Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Charles River, MA, USA: Cambridge has not started logging the Cambridge Common YET

Charles River, MA, USA: Cambridge has not started logging the Cambridge Common YET

The contempt for the environment which is the reality behind the ongoing and apparently accelerating Charles River destruction is just part of routine environmental destructiveness of the Cambridge City Council.

This routine destructiveness is combined with non stop environmental holier than thous from the members of the Cambridge City Council and their cheerleaders.

Posted on YouTube at is my presentation of an early objection to the Cambridge City Council on its planned destruction on the Cambridge Common, with photos.

This is clearly part of the plans for an ongoing construction project on the Cambridge Common.

Many trees are protected by slats strapped around them.  Many are not.  My check of a lot of the not protected trees has shown orange markings at their feet condemning them.

And like so much of the destructiveness of the Cambridge City Council, the destructiveness makes no sense.

The Environmental Notification Form calls of 22 being destroyed and mumbles about trees blocking the view of a monument.  Lying through omission is normal in Cambridge environmental destruction.  I would anticipate 22 is the minimum number.

I recently went by the Cambridge Common.  Looking across it from Garden Street, the southern border of this triangular parcel, I did not notice any logging YET.

I am unaware of any symptoms of remorse, either from the long standing City Council loggers who voted for the destruction or from the newcomers who received the communication I present on the YouTube page.

But the cheerleaders continue to lie of environmental sainthood.

Attached are photos of trees in the targeted area of the Cambridge Common.  The Harvard Square entrance will be devastated.

Cambridge's loggers tend to brag of planting saplings.  Contractors love to be paid for destroying mature, excellent trees.  Contractors love to be paid for planting saplings.  The contractors are happy.  They are getting money coming and going.  Why should people concerned about our world object?