Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Charles River: Destruction Threatened around Magazine Beach Swimming Pool.

Charles River:   Destruction Threatened around Magazine Beach Swimming Pool.

0. Supplement.
1. Introduction.
2. Destruction plans.
3. Doomed trees, swimming pool.
a. Views from across the street.
b. Views from the Magazine Beach area.
4. Summary.
5. Prior reports.
a. Accomplished Destruction.
b. This series, current threats.

0. Supplement.

These reports are issued in three formats.  This blog has the complete report.

Condensed reports are published on Facebook and in an email mailing.  Both include the URL for the complete report.

As I went to put out the condensed reports, I received a communication from the key woman who has been in the middle of the fight for massive destruction of the environment on the Charles River.

She and her friends pulled a Company Union fraud which could have been key in the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive this year.

Now she is putting out the flat out lie. that the trees she is fighting to destroy at Magazine Beach NEED to be destroyed.

I have seen way too much of this sort of behavior under the Cambridge City Manager Machine which has been in power in Cambridge since 1974.  Honesty will not get the bad guys the terrible things they have fought for because Cambridge has an electorate which wants a responsible government.

So a well organized small minority indulges in corrupt tactics to achieve the goals of a bad city government / its friends in spite of the direct conflict with the clearly wished goals of so many Cambridge residents.  A tiny number of people can raise Hell with a bunch of well meaning people who do not understand but want to be fair.

It is my very strong hope that the City Manager select will clean up the mess which has dominated politics in the City of Cambridge in an increasingly effective manner starting in 1974.

1. Introduction.

This report is the latest in a series.  The series, with URL’s is presented in the last part of the report.

This report concentrates on destruction at the Magazine Beach swimming pool.

2. Destruction plans.

First of all, here is a satellite photo of this portion of Cambridge and the Charles River.  Magazine Beach IS the curve of the river.  Boston is below the river, Cambridge above.

Here is the index to the destruction plans.

To use these on our scanner, we have divided each page into two parts: right / left, west / east.

On the plan of plans, the western part of the destruction area leads, followed by the swimming pool area, followed by the hill / bath house area, followed by the playing fields.

This report concerns the swimming pool area, so here is the relevant part of that page.  The right hand side includes no trees, so I am not repeating it.

The vaguely rectangular building is the swimming pool.

The massive destruction on the hill is connected to the swimming pool on the right, so please review that report to place this destruction in context.  It is all one irresponsible package.  Document links in section 4 provides this information.

To place things in context, here is the destruction plan to the east of the swimming pool.

3. Doomed trees, swimming pool.

a. Views from across the street.

The most irresponsible destruction faces Memorial Drive.

Here is the view approaching the swimming pool.  This area was reported in the first hill destruction report.  However, the view from Memorial Drive was not provided.

Please compare this photo to the relevant photos and plan for the hill.

The big yellow tree is NOT BEING destroyed.  There are very few other trees in this photo which are also not being destroyed.

This is the same scorched earth destruction practiced by the DCR, Cambridge and their cheerleaders between the BU and Longfellow Bridges, where more destruction is yet to come.

Moving west.  A tree behind the yellow tree is being destroyed, then the next tree to the west is destroyed.

Then one tree is not destroyed.  Looking at the positioning on the plan, it looks like the small yellow tree is being destroyed, and there is another tree mostly hidden by the big yellow tree that is not being destroyed.

Moving west with the camera, the big yellow tree at the entrance dominates the photo. Then follows one tree with leaves and one leafless street trees which are not being destroyed.  After them is a yellow leaved tree which is being destroyed.

Moving west, the doomed yellow leaved tree is followed by another doomed street tree.  Both are dwarfed by a large tree behind them which is not being destroyed.

Moving further west, the doomed tree west of the yellow doomed tree can be seen more clearly.  This is a significant tree.

My guess is that these street trees are being destroyed to extend the gold plated bike highway which replaces the existing perfectly good bike highway, and which is the supposed cause of the destruction of so many of the hundreds of trees between the BU and Longfellow Bridge.

The waste is so blatant, it is silly to consider these outrages as other than Make Work for Contractors.

Proceeding west, three out of four trees between the sidewalk and the parking lot are being destroyed.  This includes one extremely large tree, of the scale of the one which is not being destroyed and which overwhelms the street trees just shown.  There are two others of significant scale being destroyed and one tiny tree not being destroyed.  The tiny tree not being destroyed is probably on the right with the brown leaves.

The trees hidden by the tree behind the yellow tree look like the victims.

This looks like the two largest condemned trees with the little safe tree to their right.

b. Views from the Magazine Beach area.

Looking from the parking lot, I think the three trees on the left are the three doomed trees.  The nearest tree on the left is the one which previously could not be seen.

Here is a photo from the parking lot, looking past the yellow tree into the swimming pool.  Note the paving on either side of the yellow tree.  The yellow tree is doomed.

Looking at the lay of the parking lot, my guess is that the massive tree straight ahead but partially blocked right and left is doomed.

4. Summary.

Nothing has changed in the 16 years I have been following the vile behavior of Cambridge and the state bureaucracy on this part of the Charles River except that the destructive bureaucrats have been moved to a different department.

The legislature tried to protect the Charles River from a truly reprehensible bureaucracy which operates in lock step with a bad government in the City of Cambridge.  They destroyed the entity containing the bureaucracy, but transferred the irresponsible bureacrats, AND THEIR PLANS, to the DCR.

I have tried for years to avoid mentioning the fraudulent groups which grease the way for a bad government.  I have been forced to mention them.

The fake group through most of this has been the falsely named, and very destructive Charles River Conservancy.  They bragged about the misleading arguments by which they obtained the destruction money for the hundreds of trees destruction.  During the middle of this, dah dah, yet another fake protective group friendly to the City Manager’s people announced its creation and took over with the company union con game which is so popular with groups aligned with the City Manager’s people.

Now the latest fake group has gone public.  It is no longer just a con game.  Their latest leader has publicly supported the destruction of 42 trees in the area for which this fraudulent group has proclaimed love.

The destruction on both sides of the swimming pool is one big outrage.

The city council has replaced the retiring third City Manager of the Cambridge City Manager machine with a manager who is not the primary assistant to that third face in the Machine.  The City Manager position has been passed from City Manager to key assistant, an on.  The City Manager select has been strictly in the financial part of the city government.

That is an improvement, I hope.  We will have to watch the performance of the City Manager select, who has yet to take office.  So far the Acting City Manager is the assistant to the prior one.

5. Prior reports.

a.  Accomplished Destruction.

The Destruction of Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA, USA, January - February 2016, Final Cut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTplCCEJP7o.

b.  This series, current threats.

(1). 9/28/16, Government Agency Expanding Poison Usage on the Charles River, at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/09/govt-agency-expanding-poison-usage-on.html.
(2). 10/1/16, City Council Extends 42 Year City Manager Machine?  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/10/cambridge-ma-extends-destructive-42_1.html.  Note: includes links to Court Decisions / “non” Decision damning deliberate Civil Rights violations by the then Cambridge City Manager.  The "non" decision was the Appeals Court panel's denial of Cambridge's appeal.  They refused to dignify the appeal with a formal opinion, but it certainly looks like an opinion.
(3). 10/3/16, Charles River:  Cambridge Cheerleaders fight to Destroy 42 MORE Trees, at Magazine Beach.  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/10/charles-river-cambridge-cheerleaders.html.
(4). 10/6/16, Charles River, Magazine Beach Destruction Plans, Plea to Cambridge.  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/10/charles-river-magazine-beach.html.  Includes extensive analysis of a corrupt governmental situation.
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