Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Cambridge Machine Proves: FRAUD WORKS

The Cambridge Machine Proves: FRAUD WORKS.

The purpose of the company union fraud is to fool well meaning people to work against their own goals.  At minimum, a company union prevents responsible action standing up to irresponsible goals supported by the company union.  A company union does so by filling in a void and by preventing responsible people from acting by preempting and destroying the field.

The fraud is based on the concept that a few rotten people who know what they are doing can control a large number of well meaning people who have good intentions.

The Cambridge Machine has obtained a state legislative / gubernatorial vote for $20 million for destruction of hundreds of magnificent trees on Memorial Drive next to the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, along with yet another increase in heartless animal abuse, of the Charles River White Geese and other free animals.

The heartless animal abuse comports with the wishes of their friends from the Department of Conservation and Recreation to kill off or drive away all resident animals on this part of the Charles River.  It comports with the animal pogrom which was automatic as part of their destruction at Alewife.

The $20 million they have obtained for massive destruction was achieved through key lies of the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” combined with the controllers of a fake neighborhood association joining the lie of concern for the Charles River.  Their non stop mantra translates into “It is anti Charles River to Defend the Charles River.”  The words are never used.  Reality of communication is reality of communication.  You combine this with a massive organization’s knee jerk support for rotten goals.

Thus you prevent action where needed and obtain destruction where desired combined without outrageous abuse of agendas.  And when company union fraud will not work, indulge in outright corruption when necessary and do it as fast and as clean as possible.

Thus the Cambridge Machine is adding destruction of hundreds of trees and animal habitat on the Charles River

to their destruction, SO FAR, of 3.4 acres of the Alewife Reservation and

to the multiple outrages and heartless animal abuse in the Magazine Beach area which were obtained through flat out lies, kept through company union obstruction and fought to expand through corrupt tactics.

It is a rotten situation, a well established rotten situation.

And in the middle of this is a Cambridge City Councillor serving in a reprehensible city government which government lies about which side the government is on.  And this product of this world is running for Lieutenant Governor.  No worse than the rest of a bad city council, no better than the rest of a bad city council.  Biggest difference from the others is in time of service, opportunity to do bad.

And, on environmental destruction, and heartless animal abuse and mass animal killing, convenient “neutrality” belied by reality.

The Monteiro Judge, jury and appeals court panel are still right:



They were talking about a city manager destroying the life of a woman in retaliation for her exercising her rights under civil rights / women’s rights law.  The City Council was “neutral” on that outrage as well.  A City Manager condemned by judge, jury and appeals court panel was allowed to serve two more years and “honorably" retire.

The same stench applies to the repeated outrageous environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse and mass animal killings.

This is the filth which controls the City of Cambridge, MA, USA.