Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 381. Councilor Davis “champion for all things green”?

1. Visibility.
2. Councilor Davis “champion for all things green”?

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Visibility.

I leafleted and displayed a pro-geese, pro-Charles River sign on Monday, March 14, 2009, at the entrance to the destroyed nesting area.

People, as usual, were very responsive.

More drivers than usual pulled over to take fliers, perhaps because they have now seen us out for a number of times.

2. Councilor Davis “champion for all things green”?

I, this morning submitted the following letter to the Cambridge Chronicle:


Cambridge Chronicle

The Chronicle (9/10/09, page 3) quotes Councilor Davis as saying she is the “champion for all things green.”

Cambridge and its friends are destroying the environment and resident animals at Fresh Pond, Alewife, on the Charles and in too many other public works projects.

Davis has publicly bragged about the outrage being inflicted on the Charles River by her, by Cambridge and by friends working with Cambridge or using Cambridge money as seed money. Her supporters brag of the heartless animal abuse aimed at the beloved and valuable Charles River White Geese.

Most people looking at Magazine Beach could never imagine any need for “improvement” and the “achievements” of Davis and friends have been exactly the opposite.

They have destroyed green maintenance at Magazine Beach. They have destroyed part of the playing fields to install a drainage system to drain off poisons which should not be dumped on the banks of the Charles River. The drainage system cannot possibly drain off her poisons during the worst of storms, so they will poison the Charles River, just as Tartan poisoned the Charles River in a related project near Beacon Hill in Boston. Clearly they will poison feeding animals.

The Magazine Beach manager has bragged that the wall of vegetation which was introduced blocking off the Charles from Magazine Beach starves the Charles River While Geese. The supporters claim that walling off the Charles helps swimming.

The current BU Bridge repairs have been timed to do maximum harm to animals and the environment. Half of the destruction in the meadow east of the bridge is for parking that belongs under Memorial Drive. Instead of allowing the White Geese to return to Magazine Beach where they fed for most of their 30 year residence on the Charles, the managers have confined them to one quarter of their now destroyed but until recently lush nesting area.

Obama moneys are being used to destroy hundreds of healthy trees between there and the Longfellow Bridge. Obama moneys will further destroy habitat and food across from the Hyatt.

Perhaps thousands of healthy trees and animal habitat are being destroyed at Fresh Pond to plant saplings.

Alewife is being destroyed for flood storage that belongs under the parking lot north of the railroad tracks.

“Champion for all things green?” A more accurate statement is that of the judge in the Monteiro civil rights case (notice of appeal filed). The judge called Cambridge “reprehensible.”