Friday, October 30, 2009

Bob endorses for Cambridge City Council.

Bob La Trémouille reports.

The following is a comment I left on the Cambridge Chronicle’s web site in response to their endorsements:


Well, let's see, we have a bunch of people who claim to be saints on civil rights and the environment.

We have a judge who has called the City of Cambridge / City Manager 'reprehensible' for destroying the life of a black female department head, Malvina Monteiro. See Her report does a very good job demonstrating that the city manager should be fired without pension. Apparently Civil Rights is 'different' when it comes to the Cambridge City Manager.

We have 'green' candidates who UNANIMOUSLY dump poisons on Magazine Beach, and have no problems with destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive, apparently thousands at Fresh Pond, and the entire reservation at Alewife. Plus massive destruction of animal habitat and heartless animal abuse.

You combine 'reprehensible' records with claims of sainthood and you have a really bad bunch of incumbents.

Their following explain their environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse with noises that sound like Michelle Obama's first husband. Fortunately they do not make the same noises about Malvina Monteiro.

The ONLY person on the ballot who appears to be meaningfully pro environment is Kathy Podgers. One challenger is endorsed by a Sierra Club which very visibly has people who have records of close contact with the 'reprehensible' city manager. Mr. Sullivan could be as bad as the incumbents on the environment.

Kathy Podgers, then throw the other challengers (minus two) in a hat.

The incumbents? Do you really think that 'neutrality' on destroying a woman's life in retaliation for filing a civil rights complaint is sainthood on civil rights? And massive destruction of the green and belligerently heartless animal abuse is sainthood on the environment.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Decent Person relates to Waterfowl

1. Nice Video.
2. Archie Comments.

1. Nice Video.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Thanks to my sister Jeanne for providing the following video and to Archie for insisting we post it.

It is excellent and a striking change from the "reprehensible" (quoting a Superior Court judge, see the link) situation in Cambridge, MA, and the state bureaucracy on the Charles River.

This is normal decency. The Cambridge, MA pols and the state bureaucrats are a very vile aberration.

Please click the triangle to witness this lifesaving action.

2. Archie Comments.

The Charles River with its dams is in reality a large public pool.

Perhaps Gov. Deval Patrick could emulate the gentleman in the private swimming pool and save our Charles River White Geese from their inevitable annihilation that would otherwise result from the actions currently being taken by the State and Cambridge. Gov. Patrick can lead the way.

Will he save the gaggle, or gag?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Archie Mazmanian reports [paragraphing added]:

Animal rights groups continue to protest against the force-feeding of geese to enlarge their livers to delight gourmets.

Here on the Charles River, Commonwealth and Cambridge officials are not being cruel to our White Geese by force-feeding them. Rather, these Commonwealth and Cambridge officials are being even crueler to our White Geese with their annihilation policy that will eventually starve them to extinction.

Our Charles River jewel has a flaw in it that does not require a jeweler’s loop: it’s the Commonwealth and Cambridge officials starving to extinction our web-footed friends.

Monteiro Update — Cambridge filing.

1. Background on the Monteiro Case.
2. New Action.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Background on the Monteiro Case.

This concerns Malvina Monteiro et al. v. City of Cambridge et al., Middlesex Division of the Superior Court Docket Number MICV2001-02737.

The City of Cambridge has pending against it a decision of judge and jury that Cambridge destroyed the life of a black woman former department head in retaliation for her filing a civil rights complaint. The damage award at latest count exceeded $5 million, including $3.5 million penal damages and about $500,000 interest.

The key judge’s decision was very well written and included the judge’s evaluation of the City of Cambridge as "reprehensible." It may be found at

On June 26, 2009, the plaintiff filed a motion to clarify, alter and amend the judgment. I have been informed that the purpose of this motion is to persuade the judge to increase the interest award.

The motion was heard on August 26, 2009. No decision on the motion has come down as far as I can see on the docket.

Cambridge filed notice of appeal and later admitted that its notice of appeal was untimely filed and thus void.

