Friday, January 30, 2015

Charles River: Why mention a Cambridge, MA, USA City Councilor’s Sexual Orientation?

Charles River: Why mention a Cambridge, MA, USA City Councilor’s Sexual Orientation?

In my last report or two, I responded to an initiative by a Cambridge City Councilor who is a Black Lesbian Female, repeatedly calling her a Black Lesbian Female.

I did so with great qualms because this sort of term is normally used in a derogatory manner with regard to the nature of the person as a Black Lesbian Female.

The trouble is that, in Cambridge, MA, looks are highly deceiving.

This woman is conducting an initiative looking into the malfeasance of the past Cambridge City Manager Robert Healy with regard to Women’s Rights and Civil Rights, and she is doing so as a Black Lesbian Female.

This is the case of Monteiro v. Cambridge in which three levels of Courts damned the behavior of Cambridge’s honorably retired City Manager, Robert Healy.

The councilor wears her label of Black Lesbian Female with pride.

Trouble is that her behavior on the Monteiro case about which she is yelling was on the wrong side of the side she claims to be on when she proudly declares herself a Black Lesbian Female.

And she is now spouting pious on disclosures which disclose that she is even further on the wrong side.

By being one of a unanimous City Council which simply ignored strong condemnations of three levels of courts aimed at Cambridge City Manager Robert Healy’s destructive behavior on civil rights / women’s right, this city councilor disowned her own status of Black Lesbian Female.

Her status as a Black Lesbian Female continues to exist, but WHEN IT COUNTS, she has demonstrated that she is on the wrong side, and that, yet again, her public appearance on her record on the matters where it counts is the opposite of reality.

I repeatedly called this woman a Black Lesbian Female because she dishonored her status by seeing no problems with Healy’s heartless human abuse on this Civil Rights / Female Rights matter.

If I have offended people by calling this turncoat by her own status which she rejected, if I have offended people who support the status which this turncoat rejected in the Monteiro outrage, I would say very clearly that the person to condemn is the Black Lesbian Female who disowned herself by seeing no problems in the behavior of Robert Healy.

For her now to be playing the Lesbian card, the Female card, the Black card, by exposing even more the vileness of Robert Healy, she is exposing her own serious deficiencies and she is lying that she is on the side one would expect of a Black Lesbian Female.

The stuff she is disclosing now is part of the package which includes what the Courts condemned and with which she found no problem when she should have fired that destructive person.

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

This is the running policy of the Cambridge City Council on environmental and civil rights matters, and there is too much subtle and non subtle lying going on.

For my position on Cambridge’s heartless human abuse when it mattered, please see my YouTube post at

I stood up against Cambridge’s heartless human abuse then.  I stand up against Cambridge heartless animal abuse and belligerent environmental destruction then and now.

I strongly object to my proven enemies lying that they are on my side to get reelected.