Thursday, June 20, 2013

Praise for the Cambridge Conservation Commission’s Executive Director

1. Letter to the Editor.
2. Background.

1. Letter to the Editor.

I have submitted the following to the editor of the Cambridge Chronicle:


Cambridge Chronicle

I want to thank Jennifer Wright Letourneau of the Cambridge Conservation Commission for her lessening environmental damage at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

These beautiful, popular 32 year residents are being starved and, essentially, confined to their nesting area east of the BU Bridge on the Charles River. This comes from destruction at the Magazine Beach Playing Fields by Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Additionally, most of the nesting area’s ground vegetation has been destroyed by a combination of agents of the DCR and by the BU Bridge project. So it has been necessary for the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative to replace as much as possible of the food which has been taken from them.

During most of the time since the beginning of December, workers on a project of the MBTA Commuter Rail have added to the abuse by using the less destroyed area for parking. There is adequate parking next to Memorial Drive and on the nearest, and unused area of the Magazine Beach playing fields. The parking next to Memorial Drive is particularly convenient, given the staircase constructed by Boston University for the DCR. It directly and conveniently connects between the work area on the railroad and the parking.

The railroad workers’ misbehavior was exacerbated in the spring by a bizarre and very noisy metal work facility dumped in the most sensitive area. More recently, they parked a flatbed trailer there.

Jennifer has been kind enough to talk to the DCR and minimize the destruction. They have gotten rid of these two most irresponsible intrusions..

The DCR, however, has recognized that the Conservation Commission’s jurisdiction has been limited by the City of Cambridge more than is the case in almost all of the state.

The parking has been continued beyond the very small jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission, and, last I checked, they were sneaking cars back where they had left.

The destructive laziness is outrageous, but Jennifer has done good.

It would be nice if the City Council accepted the same environmental protections as the rest of the state, but the limits are compatible with the ongoing and pending governmental destruction on the Cambridge Common, at Alewife, on the Charles River and as part of the Longfellow Bridge project in and near Kendall.

Jennifer has done good. Her jurisdiction is tellingly restricted. Nevertheless, her help is appreciated.

Robert J. La Trémouille
Friends of the White Geese

2. Background.

The Cambridge Chronicle has a new editor.

The paper has gone from being a company rag allowing reality to be expressed on the editorial page to a company rag censoring reality.

Two of the many letters they have censored from me have been, recently, (a) a well written letter spelling out the corrupt practices by which the fake neighborhood association is fighting for environmental destruction on the Charles, and (b) one responding to a destructive city council candidate.

The most recent letter responded to a very destructive school committee member running for city council, Marc McGovern, This was sent on June 13, 2013.

Shortly after the April 2013 outrage at the fake neighborhood association, I spelled out the nonsense in sound detail, in This was sent on April 26, 2013.

In today’s issue, once again, the Cambridge Chronicle devoted the first page of their second section to Machine con games. This one is by the fake neighborhood association telling people to look at everything except their fight for destruction on the Charles River. Interestingly, my first knowledge of the Chronicle's latest puff piece came at a meeting of the destroyers in which the second section front page was shown off. This was long after I sent the letter in.

The above letter is highly unlikely to be printed.

Honesty, and not even vague balance, is not the name of the game in the Cambridge Chronicle.