2. New Action.

On October 20, 2009, Cambridge filed a "Defendant City of Cambridge's Notice of intent to file motion for reconsideration of decision and order on post-trial motions regarding punitive damages."

This would appear to be an attempt to reopen prior motions which were denied in association with the above link.

The reason for filing such a notice of intent is that Cambridge’s motion has to be reviewed by the plaintiff and the plaintiff given a chance to attach a response to that motion before the motion can be filed.

Cambridge is filing the notice of intent so that the judge will know that the Cambridge motion is coming should the judge wish to respond to the plaintiff’s pending motion for clarification. I will not bother you with further legal analysis.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 388, Chapter 91 work delayed, thank you. Globe Editorial on Rivers.

1. Day 388.
A. Destroyed trees.
B. Workers at the destroyed nesting area.
C. Response as good as ever.
2. Chapter 91 approval delayed, thank you.
3. Globe editorializes on rivers, how about the Charles River White Geese?

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. Day 388.

A. Destroyed trees.

Walking to the destroyed nesting area, I had to pass the entrance to Magazine Beach.

There were two recent stumps, one on either side of the entrance. What looked like sawdust was on either side.

The DCR has a great deal of convenient disease, one on either side of the entrance?

B. Workers at the destroyed nesting area.

The first thing that was visible was excavation equipment in the traffic island at the very end of the BU Bridge.

A worker told me that “they” were there shooting videos. There was a team of three in orange work clothes as part of his group on the destroyed nesting area side. Others were in the middle of the bridge on that side, not in the bright protective clothing.

There was a car / SUV in the nesting area. As I left, I saw a man not dressed in the orange work clothes getting into it.

C. Response as good as ever.

People were busily taking fliers. I actually had more cars pulling over for fliers than usual.

I told them about the governor’s action, below. That cheered them up.

The geese were quite lethargic, not moving around much. Their world has been destroyed. There is not much to move about.

2. Chapter 91 work approval delayed, thank you.

Marilyn communicated with the governor’s office last week.

They said the chapter 91 approval to build a drainage system in the destroyed nesting area had not been approved. This construction is very much unnecessary with many alternatives in the area, from direct connection to the sewer plant immediately west of the BU Bridge to connection into existing facilities.

She was informed that the governor’s office is responding to the controversial nature of the project.

English translation: keep up the calls and emails. The governor is being responsive.

What you can do and contact information may be found at:

3. Globe editorializes on rivers, how about the Charles River White Geese?

Archie Mazmanian comments:

I trust you have seen the Boston Sunday Globe lead editorial [on October 18, 2009] titled "Rethink policy on river water - leave some for the fish."

No mention is made of the plight of the Charles River White Geese under the Commonwealth's (and Cambridge's) annihilation policy.

The editorial closes with this: "In the meantime, the state should stick to a definition of 'safe yield' that ensures the safety of vulnerable plants and animals." Yes, fish are animals; but so are the White Geese. Why isn't the Globe kind to our web-footed friends as well as the Charles' fish?


Ed: The editorial may be found at:

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Candidates claim to be pro-environment.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Introduction.
2. Letter to Editor of Cambridge Chronicle.
3. Summary. Candidate qualifications.

1. Introduction.

Tuesday evening, October 14, a group of organizations conducted questioning of Cambridge City Council candidates on environmental issues.

It is my understanding that there was one question addressing a real environmental issue, and that Kathy Podgers got onto the list.

My compliments to Kathy. It was an excellent job.

My understanding of answers is included in the following Letter to the Editor which I have submitted to the Cambridge Chronicle.

The incumbent to whom I am responding is Craig Kelley. The other candidate is Mr. Sullivan.

2. Letter to Editor of Cambridge Chronicle.

Cambridge Chronicle

At the “environmental” city council questioning Tuesday, one city councilor blamed the outrage on the Charles River on the voters: the position is: “They should have kept us from doing it.”

One voters’ position is: “they would never stoop so low.” “Support” has been next to non-existent. A lot have been objecting.

