Monday, August 11, 2014

Update on the Memorial Drive Tree destruction bill

Update on the Memorial Drive Tree destruction bill.

I have done a detailed run through the pending items on the Governor’s Desk.  It turns out that the Memorial Drive Tree destruction has become H4375.  Its description does not have any connection to bills we previously were aware of, but hunting through it, I find key language.

The magic date is now August 14, 2014, the later date probably coming from delay in transmittal.

I am very sorry about our confusion.  Details are in the following email to the governor:


Dear Governor Patrick:

It is quite likely that you have been getting objections to the environment bond bill, the successor to  H4009, $32 million in H4009, section 2C, 2890-7020.

I am sorry about our sloppiness.

We do not have inside information and have had to wander about as well as we can.

On reviewing your list of Bills on Your desk, I encounter H4375 which includes the following:

SECTION 2C. 1247
Department of Conservation and Recreation. 1249

 provided further, that $20,000,000 shall be expended to complete
1296 the planning, design and construction of Phase II of the Historic Parkways Initiative along the
1297 section of the Memorial drive between the Longfellow bridge and the Boston University bridge
1298 in the city of Cambridge;

I am sorry about any inconvenience.

This would appear to be the language authorizing the destruction as posted in the DCR’s plans posted at

The DCR seems to vary from keeping this thing as secret as possible to giving whatever explanation or non explanation would seem to fly.

Please veto it.

Thank you.

Charles River, MA, USA: Hundreds of Trees threatened. Deadline is Today.

Charles River, MA, USA: Hundreds of Trees threatened.  Deadline is Today.

1. Deadline is Today.
2. Introduction.
a. The circumstances.
b. Governor’s Contact Information.
c. Specific Information.
d. More Details.

1. Deadline is Today.

Today, August 11, 2014, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick decides to approve or reject the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

2. Introduction.

This section is intended to provide a short version of the problem.  It repeats in short form many posts.  I am attempting to provide a succinct condensation of many posts in the past.

A good index is the Charles River White Geese page on facebook.  Those postings are intended to be condensations of the blog posts with link.  Thus, you can scroll down and see what looks interesting.

The tree destruction plans are posted at

The one caveat on the tree destruction plans is that the trees to be destroyed are shaded.  Additionally, if you click on a particular plan, you will get a blow up which looks very satisfying to me.

a. The circumstances.

A week ago last Friday, Governor Patrick of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts received the Environment Bond Bill from the legislature.  This bill would destroy hundreds of excellent trees on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA along with the distressingly usual harm to resident animals

The first two above photos are to a key grove which consists of trees smaller than perhaps half the threatened trees.  The bigger trees are too large for viable photographs.  These are in and out of season photos to give you a feel for the corruption of the plans.  The Charles River is on the left in the first photo, looking west, and on the right in the second photo, looking east.

I have been able to find one tree which is targeted and which can be photographed.  Naturally, it was right in front of me.  The tree which towers above all the others in the middle of the fourth photo is one of the hundreds of trees targeted for destruction.  It is perhaps normal size for the targeted trees, significantly larger than the ones in that excellent grove, easily two thirds of which will be destroyed unless Governor Patrick vetoes.

This grove is perhaps half a mile east of the ghetto which has been forced on the Charles River White Geese.  It is located at that point where Memorial Drive is a divided highway to the east and an undivided highway to the west.  The destruction numbers are 75 to 80%.

The third photo is of a family of Charles River White Geese, the 33 year resident gaggle which is the direct subject of accelerating and heartless abuse from entities which lie of their own environmental sainthood.

b. Governor’s Contact Information.

The governor has a very short period of time to decide whether or not to veto and he has a line item veto.

Please contact him.

He may be contacted on the net by his email form at  His office may be contacted by telephone at 888-870-7770.  This is a free call from Massachusetts.

This is the Environment Bond Bill.  The terrible stuff is given the euphemism “Historical Parkways”.  The latest bill number I have is the House’s predecessor, H4009.  The House of Representatives called for  destruction money of $32 million in H4009, section 2C, 2890-7020.

c. Specific Information.

The current destruction is in an area where the state bureaucrats have a goal of killing off or driving away as many animal residents as they can get away with.  This will be the latest in a series of heartless abuse of these beautiful animals.  The public position has been “no intent to harm.”

Prior attacks on the Charles River White Geese are readily correctable.  The destruction was cofunded by the state and city, and the project was managed by the person who is currently serving as City Manager.  Lies of omission and commission have been normal, along with other corrupt tactics.

When the bureaucrats tried to get Obama moneys to destroy these same Memorial Drive trees in 2009, they lied to the Boston Globe that these hundreds of trees were diseased.

I have published the destruction plans at:

Please scroll down to get to the plans.  The files are horribly large and I hesitate to keep loading the same massive amount of data.  The bill number mentioned is the prior number assigned to this destruction.

The most recent identification I have is the relevant portion of the bill at the House of Representatives Level is House Bill  H4009,  section 2C, 2890-7020, in the amount of $32 million.

Here is a photo of the railroad bridge under the BU Bridge which is key.  The local transit authority did a silly study on this bridge to determine if it could hold an off ramp to Cambridge of I90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike).  If you look straight ahead, you can see a green overhead highway sign.  The study proved an off ramp was possible.

d. More Details.

I have done a lot of reports on the ongoing outrages.

The simplest way to find things is to go to facebook - Charles River White Geese and go down the list.

The facebook page consists of shorter versions of these blog reports with links to the blog reports I condense.