Friday, March 12, 2010

The Charles River, East Cambridge, Mid-Cambridge, “Climate Change” and The Cambridge Machine

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The following letter from me was printed in the March 12, 2010 edition of the Cambridge Chronicle. Initial capitalization was removed from “The Machine.”

Cambridge Chronicle

I read with interest your report about a “neighborhood group’s” planning for Lechmere Station, especially in context of the city wide con game concerning climate control.

The Lechmere group has key people involved in the city wide con game which, in turn, looks like a collection of related groups with very much a common pattern. The pattern is lovely words with the opposite behavior in reality because of secret omissions or secret fine print.

Some people involved in the Lechmere initiative, when pushed, express shock about the plans of a state agency for Lechmere Station. They are shocked that the state agency wants to put in a park in the place of Lechmere Station.

So we hear these lovely words about a plaza with minimal comment of a large building.

Their plans are not for a plaza with large construction. Their proposal is for large construction with a plaza.

In place of a very large park with trees. In place of a very large park with grass.

And key people are involved in the city wide con game.

The climate control congress brags of lovely buildings.

Somehow the group does not mention needless and massive city and state destruction of excellent trees and animal habitat in many parts of Cambridge. Somehow not mentioned are poisons being dumped on the banks of the Charles to keep alive sickly grass replacing healthy grass which survived the better part of a century. Somehow not mentioned is a bizarre wall of introduced bushes walling off Magazine Beach and its food from the Charles and its native animals. Somehow not mentioned is heartless animal abuse.

A related letter spouted pious about the climate control congress and neglected to mention the writer’s environmental achievements. The writer brags about the grassy Lorentz Park at Ellery and Broadway. The writer never mentions the 20 to 30 hundred year old trees he and the city destroyed in the process.

These related entities have commonly gotten together with zoning “improvements” in which the fine print too often puts the lie to lovely claims.

Cambridge has an organized group doing a lot of harm to the environment in Cambridge. This Cambridge Machine fits a very distressing pattern.

I think the related outrages and con games are the climate control problem in Cambridge.

I think the repeated con games are just the hypocritical way The Machine hides reality from a concerned electorate.