The city council’s position has been: (1) “we do not want to hear about it,” and (2) “we are environmental saints.”

The claim of sainthood is based on a definition of environmentalism which “protects the world” but “How dare you talk to us about our destruction of the earth, water and animals of Cambridge !”

It is only “too late” at Magazine Beach and on the Charles if the claims of environmental holiness are lies.

The heartless animal abuse aimed at resident animals and the Charles River White Geese for the last five years has not killed the gaggle. Give them back their food, stop and reverse the silly destruction of their habitat and behave in a responsible manner in public works projects.

The state destroys all protective vegetation on the Charles River twice a year, EXCEPT for the bizarre wall of introduced vegetation at Magazine Beach . Have them destroy this bizarre wall. The wall has no apparent purpose except for starving the animals, and the state has bragged of the starvation.

Cambridge has converted Magazine Beach from GREEN maintenance to POISON maintenance. The change belies the claim that the City Council is GREEN. How to resolve? Stop poisoning Magazine Beach . If they were doing other than lying when calling themselves GREEN, the stopping of poisoning would be flat out simple.

One candidate said their poisons are not poisonous. If so, why the expensive drainage system to keep the poisons out of the Charles, a drainage system which cannot possibly work in the worst storms? If you stop the poisons, you SHOULD kill the drainage, to keep away future poisons. That would free up playing fields to, once again, be used as playing fields.

What to do: dump dirt on top of the drainage systems, and then grass.

The heartless animal abuse? Stop not wanting to know what you are doing.

The voters are not responsible for the outrage on the Charles River : an environmentally destructive, “reprehensible” government is. “Reprehensible” quotes a civil rights judge.

Then there are those hundreds of healthy trees which are about to be destroyed.

3. Summary. Candidate qualifications.

I certainly am open to discussions with candidates other than the long time city council incumbents.

I have yet to see a serious environmental candidate other than Kathy Podgers.

All the incumbents who have been in office more than a few months are unfit for office because of their contempt for the Cambridge environment which only they are responsible for destroying. Additionally, they are all unqualified to remain in office because they have failed to vote to fire the Cambridge City Manager.

In my opinion, putting aside the non-stop environmental outrages, there is also an excellent case for firing the Cambridge City Manager without pension. It was made by the Judge in the Monteiro case in her detailed opinion. No city councilor has even moved a vote to fire him.

The judge’s opinion may be read at

Some candidates have been endorsed by the Boston chapter of the Sierra Club. That I consider a kiss of death. The Sierra Club has, very visibly, a number of people who have done outrageous harm to the Cambridge Zoning Ordinance with fake downzonings written by the Cambridge City Manager. Sierra Club endorsements in Cambridge elections are difficult to separate from this record.

A brief conversation with the one non-incumbent endorsed by the Sierra Club, Minka van Beuzekom, left me with the very strong feeling that I do not want any more to do with her than I do with the incumbents.

Right now, after Kathy Podgers, I would toss the other non-incumbent candidates’ names into a bowl and vote for them in the order of blind selection.

One possible exception is Mr. Sullivan. His comment that the poisons being dumped on the banks of the Charles are not poisonous puts him pretty much into a league with the incumbents.


Archie Mazmanian comments [paragraphing by editor, Bob]:

Welcome to oarsmen/women participating in the Regatta on the Charles. They come from all parts of the U.S. and perhaps elsewhere to enjoy the friendly environs of our jewel, the Charles River.

I don’t know if these oarsmen/women from beyond our area are aware of the plight of the Charles River White Geese. But as environmentalists, they should become aware of the efforts of MA and Cambridge government officials to annihilate the White Geese.

These oarsmen/women may not be rowing east of the BU Bridge in their races to the habitat of the White Geese. But it would be a nice gesture on their part to raise their oars at some point nearby in honor, in support of the White Geese and in protest of their annihilation.

Then these oarsmen/women can take the message of the plight of the Charles River White Geese back home with them, so that regionally, even nationally these MA and Cambridge government officials can be exposed for their annihilation efforts.

