Friday, February 20, 2015

Charles River: Winter and the mini migrations of the very smart Charles River White Geese.

Charles River: Winter and the mini migrations of the very smart Charles River White Geese.

1. Introduction.
2. 35 year lifestyle.
a. General.
b. Magazine Beach Playing Fields.
c. Destroyed Nesting Area.
d. The Bay.
3. Environmental Summary.
4. Political Summary.

1. Introduction.

I have been thinking over the current situation of the Charles River White Geese, and the more I think about it, the more I may understand their life style.

The big problem on the Charles River in Cambridge / Boston, MA, USA is man is destroying our world.  This is exacerbated by the extreme hypocrisy of the government in Cambridge which is the core of the heartless destruction of its part of our world, the part which surrounds this reprehensible government.

The weakness of the government of the City of Cambridge is that they have to do so much lying to stay in power.  That weakness comes from an electorate which wants responsible government.

It is highly likely that Friends of the White Geese as the political arm and the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative as the feeding arm are the principal factors which have kept this reprehensible government from yet another outrage, while lying that they are holier than thou.

The government of the City of Cambridge are going more public now, acting through the fake groups, as is demonstrated by

a. the propaganda piece on Cambridge property lying of love for the Charles River,
b. the State House vote of $20 million to destroy hundred of trees on the Charles River,
c. the imminent destruction of so many excellent trees, with state money, on the Cambridge Common, and
d. so much else; I cannot keep going and keep going.

The vile government of the City of Cambridge and its friends are destroying, destroying, destroying.

One sign in that propaganda piece concerning the Charles River says a lot:

Enough said.

2. 35 year lifestyle.

a. General

Before the vile situation showed its ugly head, the Charles River White Geese lived in a migratory pattern of perhaps one mile on the Cambridge side of the Charles River centered on the BU Bridge.

They are a truly magnificent example of an organized community living and surviving in the wild not really that far from one of the most densely populated cities in the United States of America.

b. Magazine Beach Playing Fields.

They spent their days and good weather on the Magazine Beach playing fields, sleeping there or on the Charles River next to the playing fields.  They fed on the luscious, responsible grass on the Magazine Beach playing fields.

This is the way it was.  This is what Cambridge through its friends promised:  a law to the river.  Their lies of responsibility were exacerbated by more than a decade of promises to do "no harm" to the Charles River White Geese.



Here is a photo taken when Cambridge and its friends commenced deliberately starving them.

The key manager continued the lie, even repeating it next to a massive photo on a section front page reporting the outrage: “no harm” repeatedly promised.

The top manager of that destruction now serves as Cambridge City Manager, replacing a City Manager who was not fired for heartless human abuse as part of a civil rights / women ‘s rights outrage, the Monteiro case.  The Monteiro case saw three levels of court giving a very bad city council the power to fire the then City Manager for “reprehensible” behavior (quoting the trial judge).

Now the corrupt tactics are to hide behind fake protective groups which function as company unions.  “Look are what we are creating.  Do not look at our massive destruction.” is a moderate translation, and they even stooped to corrupt tactics in support of the "creations" they claim are so good because they did not look like they could get support honestly.

The Magazine Beach playing fields are located to the west of the BU Bridge.

c. Destroyed Nesting Area.

In bad weather and in the mating season, they migrated to the Destroyed Nesting Area.  The Destroyed Nesting Area has excellent protection from the elements.  To the west is the created abutment upon which the BU Bridge runs.  To the North is another created abutment upon which an access ramp to Memorial Drive is set.  To the east and south is another created abutment upon which is the Grand Junction Railroad runs.  The railroad’s bridge over the Charles River provides protection to the south.

It is great protection for normal bad weather.

d. The Bay.

But there have been times in even worse weather when they were not visible in the Destroyed Nesting Area.  I reported on this stage in my report at  The Canadas filled the Destroyed Nesting Area with the Whites absent.

Here are photos of the Canadas in the Destroyed Nesting Area from earlier in the snow nightmare.

In the first photo, the train tracks are the straight line above them.  The Bay can be seen through the trees.  Cambridge is discussing a bike highway severely disrupting this peaceful area.

