Monday, November 17, 2008

Monteiro Case

Bob La Tremouille has kept us posted about this case, in which a jury awarded $4.5M (including $3.5M punitive damages) against the City of Cambridge for retaliation against the former head of the Cambridge Police Review and Advisory Board. She had the temerity to file a lawsuit that the city had discriminated against her.

Although the jury found the city had not discriminated, it found the city had indeed retaliated for the filing.

Cambridge has appealed the decision, and the judge in the case has yet to rule on the appeal.

Bob now reports that the docket records a paper "dated 11/10/08 from Laura Studen and
Ellen Zucker. The docket does not identify the content and it would just be added to the file.

"The are the plaintiff's attorneys. I assume they are reminding the judge that the jury's decision was six months ago and the papers have not changed since August. I would imagine that they think something should be happening."

Bob will report further in due course.

Marilyn Wellons


Bob replies:

Thanks for the accurate summary.

Oneof the key issues to remember when dealing with the nine hyprocrites on the Cambridge City Council is the explanation of their apologists for their environmental vileness.

The apologists say that these outrageous people have a right to be environmentally destructive and lie that they are exactly the opposite because they are so good on "Civil Rights."

Montero is a Black Woman, Cape Verdean.

The nine hypocrites have their own secret definition of civil rights (as usual), but Montero satisfies every part of their secret definition.