Friday, May 30, 2014

Clarification on Cambridge, MA, USA Machine Admission. Please protect against destruction.

Clarification on Cambridge, MA, USA Machine Admission.  Please protect against destruction.

1. Protect against Destruction.
2. Clarification on Cambridge Machine Admission quoted in our last report.
A. Introduction and Explanation of terms.
B. My Report.
C. The relevant part of the Machine operative’s email.
D. My analysis.
3. Protect against destruction.
4. Links to latest reports of outrages.

1. Protect against Destruction.

Please see email addresses in final section.

2. Clarification on Cambridge Machine Admission quoted in our last report.

A. Introduction and Explanation of terms.

This clarification is presented solely on my own initiative.

“MassDOT” is short for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

B. My Report.

(1) On the Blog:


C. Cambridge Machine admits City Control. [ed: This “C is the section from the original report.]

Among the missing [ed: At the 5/1/14 meeting, in comparison to the 4/10/14 meeting] were the head of the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” and a law school graduate who has a long record of yelling about the meaningless and having contempt for meaningful protections.

She made a very big thing about demanding voting representation for the fake neighborhood association on the MassDOT advisory committee [ed: at the 4/10/14 meeting].

MassDOT has a long experience with the destructiveness of these fake protectors and refused to give the fake group voting membership.

The woman has crowed that “we” now have representation.

Their “representation” is the Cambridge Development Department.  Thus MassDOT can talk to their controllers instead of intermediaries.


(2) On the facebook and email reports:


Our report goes into additional cons from the Cambridge Machine.

One interesting point is that a Cambridge Machine activist seems to admit that the Cambridge Machine is controlled by the Cambridge Development Department.


C. The relevant part of the Machine operative’s email.

As a result of our elected representatives efforts*, Cambridge now has a representative on the Dept. of Transportation’s Community Task Force of residents, institutions, businesses.  It’s Bill Deignan , Transportation Program Manager at our Community Develoment Dept.  Bill attended DOT’s May 1 presentation/Q&A session at City Hall and the Task Force meeting in early May.  Bill’s contact info:  (617) 349-4632,
*Rep./City Councillor Toomey and Reps. Livingstone and DiDomenico pressed for this.

D. My analysis.

(1) General.

The writer made a very major stink that her fake neighborhood association should be given voting membership on the MassDOT advisory committee in the April 10, 2014 meeting.

Her language is very much the equivalent of calling the appointment some sort of achievement, and of satisfying her demands.

To me, her language is an acknowledge that there is no meaningful difference between the appointment of a formal city employee and the appointment of a representative of her fake neighborhood association.

Frankly, if her fake neighborhood association has any meaning whatsoever, and her presentation in the 4/10/14 meeting had any substance, the appointment of a city representative is a well deserved slap in the face.

I would be amazed if, given this location, MassDOT did not appoint a representative of the City of Cambridge.

I would also be amazed if MassDOT gave her fake neighborhood association a voting representative.  MassDOT is not stupid.  MassDOT has seen too much of the Cambridge Machine.

Additionally, however, the position of her fake neighborhood association concerning the Charles River is that it is anti Charles River to Defend the Charles River.  Her fake neighborhood association is very insistent on its demands that any politically correct person has a duty to ignore any and all matters concerning the Charles River except for those matters dictated by the fake neighborhood association.

English translation: A belligerently destructive company union.

Standard tactic by the City of Cambridge in its ongoing attacks on the City of Cambridge.  These fake groups date back to the reappointment of James Leo Sullivan in 1974.  He stated at that time that he wanted to create neighborhood associations.  He and his two successors have done that with a vengeance, a lot of cheerleading groups.

I recall one of Cambridge’s “neighborhood associations” which was receiving funding from the City of Cambridge see its money decrease when the group strayed from the straight and narrow.  This particular entity is one of the entities fighting for the destruction of the Alewife reservation.

(2) Correction.

I am sorry about using quotations when my report presented my honest rewording of her comments.  I wrote my report from the top of my head.

3. Protect against destruction.

I have repeatedly reported on the outrages being inflicted on the Charles River and the Cambridge Common.

I included in the letter to the Cambridge City Council objecting to its imminent outrages on the Cambridge Common my objections to House Bill H4009 initiated by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  This will destroy hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, and ALL such destruction is coordinated with the City of Cambridge.  Passage could be imminent.

I summarized many other ongoing and recently accomplished environmental outrages for the City Council of the City of Cambridge has filthy hands.

The imminent target of destruction is the excellent common just north of Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA, USA.

If you would like to be recorded opposing to these outrages, please send an email to  That will get your email to Donna Lopez, the City Clerk.  As part of your email, ask that your email be forwarded to the Cambridge City Council and included in their Communications for the next meeting.

Support of my letter opposing the destruction on the Cambridge Common and the destruction in H4009 concerning multiple destruction of trees and animals on the Charles River would be helpful.

Of greater value in opposing the outrages on the Charles River would be communications to state officials as follows:

Massachusetts Governor’s Office email form:

All Massachusetts Legislators’ emails:

The list of legislators’ emails is set up so that you can copy and paste them into addresses on your email, either original addressees or, better, blind copies.  Please do not miss the addendum at the beginning in which I list the local State Representative who was recently elected.

4. Links to latest reports of outrages.

The plans for destruction under House Bill H4009 are at

These are the official plans posted when they sought Obama moneys, lying of disease to the public.  They have been fighting to destroy these trees for 10 years.  Do not be conned.  Any deviation from these plans will be minor.

The exact citation is House Bill H4009 is Section 2C, line item 2890-7020.

The photos of trees marked for destruction on the Cambridge Common are posted in two parts:


My letter of objection to the Cambridge City Council is posted at:  The letter includes smaller reproductions of the actual photos.

The Cambridge City Clerk's Printing of my letter and the attachments far surpasses in quality my records.  It is posted at: