Monday, December 09, 2013

Grief: The Charles River White Geese, Dogs, Elephants and Others

1. Background.
2. The Charles River White Geese.
A. General.
B. Starvation.
C. Killings.
(1) The poor Charles River White Geese and a City Council Copycat.
(2) The Cambridge Machine.
3. Neighbor dogs mourn for Niketa.

1. Background.

I have been catching up on my reading.

Normally I do things chronologically, but, to my surprise I found two very old copies of Time which I had not read.

The April 15, 2013 edition includes an article which contains a thoughtful analysis of grief in varying types of animals: elephants, crows, horses and others.

2. The Charles River White Geese.

A. General.

This comes as no surprise on the Charles River because the 32 year resident Charles River White Geese have an excellent family structure with great closeness among relatives.

B. Starvation.

One of the more shocking photos in my files came when the City of Cambridge and their friends at the state started deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese.

This is the sort of corruption the fraudulent Cambridge Machine is trying to hide by lies of concern for the Charles River which translate as “do not look at the important stuff, look the building nobody has used for 80 years.”

Standard con, standard fraud, con games, corruption and lies. This is the Cambridge Machine.

The following is a photo of the day these reprehensible people started starving the Charles River White Geese.

The Charles River White Geese have been valuable, treasured residents of the Charles River for more than 32 years, cherished by those familiar with them. So they have been isolated and deliberately starved by the Cambridge Machine and its friends.

For most of the 32 years, the Charles River White Geese have fed at Magazine Beach. The reason the Cambridge Machine lies that the only thing of importance is that unused building is that the people pulling their strings have done major work there with no important results except for destruction.

So they lie that they love the Charles River, just look at that old building which has not been in use for 80 years.

The days these reprehensible people started their destructive project, the Charles River White Geese came to feed as they had for decades. They were met by a wall of plastic. Here is a photo of that morning and women feeding them over the plastic.

[file shot]

The photo in The Boston Sunday Globe was a photo of one of the geese overwhelmed by the earth moving equipment.

Right next to the photo, The Boston Sunday Globe quoted the key manager at the state level lying: “We have no intention to harm” the Charles River White Geese. This report dominated the front page of their City Section.

That corrupt manager kept up this flat out lie for more than ten years. The Cambridge Machine’s corrupt vote of April 13, 2013 was to implement further destruction he is fighting for. And they treated this lying destroyer like a responsible member of society.

C. Killings.

(1) The poor Charles River White Geese and a City Council Copycat.

Cambridge and the DCR had their copycats. One such copycat started beating to death nesting mother geese on their nests.

The Cambridge City Council was begged to stop this outrage. They did not want to know about it.

One day, the rotter killed Bumpy the leader of the gaggle, and attacked and maimed many others.

My first understanding of the enormity of the crime came, in the Destroyed Nesting Area, when I looked at my feet and saw Junior, a gosling whose mother had been killed as part of early nest destruction associated with the state / its friends.

Junior was orphaned after his mother “disappeared” (i.e. was killed) after her nest was destroyed. She obviously defended her nest.

Junior’s father went crazy with grief when his mate was killed by these rotters.

Junior was adopted by Bumpy’s son and the son’s mate. Bumpy acted as baby sitter. The three of them, as is goose practice, created a polite wall, but a very real wall as they walked Junior to familiarize him with the world. Nobody could get close to Junior. Also part of goose practice with goslings.

And Junior was standing at my feet without protection. And the gaggle was distraught.

“Where is Bumpy?”

Bumpy’s beaten body was found by the river after an extended search.

Junior had been orphaned a second time in a very young life. And the gaggle was distraught.

The memorial service of Friends of the White Geese dominated the front page of the Cambridge Chronicle. The Cambridge City Council did not want to know about it.

The rotter apparently graduated to the rape and murder of a young woman where he had been killing geese.

The Cambridge City Council spent an hour pontificating about the rape and murder. The Cambridge City Council did not want to know where she was raped and murdered.

(2) The Cambridge Machine.

At the City Council discussion of the rape and murder at the Destroyed Nesting Area, Councillor Davis briefly stated where the rape and murder had occurred. She swallowed her words, looked around guiltily and joined the rest of a rotten Cambridge City Council in not mentioning where the rape and murder occurred.

The murderer / goose killer is now serving a long sentence.

Davis is retiring. Good riddance.

But Davis’ friends continue to lie that the love the Charles River, but don’t look at the important stuff. And do not look at House Bill H332 which contains money to destroy hundreds of trees and animal habitat which they fight for (and included in the fine print of the fine print in the corrupt vote of April 23, 2013 and elsewhere) calling the destruction “underpasses”.

And they show just how much of a lie their “concern” is for that building which has not been used for 80 years.

They do that by destroying the environmentally responsible parking lot needed for access. It is also needed for the picnic area and for access for the little guys. The Cambridge Machine lies of love for the picnic area while destroying its responsible parking lot as well.

But the Cambridge Machine proclaims its love for the Charles River, just do not look at the problems they and their friends have created and are expanding. And they love that building that has not been used for 80 years. Just do not look at their fight to destroy its parking lot, “supported” by the corrupt vote of April 23, 2013. But don’t look at reality there either.

3. Neighbor dogs mourn for Niketa.

For quite awhile, I frequently walked my brother’s Golden Retriever, Niketa.

One of her favorite stops was a farm down the street which had dogs in its farm yard.

They would happily nuzzle through the woven fence and do happy barking.

Niketa passed away from cancer at 10.

A week or so after her death, I walked to the farm yard to say “hello” to the dogs.

One dog, a black short hair named Jack, kept barking at me in a loud but conversational tone. A Collie named Blue was friendly to me.

I left and came back a few days later after I realized what Jack was barking about. So I returned to respond to his communication.

This time both Blue and Jack kept barking.

I told them “Niketa is dead. She had cancer.”

Both immediately stopped barking and walked away, in mourning.