Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grand Junction slides available

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has provided me with their slides from their presentation on June 16, 2011 concerning possible passenger use on the Grand Junction.

The slides are quite good and informative. They provide more detail than I was able to include in my report. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out a way to upload them.

Please send me an email at, and I will be pleased to provide the slides to you. They run slightly under 799,000 KB.

The Cambridge Machine extends Cambridge corruption to the regional level

1. Cambridge Corruption goes regional.
2. This blog reaches a milestone.

1. Cambridge Corruption goes regional.

I define corruption as dishonesty in fact.

The corrupt environmental situation in Cambridge, MA, was bad enough but it clearly now has regional environmental impacts.

The Charles River is being destroyed but it is not beyond reclamation.

Alewife is being destroyed. Each of those major, excellent trees is irreplaceable, and there must be easily be thousands of them. Strictly a wild guess, but when the Cambridge City Manager started his destruction of the Fresh Pond reservation, he bragged of planting a thousand saplings which would translate into destruction of thousands to make room for the saplings. Alewife is bigger than the northern portion of Fresh Pond which Cambridge has been destroying.

The corruption of Cambridge is highly scary because the game is to infiltrate and control. The situation is such that it is impossible to distinguish between knaves and fools.

There is a woman who spent 15 years “defending” Alewife and succeeded in destroying the core part of Alewife, highly savable, while continuing to tilt at windmills on less important stuff. She is almost certainly a fool and not a knave. This is one tactic of the Cambridge machine. Keep them out of trouble chasing the other stuff.

But the way the machine is destroying Alewife shows just how tiny the number of people really pulling the strings need be.

It gets scarier to remember a key Boston Sierra Club member at the Grand Junction meeting, and realize the situation in the Sierra Club.

Last I recall, this guy was strongly supportive of cyberabuse as part of a supposed transportation organization. Cyberabuse was the tactic the knaves used to prevent meaningful discussion of the Urban Ring. The knaves fooled the key people in the group into taking a position which simply could not be justified from a transportation point of view. The minute reality was discussed, cyberabuse was used to bring discussions to a halt.

And this key Sierra Club person clearly supported the cyberabuse. His support of cyberabuse continues because the knaves are still present in that group and the victim was thrown out because the victim objected to being cyberabused.

Last I heard, the Sierra Club was pushing the flat out lie (originating from Cambridge of course, major participation) that there is only one option in the Urban Ring heavy rail proposal, the silly and environmentally destructive streetcar proposal. The Cambridge pols flatly and simply lie that the responsible Orange Line option does not exist. That lie certainly looks like it is being spouted by the Boston Sierra Club.

There is a lot of lying coming out of Cambridge.

What is a lie? Spouting flat out falsehoods can be a lie in either of two ways.

First, you can know the falsehood is a lie and spout it. Secondly, by spouting the falsehood, you claim you know what you are talking about. So either you know it is a falsehood and are lying or you claim to know what you are talking about and are lying about that. Either way, you are lying and are part of corruption which has spread from Cambridge and is now in the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club has repeatedly endorsed environmental destroyers for City Council in Cambridge. The corruption in Cambridge controls the liberal arm of Cambridge politics. Very visible in the Sierra Club are people who look like part of the Cambridge corruption. The Cambridge corruption looks like it controls the Boston Sierra Club insofar as it needs support for its environmental destruction.

If you want to discuss corruption in the Sierra Club, just ask that guy in the key position in the Sierra Club what two practitioners of cyberabuse are doing in key positions in that transportation group, and why he supports cyberabuse.

You might also ask him what destroyers of the Charles River, Fresh Pond and Alewife are doing being endorsed by the Sierra Club, or better yet, what these endorsements say about the Boston Sierra Club.

2. This blog reaches a milestone.

This is the 600th edition of this blog.

The blog started in 2004. It is a spinoff of an email newsletter which exceeded 400 issues and, at one point, reached 1,300 recipients.

In March 2000, I started putting out reports on the situation at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese. The reports went out over a phone connection by Yahoo! The accumulation of multiple reports took more time than the distribution. Hours were spent on each report, and the reports went out daily or more often for quite awhile.

Yahoo! made things quite a bit more difficult for that type of procedure.

By 2004, it was taking four days to send out each report.

That was unsustainable.

So, we have now reached 600 postings here, and a total or more than 1000 reports since March 2000.