Friday, January 12, 2007

"Historic Parkways" Policy

1. Letter to Department of Conservation and Recreation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, copy to Governor.
2. Marilyn Wellons Response.

1. Letter to Department of Conservation and Recreation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, copy to Governor.

The following was emailed at 7:50 am on January 12, 2007 by your editor, Bob La Trémouille. Patrick copy was completed at 8:02 am.

January 12, 2007

Victoria Bonarrigo
Department of Conservation and Recreation
251 Causeway Street, Suite 600
Boston, MA 02114


The "Historic Parkways" Policy on which you are seeking comment fits the DCR's bankrupt environmental and animal habitat policies in the areas where you are using this fake sale pitch of a name.

I believe the comment deadline is today

You propose no environmental and no animal habitat protections.

This is completely in accord with an area where Corsi spent four years promising to do no harm to the most visible and highly popular animal residents, the Charles River White Geese. Then you proceeded to starve them by walling off their 25 year feeding grounds from the Charles River at the Hyatt Regency and Magazine Beach in September 2004. Your / Corsi's explanation was that starving them was not harming them.

You took a poll. Most people said do nothing to the Charles River. So you are spending millions on environmental and animal habitat destruction which makes no practical sense.

Your idea of an Historic Parkway is to strighten out Memorial Drive into a configuration which has no historic justification. Your idea of an historic parkway is to destroy 449 to 660 trees between the Longfellow Bridge and Magazine Beach including every cherry tree and to replace them with a smaller number of saplings.

Your idea of an Historic Parkway is to use your agents (Charles River Conservancy) to destroy animal protective vegetation on both sides of the Charles River to the ground while loudly lying (your commissioner as I recall) that you never cut vegetation below one foot, and as I recall your commissioner is FULLY aware of the practices of your agents, based on our exchange at the boathouse near Charles Circle a few months ago.

Your idea of an Historic Parkway is to brag about swimming in the Charles and then to destroy animal habitat and wetlands to install bizarre designer bushes at Magazine Beach which have no business on the Charles, which wall off Magazine Beach prevent feeding and preventing swimming. Your "historic" bushes with no historic reality, of course, promptly died.

Your idea of an Historic Parkway is to truck away (soon to come) all the dirt at Magazine Beach to replace it with dirt, poisons, and HISTORIC sprinklers. The HISTORIC sprinklers replace the wetlands which should not have been destroyed.

Starving the local animals in your world is not harming them.

Your idea of Historic Parkways is installing poisons at Ebersol Fields and Magazine Beach which have no historic relevance. Your idea of historic parkways is the excess of poisons at Ebersol Fields which resulted in the Charles River being killed between the dam and the harbor THE DAY AFTER YOU implanted these poisons with prohibitions against use near water.

Your idea of an Historic Parkway is your practice for the last four years of poisoning every goose egg you can get away with for the first ten miles of the Charles River. Your sick definition of histroy has no animals in it on the Charles River. Senator Kennedy assisted your bizarre attack on nature. This combined with lies claiming to be pro-environment show where you are coming from.

Sanctifying 19th environmental destruction attitudes says everything about a truly reprehensible entity, the Department of Conservation and Recreation destroying the Charles River with help from the City of Cambridge, the Charles River Conservancy, and oh so many others who make money out of your depravity.

Robert J. La Tremouille

cc: Governor Patrick

2. Marilyn Wellons Response.

Thank you for doing this.

Thank you for responding.