Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Updates, Monteiro case, Cambridge pols fight for mercury distribution

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. Monteiro Update.

A. Supreme Judicial Court - Direct Appellate Review Request..

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, on September 29, 2010, denied Cambridge’s request that the SJC hear the Monteiro v. Cambridge case on Direct Appellate Review without consideration before the Appeals Court.

B. Appeals Court.

The Appeals Court on October 5, 2010, allowed Ms. Monteiro’s attorneys an extension to November 16, 2010, to file their brief in response to Cambridge’s appellate brief.

Two days later, Cambridge filed an opposition to the extension. That filing was denied by the SJC the next day.

This extension gives Monteiro an extra 35 days to file. Cambridge was given an extension of 19 days.

2. Cambridge pols fight for mercury distribution.

On September 30, I posted my response to a Cambridge pols’ praise of the splattering of mercury around the world in the name of “environmentalism”. That may be read at:

In last Thursday’s Cambridge Chronicle, October 7, 2010, the Chronicle printed my letter and a response to the pro-mercury letter by the person whose original op ed led to the Cambridge’s pols ode for mercury. They were at the end of a fairly long number of letters on the editorial / op ed pages. Mine was the next to last letter. The op ed writer’s was the last letter. Both were published on line as well.

Mine may be read at:

The op ed writer’s response may be read at

This latter letter is quite well written, and it corrects me on one point. I objected to the supposed environmentalist’s claim that there was so little mercury in each container that it is not worth discussing, on the grounds that millions of these things are being distributed. He states:

“Keep in mind that the United States currently has one billions CFLs in operation and the scheme is to fill our 4.7 billion light sockets with CFLs.” [ed: one typo corrected.]

I accept the correction.