Cambridge’s friends have a lot of harm to this formerly pristine area, hidden under the snow, even after objections by the Cambridge Conservation Commission.  They continued that outrage beyond the tiny jurisdiction of the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

The staircase shown a few photos down is to the left of the first photo.  It was built as part of a package of lawlessness in which Boston University moved in workers before a hearing on BU's planned destruction and completed the destruction before the end of the appeals period.  BU denied doing the work until six months later, after the Cambridge Conservation Commission condemned them for it.  Then they started bragging.

That is the kind of corruption which is normal on the Charles River in the fight for its destruction.

In the background of the second photo is the BU Bridge.

The Canadas were there because they are visitors.  The weather was bad.  Snow was piling up.  The Canadas were in the Destroyed Nesting Area because it was obvious to a visitor.

The Whites were not.  The Whites knew better.

The Whites were off the wild area to the east of the railroad track and they were enjoying free water against the shore next to that particular Boathouse of Boston University.

Here are the railroad tracks which separate the two areas.  Cambridge is talking about adding a fence parallel to the tracks which would prevent direct access between the two areas, including splitting off nesting locations to which the Charles River White Geese have been forced by the destructiveness of friends of Cambridge in their beloved Nesting Area.

In my report on Wednesday, I reported they were even closer to the BU Boathouse, happily swimming in that free water on a very cold day.

The area off the wild area east of the railroad tracks has advantages and disadvantages.

It is protected on the west by the abutment on which the railroad runs.  It is protected on the north by the wild area in the steep abutment on which Memorial Drive runs.  It is open to the south.  It is partially protected to the east by the BU Boathouse.

Here are photos from a few months ago of the Charles River White Geese in that area.

Very importantly in severe cold, however, the BU Boathouse is a source of heat in the water.  The source may not be important during normal weather, but during extreme cold, it is very helpful.

The free water from that heat source is getting smaller as the cold comes, but the free water, even frozen, is warmer than the cold earth in the Destroyed Nesting Area.  The Charles River White Geese would like the earth of the Destroyed Nesting Area.  That is their home now that they are being deliberately starved.

Here are photos of the BU Boat House and the Memorial Drive / ramp side of the Wild Area.

The $20 million in state money would destroy the excellent tree on the right which looms over the Destroyed Nesting Area.  And hundreds more like it.

This steep stair case is west of the railroad tracks.  It was illegally installed by Boston University.  Currently it is the only access I know of to the Destroyed Nesting Area, the Tracks and the Wild Area.  It is treacherous, made more so by a pile of snow pushed into its opening in the fence.

This is a photo of the tracks from the Memorial Drive bridge just east of the illegally constructed staircase.

This is the only photo I can find of the BU Boat House.  This is of the front and theend away from the wild area and the current ice / free water on which the Charles River White Geese are living.

The Charles River White Geese are practical.  During the worst days, the bay of the Charles River between the Grand Junction Railroad and the BU Boathouse is where they go for protection and relative warmth.  They have their down winter jackets, but they are smart, well organized, and have a communal memory.

3. Environmental Summary.

The Charles River White Geese are an excellent example of nature living in a very heavily developed part of the world.  They are free animals.  The life cycle for free animals is to feed when feeding is plenty and to live off their stored fat when feeding is not plenty.

They have a very real communal structure and the associated leadership.

That is their life cycle.  They have adapted to a very special part of the world and they use what is available in that very special part of that world.

Decent human beings help.  If you can get to them where they are, food would be appreciated.

4. Political Summary.

The City of Cambridge and friends with holier than thou lies are rotters disguising themselves as holier than thous to evade the wrath of a voting population which wants what the lies claim and does not want the reality of this vile entity.

The probable firing of two city councilors over the Monteiro outrage with a guilty councilor now pandering to decent humans on Monteiro reflects the very real threat that that concerned electorate raises to a really rotten government.

See also, and the links therein.

Once again, Cambridge government’s sign bragging of its determination to be part of man’s destruction of our world while lying that they are decent people above the riff-raff.

A vile government continues to rely on lying to its voters while prodding, trying to see just how vile it can get.  The lies from the councilor who was on the wrong side on Monteiro shows the level of well earned fear from a government which has no business in power.