Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA and the Charles River: Bad Government in Light of Fake Group System.

1. Introduction.
2. Valid Complaint — mismanaged park “improvements,” edited
3. Editor’s response, also edited.

1. Introduction.

The Cambridgeport List Serve had a very valid complaint on apparently unending work on one of their parks which remains closed.

I have replied with an attempt to place the problem in context with the Cambridge Machine’s operations.

2. Valid Complaint — mismanaged park “improvements,” edited

For 15 months, I've been walking by my local park seeing the snail's pace progression and getting frustrated that it remains closed despite what appears to be almost full completion.

Just this past week I discovered the final holdup. They are installing some surface that allows for ice-skating year round. ICE SKATING!?!?!?!

We don't need that.

When the plans were created for the construction, were there public meetings? Were they well-publicized? Was I just lazy and missed them?

I just want to know who approved the completely overdone and wasteful design of this park.

3. Editor’s response, also edited.

This sounds like the Charles River.

ALL the problems at Magazine Beach were created after being kept secret.

The most blatant outrage, the solid wall of introduced bushes is the result of flat out lying. The supposedly holy Master Plan called for a lawn to the river and the Department of Conservation and Recreation non stop cried about water related uses.

Sickly grass has been introduced in place of healthy grass that survived the better part of a Century. Poisons are being dumped to keep this outrage alive.

Acres of playing field have been destroyed to create fancy drains to drain off poisons that should not be there in the first place.

Heartless abuse is being inflicted on the beautiful, valuable 32 year resident Charles River White Geese whom the key manager has repeatedly lied that he has no intention to harm. The least he and the Machine is doing is deliberately starving them.

Friends of the DCR and Cambridge lie that they are concerned about the Charles River. They tell people not to look at the very real problems created over the last 13 years.

Instead of looking at the irresponsibly inflicted harm, they say to look at renovating a bath house which has not been used for 80 years.

These false protectors consider it anti Charles River to be concerned about the outrages inflicted on the Charles River by their friends at the DCR and the City of Cambridge during the past 13 years.

And when the DCR wanted

(1) to expand the outrage to the hill west of the playing fields and

(2) to expand it to the area behind the swimming pool and

(3) to destroy the little parking lot on the hill,

the friends of the DCR and Cambridge could not get a vote to support the expansion of the outrage. So they indulged in blatant corruption to create the form of support without the reality.

And a key member of the outrage runs around lying about her concern for birds while being completely satisfied with heartless abuse of the 30 year resident beautiful and popular Charles River White Geese.

Other key members fought for destruction of the Alewife reservation supporting similar tactics by another fake organization.

The woman who "loves" birds and has no problem with heartless abuse of long time resident birds flat out lied that she was an expert and that Cambridge and the DCR had no intention to do damage at Alewife. This was when her friends in government were in the final stages of preparation for destruction of acres of irreplaceable woodlands there.

The problem is obvious: a company union lying that it is on the side of the neighborhood.

And that company union is just part of a citywide organization which includes blatant company union outrages.

So, of course, open space projects are bizarre. The city has a friend which will

(1) prevent responsible behavior or

(2)` “lead” attempts at responsible behavior in such a way as to minimize its effectiveness.

This is reality. This is the City of Cambridge and its massive destruction by Cambridge and its friends. The city does not have to be responsible. It has fake groups to run interference for it.