destroying the small public parking lot which provides access to the building and picnic area.

The larger effort includes the further heartless animal abuse of the Charles River White Geese by converting the construction zone for the BU Bridge project into an animal hostile thicket with large impervious walkways.

The larger effort, of course, includes 12 years of heartless animal abuse and environmental destruction, but that is kept secret. They want to continue “improvements” which are exactly the opposite of improvements and the best way to do that is to keep their destructiveness as secret as they can get away with.

But the Cambridge city manager’s friends censor reality while praising the entire area, bragging about nice stuff and keeping environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse secret.