Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Congratulations and Thank You to the Voters of Massachusetts

Congratulations and Thank You to the Voters of Massachusetts

I have awakened this morning, September 10, 2014, to good news on WBZ radio.

The voters of Massachusetts have rejected attempts to expand the vileness which is the government of the City of Cambridge into the rest of the state.

They have rejected Leland Cheung for Lieutenant Governor and Michael Sullivan for Middlesex County District Attorney.

This victory should IN NO WAY be interpreted to say that a miracle has occurred under which the government of the City of Cambridge will suddenly revert to the status which their lies claim exists in the City of Cambridge.

Cambridge has a really rotten city council and an outrageous machine which routinely protects the City Council from its own vileness through flat out lies of sainthood.

Remember the very strong messages sent from Jury, Judge and Appeals Court panel in response to the Malvina Monteiro outrage.

A unanimous City Council simply ignored the very strong condemnations of City Manager Robert Healy.  There was not the slightest indication of firing him.  They continued their own lies of sainthood.

They have created their own world which they describe, nonstop, in terms strikingly deviant from reality.  It works because the massive, destructive Cambridge Machine makes it work.

The reality of the secret world of Cambridge, MA, USA, is a very vile world lying of its own holiness.

Supplement, 10 AM

The Boston Globe's has reported details of the statewide vote for Lieutenant Governor as follows:

Stephen Kerrigan: 51% 219,582
Leland Cheung 29% 127,461
Michael Lake 20% 85,297

I have hunted around, but I do not see totals reported on the District Attorney race as of 10 am on September 10.