Let’s be kind to our web-footed friends.

I invite these oarsmen/women to visit the Goose Meadow. If MA and Cambridge government officials have their way, the Goose Meadow may be gone by next year’s Regatta. OARS UP!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Archie Mazmanian reports:

Many years ago, long before the Charles River was reconfigured into its current form by filling tidelands and constructing dams, it served as a disposal, including in particular for the Allston/Brighton stockyards and abattoirs. The venerated Harvard Business School (HBS) is built on land filled in the reconfiguring of the Charles. Some years back (early 1970s), a Professor at HBS was hosting a Board of Directors meeting of a corporation I represented (he and I served on the Board). He gave a brief history of HBS, including an odor problem that developed at the site that finally was determined to be methane leaking from the soil through the floors of HBS. The source of the methane was determined to be cattle hides long buried there, disposed of years earlier by the abattoirs.

Fortunately, quite a bit of progress has been made over the years to lessen the environmental issues caused by the stockyards and its abattoirs. No longer would MA and its municipalities permit such dumping to go on with the Charles or other waters. Over recent years, efforts have been made to make the Charles swimmable, including at Magazine Beach that once was swimmable. (I recall my family taking me there when we lived in Somerville in the mid 1930s.) Alas, public funds are low. Despite former Governor Weld’’s famous dive into the Charles before he bailed out of MA, the Charles is not yet swimmable for humans.

But there is life in the Charles. I’’m not sure how successfully the herring run up the Charles to spawn in recent years. But there are fish in the Charles. And then there are the ducks and other seabirds that partake of the Charles in season.

And let’’s not forget the year-round Charles River White Geese that have given great pleasure to us, especially our children. The Charles is a jewel, a joy for our urban area, with its open expanse a respite from the densities of urban life, permitting communing with nature. But now these White Geese face annihilation at the hands of MA and Cambridge government officials. What we have is a bloodless abattoir at the White Geese’’s habitat in the area of the BU Bridge. Because it is bloodless, these government officials may feel their hands are clean. But are they? Would you shake their hands? Or vote for them?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Governor Patrick's response to e-mail about Memorial Drive and Obama funds

On October 13, 2009, I received the following e-mail from Governor Patrick's office. It responded to correspondence about my e-mail of October 10, 2009, posted on the blog as part of the report on Day 387.

Dear Ms. Wellons,

On behalf of Governor Deval L. Patrick, thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. We have forwarded your correspondence to the Executive Office for Administration and Finance for further review. If necessary, please be assured that someone in that office will follow up with you as soon as possible. We are committed to addressing your concerns promptly.

To ensure transparency, the Governor has created the Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Plan website where you can find details regarding recovery spending as they become available.

Again, thank you for writing Governor Patrick. Please know that the Governor is grateful to have your voice as part of this discussion, and he hopes you will stay involved in your government moving forward. Now, more than ever, your participation matters.


Governor Patrick's Constituent Services Team



Bob La Tremouille and I will continue to check on the status of funding for the DCR's "Memorial Drive Historic Parkways" project and post it here.

Marilyn Wellons

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 387, Marilyn to Governor Patrick on Obama Moneys and the Outrage on Memorial Drive.

1. Day 387.
2. Marilyn to the Governor on Obama Moneys and the Outrage on Memorial Drive.

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. Day 387.

This afternoon, October 10, 2009, I did a visibility at the Destroyed Nesting Area.

It is such a relief to be talking to decent human beings. I know they are the majority, but there are so many bad guys floating around in Cambridge politics that, when you are doing Cambridge politics, the bad guys make themselves appear something other than the tiny, vile, minority they are.

This afternoon: Lot of nice people, people driving by beeping and showing support.

Some very good people talking with me.

Very nice afternoon. Normal, very nice people. Not Cambridge pols.

2. Marilyn to the Governor on Obama Moneys and the Outrage on Memorial Drive.

Marilyn filed the following today, October 10, to the governor through his “email” technique on his website.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is Obama moneys.


