Friday, January 09, 2015

Cambridge/Boston, MA — Olympic City? State House destruction of hundreds of excellent trees in the middle of the Olympics?

Cambridge/Boston, MA — Olympic City?  State House destruction of hundreds of excellent trees in the middle of the Olympics?

The independence of Cambridge from Boston, MA is a historical anomaly.  Geography wise, Cambridge and Somerville to its north belong as part of Boston.  But we are not and we have our own identities.

The one important visible separation between Cambridge and Boston is the Charles River.

It has been reported that Boston is the United States candidate to host the Olympics in 2024.  I see reports that Massachusetts Institute of Technology is being considered for some of the games.

MIT is in Cambridge.  The most important separation of MIT from the Charles River is Memorial Drive.

Memorial Drive is the area where the State House has voted to destroy hundreds of trees.  MIT supports the destruction.

The destruction will ramp up the heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese and other free animals.  The bureaucrats always ramp up the heartless abuse when they get a project anyway near beautiful free animals.

Here are some of these excellent trees slated for destruction.

Here are the Charles River White Geese, first with their longtime, but now injured, best friend, Little Brook, and secondly, admiring the Charles River.

The Charles River White Geese are one of the most valuable possessions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the Charles River.

But Cambridge, MA, has an environmentally reprehensible government which brags of its heartless animal abuse, and they coordinate their heartlessness with a whole bunch of rotters including the equally reprehensible bureaucrats who control the land where the Charles River White Geese live.  Here is a copy of Cambridge’s bragging of its contempt for beautiful, valuable animals.

Cambridge and its accomplices can get away with these outrages because Cambridge has a massive organization running around lying about the Cambridge government.

This particular outrage may be found in Ch. 286 of the Massachusetts Acts of 2014, search for “Historic Parkways.”

$20 million.

These particular plans are on the Internet at  This post includes my transmittal of the plans to the Cambridge City Council.  Poor dears, they are very happy with the lies that they are holier than thou.

So now we have the outrage of massive destruction of hundreds of excellent trees right in the middle of the Olympics.


To quote that civil rights judge’s opinion of heartless human abuse by retired Cambridge City Manager Robert Healy, “Reprehensible.”

To quote the Appeals Court panel: “Ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior.”

To quote the Jury, $3.5 million PENAL damages, more than three times real damages.

To quote the Cambridge City Council, metaphorically:  "What me worry?"

The poor dears.