Monday, April 28, 2014

Cambridge City Council to Consider Harvard’s Behavior in Argentina, and ignore everything that Damns the Cambridge City Council.

A Cambridge City Councilor running for Lieutenant Governor has filed a motion sounding o, so good about concerns for Harvard’s behavior in Argentina.

This blog’s reports have passed on reports of the group monitoring Harvard’s environmentally destructive behavior. But we are on the side of the good guys in reality, not overwhelmingly in con games.

The motion is a standard Cambridge con.

Cambridge destroyed acres of irreplaceable Alewife wetlands protected by the usual fake group telling folks to look at developers obeying the City Council’s zoning ordinance in the area, but telling folks not to look at Cambridge and the state bureaucrats' destructiveness. And to ignore the fact that destruction could multiply.

The City of Cambridge bragged about the destruction but, last I heard, their bragging was censored in newspapers which had assisted in the destruction by printing fluff from the fake groups. The only place I saw the bragging was in a blog run by a belligerent member of the Cambridge Machine.

The destruction in Alewife is outrageous because all that has to be done to avoid public destruction of Alewife is to build underground storage under new construction. But with the fake groups telling folks to ignore reality . . .

Similarly, at Magazine Beach, a supposed “improvement” paid for by the Cambridge City Council did a whole bunch of stuff which was kept secret or directly violates publicly stated promises: walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles River, destroying healthy, responsible grass to replace it with sickly stuff that requires poisons to survive, destroying playing fields in violation of the supposed purpose of the Magazine Beach projects. This destruction was to drain off poisons which should not be there.

There, of course, has been heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese and other resident animals in accordance with the bureaucrats plan to kill off or run off all resident animals they can get away with.

Funding games were used to allow a lie that parts of the project which were the most obviously destructive were not the responsibility of the City of Cambridge, and there has be exactly no concern that the "accomplishments" differ so remarkedly from that promised, even from a new member who praised the project when it should have been killed.

The city council, including the Lieutenant Governor candidate voted for and funded the destruction of 22 excellent trees on the Cambridge Common.

Then again, Harvard is one big beneficiary of the proposed destruction of hundreds of trees by Governor Patrick’s H3332, Historical Parkways section. Destruction is proposed between the BU and Longfellow Bridges. All such behavior is coordinated with Cambridge. And the Cambridge City Council voted for the “Underpass” proposal which turned out to be a euphemism for this massive destruction.

And the city council in the same meeting is considering funding destruction of natural grass in favor of planting fake grass in a soccer field at Danehy Park, $1.1 million.

But the City Council will be appropriately concerned about Harvard’s behavior in Argentina, on the initiative of the candidate for Lieutenant Governor.