Dear Governor Patrick:

Midnight tonight is the deadline for the state to submit its Section 1512 Report to the Federal Transit Administration for use of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 under that section.

Section 1512 covers Grants, Cooperative Agreements and Loans and includes what the state has received for the Department of Conservation and Recreation’’s ““Memorial Drive Historic Parkways Initiative Demonstration Project”” Phase 2.

Please note, at ARRA-2-06, that the report must “[e]xplain how the infrastructure investment will contribute to one or more purposes of the Recovery Act”:

(1) To preserve and create jobs and promote economic recovery.

(2) To assist those most impacted by the recession.

(3) To provide investments needed to increase economic efficiency by spurring
technological advances in science and health.

(4) To invest in transportation, environmental protection, and other infrastructure that will provide long-term economic benefits.

(5) To stabilize State and local government budgets, in order to minimize and avoid reductions in essential services and counterproductive state and local tax increases."

“Mem Drive Historic Parkways” Phase 2 is worse than wasteful. It diverts money from essential services for DCR assets. It destroys trees that sequester carbon and so contributes to climate change. It removes habitat protected by the Wetlands Protection Act.

One possible argument of transportation or long-term economic benefit would be that it increases the capacity of Mem Drive and thus furthers the diversion of traffic from Storrow to Memorial Drive. Another would be that it continues to create an Urban Ring Phase 2 infrastructure off the official books, to keep UR2’s total cost deceptively low.

Your Administration’s Section 1512 Report will surely be explicit if these are the reasons for the project.

I hope you will decline to fund the DCR’s “Memorial Drive Historic Parkways” Phase 2, and will follow the Section 1512 Report with interest.

Yours sincerely,

Marilyn Wellons

Thursday, October 08, 2009


1. Archie’s Report.
2. Bob’s response.

1. Archie’s Report.

Archie Mazmanian Reports:

Recent reports on the demise of Phase 2 of the Urban Ring may be premature. No federal funding is currently available. A report in the Brookline TAB (October 1, 2009) states that Phase 2 has been moved to an “illustrative list” described by a budget analyst for the MBTA Advisory Board as follows:

“Illustrative projects are, by definition, projects that we do if we had the money, but we don’t have the money.”

The TAB report continues: “Even as a project on the illustrative list, the Urban Ring won’t receive funds for the next 20 years unless the list is amended down the road,” according to this analyst.

Surely newer technology will come along to replace Phase 2’s 60-foot articulated buses that were to be operated in much mixed traffic over narrow streets that are currently heavily traveled. If Phase 2 somehow survives after a couple of decades of being in financial and political gridlock, surely it will not be recognizable as we have known it.

But the demise of Phase 2, real or imagined, should not deter Phase 3 with its light/heavy rail on dedicated tracks. Public transit needs improvement in Greater Boston to survive. Phase 3 is one answer. LONG LIVE PHASE 3!

However, the demise of Phase 2 is not a reprieve of the current death sentence for the Charles River White Geese. Phase 2’s impact, if it had survived, would have been felt years down the road. The chief governmental villain in the ongoing annihilation of the White Geese is the DCR with its BU Bridge repairs/renovations project that have been underway for some months. The City of Cambridge has apparently been cooperating with DCR in the squeeze of the White Geese in their habitat.

Come November 1st, the humongous state transportation reorganization will commence implementation. It is touted as long needed reform. The DCR becomes a part of the Highway Division and no longer a separate agency. This should result in better coordination of our highways and bridges, without dealing with agency fiefdoms that may serve at cross-purposes.

The new Department of Transportation (DOT) is to be headed by a five member professional board to be appointed by the Governor. These members are to serve without compensation. Two members are to be experts in the field of transportation finance, two transportation planners and one a registered civil engineer. The Chair of this board cannot be an employee of DOT, suggesting that the others can be so employed. At a conference I recently attended, I was told that none of the members will be DOT employees. I am not aware that Governor Patrick has made any of these appointments as yet. It is not clear exactly what will be the role of the board in dealing with the Secretary of Transportation to be appointed by the Governor who will serve as the CEO of DOT.

