Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boston Globe reports massive tree destruction coming. Lying as a technique.

1. Boston Globe Article.
2. Letter to the Editor.
3. On the matter of calling people “liars.”

Bob Reports:

1. Boston Globe Article.

August 20, 2009, the Boston Globe printed on page B1 and article featuring the pending destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive. A very good photo of Marilyn was in the middle of the page. The on-line edition may be found at

The title and subtitle are:

Growing disagreement along Memorial Drive
Group contests plans to fell trees

2. Letter to the Editor.

I have submitted the following letter to the editor:


Boston Globe

For the DCR to call the hundreds of trees they are destroying on Memorial Drive other than healthy is outrageous.

There have been repeated discussions over the years on this destructive project. Any trees that the DCR called other than healthy were destroyed years ago.

These are the same people who have repeatedly promised over the years to "do no harm" to the beautiful and valuable Charles River White Geese and then explained that "do no harm" allows starving them. The DCR’s attack on Memorial Drive’s trees is part of their continuing destruction of the Charles River’s environment and its beautiful creatures.

To call these HEALTHY trees anything other than HEALTHY falls into the same category as the years of flat out lies of DO NO HARM to the resident animals.

And Governor Patrick is using Obama stimulus money for this outrage!!!

3. On the matter of calling people “liars.”

It is quite distressing to repeatedly be calling people liars. The Department of Conservation and Recreation has been quite blatant in this category.

Earlier this week, the same reporter quoted me as referring to a Cambridge City Councilor as part of a group which uses lying as a technique.

There is a difference in level of subtlety. The Cambridge pols routinely lie through use of secret definitions. My reference which the reporter was quoting was to the nonstop pounding of the Cambridge political organization that the City of Cambridge and its pols are “environmentalists.”

The reality is they claim to be environmentalists based on tertiary environmentalism, fancy buildings, while indulging in outrageous destruction of the environment under their control.

To call these environmental destroyers “environmentalists” is just another lie, but more subtle than the DCR is using.

A current Cambridge City Councilor argued that the Cambridge pols' secret definition of "environmentalism" is better than the world’s definition. That argument may be read on this blog at