Sunday, August 07, 2011

New office construction in a key Cambridge, MA location to be converted to housing

The Cambridge City Manager and his organization are constantly fighting to destroy open space and first floor housing for the most environmentally offensive development they can get away with.

Retail generates 9 times the traffic as residential uses and office generates 3 times the traffic.

Cambridge, MA has twice the jobs it should have for its population. And Cambridge has way too much traffic because of this situation. Housing, housing, housing, and meaningful open space are the needs.

It is thus bizarre to see the repeated housing and open space destructive initiatives sneaked into zoning changes by these people. And I have repeatedly publicized the environmental destructiveness of this very dishonest government and its organization.

On the other hand, Cambridge developers are not as irresponsible as the Cambridge government and its massive machine.

The City Council has repeatedly voted to destroy housing and ground floor open space for retail. Developers just keep developing housing, even as conversions from irresponsibly located existing retail.

It is thus a pleasant surprise to see a massive, rather new building in the core of Cambridge’s Central Square, proposing to kill off their entire (one floor) office component to put in retail.

The reality of the developers is yet another reason why this extremely bad city government, and massive organization, runs around lying about itself.

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