Wednesday, September 03, 2014

DA Candidate Michael Sullivan: Rape, Murder and not wanting to know where it happened

DA Candidate Michael Sullivan: Rape, Murder and not wanting to know where it happened

DA Candidate Michael Sullivan’s ads about his concern for victims have gotten stronger.

At a meeting of the Cambridge City Council, including then Councilor Michael Sullivan, in the fall of 2001, the Cambridge City Council spent an hour discussing a rape and murder.

Councilor Davis very quickly mentioned the location of the rape and murder.  She looked around guiltily, swallowed her words, and joined the denial of mention of the location of the rape and murder.  She joined the silence communicated by the rest of the Cambridge City Council.

It would appear that a person who had spent much of the spring beating to death nesting mother geese on their nests at the Destroyed Nesting Area had graduated to rape and murder in the same location.

He had been emulating the heartless animal abuse directed at the Charles River White Geese by the Cambridge City Council through their vote to attack their home and food at Magazine Beach.

He graduated to a mass goose attack/killing including the killing of the leader of the gaggle, Bumpy, in early July.

Friends of the White Geese conducted a memorial on the beautiful nearby grounds of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

That memorial dominated the front page of the Cambridge Chronicle.

The city council had their mid summer meeting.

Folks begged the Cambridge City Council to stand up against the ongoing outrage.

Folks reminded the Cambridge City Council that animal abusers frequently graduate to humans.

Michael Sullivan’s Cambridge City Council was “neutral” as Lt. Governor candidate Cheung’s then city council was “neutral” on the condemnation of the Cambridge City Manager’s heartless human abuse of Malvina Monteiro.  Cheung’s Cambridge City Council was “neutral” in spite of the condemnation of that Cambridge City Manager by Jury, Judge, and Appeals Court panel.

Michael Sullivan’s Cambridge City Council was “neutral” as Lt. Governor candidate Cheung’s city council has been “neutral” on the legislature’s vote of $20 million for destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive in Chapter 286 of the Acts of 2014.

In Michael Sullivan’s “neutrality”, the person convicted of the rape and murder had been living in a homeless encampment on the Boston side of the Grand Junction bridge.  The bridge was where the murder had occurred.  The victim was raped against the supports of the Grand Junction bridge in the Destroyed Nesting Area.  Both rape and murder were close to the defiled nests where the mother geese had been beaten to death.

The rapist / murderer had behaved in a manner raising suspicions on the goose killings.  It is not an unreasonable assumption that he graduated from heartless animal abuse to heartless human abuse.

The silence in all three City Council bodies says exactly the same thing: the support of very bad people for very bad behavior that should evoke outrage from responsible people in their place.

So Councilor Sullivan joined Councilor Cheung in silence when outrage was called for.

So Councilor Sullivan and the rest of his City Council (with the very quick deviation of Davis) did not want to know where that woman was raped and murdered.  They spent an hour discussing the rape and murder without mentioning the location of the rape and murder.

This is reality.  It is rare that politicians have an opportunity to show where they are really coming from.

Councilor Sullivan and Councilor Cheung have so shown, along with the other city councilors around them in each instance.

And former Councilor Sullivan is spending a lot of money claiming concern for victims in his race for District Attorney.

Former Councilor Sullivan has done nothing to stop his heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese while Councilor Cheung is working to make it worse.