Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Charles River White Ducks still search for a replacement for their irresponsibly destroyed home

Bob La Trémouille reports:

It looks like I may have been wrong in reporting that the Charles River White Ducks found a new lair.

A tiny minority of very destructive people have led me to cling to pretty much any straw. It is entirely possible I saw two Charles River White Geese setting up nesting and, with nobody to compare for size near them, I incorrectly assumed they were Andrake and Daffney. Andrake and Daffney are BIG ducks, not as large as the Charles River White Geese, but nevertheless quite big.

This afternoon, the Charles River White Geese pretty much filled the destroyed nesting area, looking around for places to call home.

The Charles River is thawing. It never fully froze. There is a lot of free water under the Grand Junction railroad bridge. The ice next to the destroyed nesting area still is separated from the shore in the same spot it has been throughout the coldest part of the river, but now it is a big sheet of ice with free water beyond.

Most of the ice sheet was occupied by mallard ducks, with a couple of white geese and one sole gander. On the furthest point were the Charles River White Ducks.

The situation on the Charles River is the same as in Cambridge, MA. Some very destructive hypocrites are doing a lot of damage. The hypocrites on the Charles River are agents of the state bureaucrats who run the place. All have contempt for nature and aggressively are destroying nature.

The vegetation which has protected the Charles River White Ducks since their freedom has been destroyed by these sickos, the Charles River Conservancy. This vegetation is part of a well established wild part of the Boston side of the Charles River very close to Storrow Drive / Soldiers Field Road. The vegetation has vastly improved the view from the Cambridge side because it hid the highway. This vegetation has been terrific for water born animals.

But we have sick people with contempt for nature and for the Charles River. The Charles River Conservancy destroys, destroys, destroys. They fit in very nicely with the Cambridge City Council.