Thursday, September 03, 2009

Arthur Godfrey + Charles River White Geese

From Archie Mazmanian


Some years back, Arthur Godfrey told a joke on his radio/tv show about a goose that got on a bus and by the time he got off several stops later, the goose was "peopled" six times.

I thought this joke was funny at the time. I recall there were complaints that the joke was too risque. I have thought of this joke over the years as the Charles River White Geese have been "peopled" not on the bus but in their natural habitat. While this joke may still be funny, what is happening to the White Geese is not. Consider the systematic steps taken over the years by the "people" in charge.

All seemed well with the White Geese back in the late '60s and '70s in their gathering along the Charles River shore in front of the Hyatt. At the time, sunbathers frequented that "beach" but made sure not to get too close to the White Geese who were very territorial. We had to keep our children under control so they wouldn't get hurt by the Geese protecting what they perceived as potential threats to their children, just as we humans protect our children. We all got along, the people and the White Geese.

When our children got older, they were more into sports, so we lost track of the White Geese. This Blog awakened me with its reports of how the White Geese were being "peopled" by government and non-profit entities. The growth planted along the northerly bank of the Charles River reduced the habitat of the White Geese, including in front of the Hyatt. But the White Geese survived this assault. Boston University's boathouse on the Cambridge side further reduced the habitat of the White Geese. But they survived that assault. The White Geese were confined to a small meadow between the BU boathouse and the BU Bridge. Of course, they had to cope with the Grand Junction Rail Line (GJRL), but only on a limited basis.

Then came the Urban Ring Phase 2 project that might utilize a widened GJRL for its 60-foot BRT buses running in each direction every 7 minutes or so. More recently, the BU Bridge repair projects have further threatened the White Geese as reported in this Blog. The White Geese are being annihilated by "people." That is obviously the goal of these "people."

It's time to "goose" these "people," expose them via the ballot box and any other means. This is cruelty. Most of these "people" are government officials and employees. What we need are whistleblowers, nay honkers, in government to expose this goal of annihilating the White Geese. If there is success with the White Geese, who's next in Mother Nature? Don't get mad, get even. Let's "goose" these "people" by naming them publicly. Have they no decency?


Bob: The reference to white geese on the Charles River in the 60's and 70's is interesting because our understanding is that the current gaggle dates to 1981 and the original group to workers in the pollution control plant. Dangerousness is not in the makeup of the gaggle.

What is entirely possible is that our knowledge is based on the memory of a limited number of workers at the plant. Those workers maintained an excellent relationship with the Charles River White Geese and could monitor their well-being. The MWRA employees' work schedule was changed to part time and then to only periodic plant visits AFTER heartless animal abuse became State and City policy.

It is entirely possible that White Geese were living in the Hyatt area which is to the east of the current destroyed goose meadow and further east of the pollution plant/Magazine Beach.

I should think that the gaggles could have merged at some time.