Friday, September 09, 2011

Alewife destruction meeting good primer on Cambridge con games

1. Introduction.
2. The person with the greatest individual guilt.
3. The folks from Arlington.
4. Marilyn Wellons.
5. Other individual.
6. Summary.

1. Introduction.

The secret public meeting on the imminent destruction of the Alewife reservation was an excellent primer on how the Cambridge Pol games work.

There were a few non suits in the room.

Off the top of my head, I count six speakers.

2. The person with the greatest individual guilt.

One of the six spoke in glowing terms of the project. She was the only non suit in the room who glowed about the project.

But this woman has run around for 15 or 20 years loudly yelling her non stop opposition to destruction of the Alewife reservation.

Fine print: She has consistently fought against peripheral destruction by private parties.

This was destruction of the core reservation, destruction, downright silly and irresponsible, by her friends.

The common reaction to so much behavior by core Cambridge Pols has to be: “You cannot possibly be that stupid.”

This person, in my opinion, in the one person most responsible for the imminent destruction of the excellent core Alewife reservation, its massive native trees and its uncountable numbers of animals with almost certain killing of most of the animals.

She is guilty because she got concerned people to fight against far less important destruction, fights which were real long shot. She is guilty because she kept concerned people from attacking the real rotters: an irresponsible but highly self righteous city council which has a significant proportion lying that they are pro environment.

She distracted people and protected the real bad people from their own behavior.

Pretty non stop lies on environmental sainthood make these nine destructive city councilors highly vulnerable. The con game that has gone on at Alewife told people non stop to look at everybody except for the real rotters, the hypocrites on the Cambridge City Council running around lying that they are environmental saints.

3. The folks from Arlington.

One woman I have known for nearly 30 years, since I lived about a mile from the Alewife reservation.

She gave an excellent speech.

When I asked her to put it in writing to be reproduced on these pages, she, as usual, refused to do so. It is not her sort of thing.

She is perfectly happy to have a great sounding con artist (amply proven by her comments at the meeting) run around loudly “protecting” everything except what counts most, “protecting” everything except the fight which was most winnable. The con artist keeps sounding so good, but somehow just cannot behave properly on the important stuff.

The woman from Arlington is an excellent example of the common people victimized by the Cambridge Pols. She has done a great job communicating the extreme irresponsibility of Cambridge and the state bureaucrats in small meetings, but she will not take the next step.

The Cambridge Pols sound so good and deliver so bad, but the “little guy” defers to the ones who can be bothered, and the ones who can be bothered altogether too often are on the wrong side.

A second woman who spoke excellently commented when I spoke to her: What could she do? They had lost the lawsuit.

This is another con game. Keep the victims busy. Keep them chasing their tails. Let them spend years suing over something peripheral and get other people involved.

As long as the Cambridge Pols keep well meaning people away from the real game which is that rotten city council, the Cambridge Pols have done their job.

4. Marilyn Wellons.

Excellent job of speaking, excellent. I have encouraged her to put her comments into words. She has full access to both the Blog and the facebook page.

5. Other individual.

This person was the source of the information that the “flood plain” being created would only protect against two year storms. This fact was admitted by the suits.

I would love to credit him for that comment.

The trouble is that over the years, he has made many excellent comments, but he has, to a very high degree if not more, very consistently been part of the Cambridge Pols machine and their very destructive behavior.

In Cambridge, you cannot tell the difference between the knaves and the fools. It is possible, however, to be aware of their records.

6. Summary.

A really rotten city government kept in power by a really destructive organization which protects them from their record.

It is impossible to distinguish between the knaves and the fools, and really irrelevant.

It is really impossible to distinguish between lies, lack of knowledge, and stupidity, and really irrelevant.

The rotten city government gets away with these terrible things because people object but are overwhelmed by destructive tactics of a massive, lying, destructive machine.

This is Cambridge, MA, USA.