With this reorganization in place, no longer will DCR rule the roost of the White Geese. Friends of the Charles River White Geese should promptly get the attention of the new board and CEO of DOT to prevent the current annihilation of the White Geese. And pressure on Governor Patrick should continue. Maybe an invitation should be extended to Governor Patrick (as well as to the new board and CEO) to visit the site of the annihilation. If it’s too cold, perhaps we could accommodate them with goose-down coats. With the reorganization in place, there will be no excuse for Governor Patrick to continue to ignore the annihilation of the White Geese. The buck stops with him.

Archie Mazmanian

2. Bob’s response.

There is one aspect to Archie’s report that confuses me.

It is my recollection that there are two possible Urban Ring Charles River heavy / light rail crossings on the Table.

One, the heavy rail, would cross the Charles River near the Mass. Ave. Bridge and make Green Line connections and Commuter Rail connections at Kenmore. The station would be under Brookline Avenue over the Mass. Pike. It would have tunnel connections to the south to Kenmore / Green Line and, to the west, to Yawkey Station on the Commuter Rail. It would also be very convenient for Fenway Park.

The other, the light rail / streetcar, would cross in the goose habitat and make Green Line connections at two new stations.

One would be located at St. Mary’s and Mountfort adjacent to the commuter rail. This is a block from Marsh Chapel, the heart of the BU campus. This station would connect to the Commonwealth Avenue line by a tunnel under St. Mary’s. to the south side of Commonwealth Avenue. People would then cross traffic and weather to get to the existing BU Central stop on the Commonwealth Avenue (B) line.

The other station would be located under Park Drive between Beacon Street (C line) and the existing Fenway Park station on the Riverside (D) line. A new Green Line station would be constructed under Beacon Street at Audubon Circle. Tunnel connections would go in both directions.

The original plans called for moving Yawkey Station next to the Mountfort Station.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Day 386, Nice action from Chronicle, Marilyn on Walz

Bob Reports:

1. Day 386.
2. Nice Action from Cambridge Chronicle.
3. Marilyn on Walz “proposal.”

1. Day 386.

Monday, October 5, I did another moderately early visibility, just before the peak of the rush hour.

The geese were still sleeping. They are intelligent creatures. Their lives have been taken away from them by reprehensible government agencies. They use their time in the most productive manner available to them. They sleep.

People are so interested that I had a distinctive experience with a van which passed me on the street. The van stopped behind my turned back and beeped for a flier, repeatedly. I finally turned around wondering what the noise was all about, and I realized what was going on.

2. Nice Action from Cambridge Chronicle.

In Day 382's report, on September 26, I reported on news printed by the Cambridge Chronicle’s sister paper, the Allston Brighton Tab. We put out a press release on sanctions imposed on the Department of Conservation and Recreation by the Boston Conservation Commission.

There was no question as to the accuracy of our report. The DCR replied with nonsensical quibbles about our press release. The Tab printed the quibbles as the main story and buried the hard news.

In that report, I provided you a copy of Marilyn’s formal letter to the editor response.

I did not bother telling you that the Cambridge Chronicle had picked up the report and printed the report on line. I had posted two responses on each site (Chronicle and Tab; the Tab censored my responses.). I saw no particular reason to mention this in my report on this blog.

The silly article was from the Tab and all the Chronicle did was pick up the report on line. Had the Chronicle printed the report in hard copy, I figured we would send the Marilyn response. Marilyn did copy the Chronicle with her letter to the Tab, clearly addressed to the Editor of the Tab.

I picked up this week’s Chronicle and got around to reading it today. The Chronicle never printed the Tab report in their hard copy. They led the letters page with Marilyn’s response.

Very nice.

Did the Tab print Marilyn’s letter in their hard copy? I do not know.

3. Marilyn on Walz “proposal.”

With day 385, I reported on a con game being submitted by State Representative Walz which was passed on to the list of the City Manager’s group in Cambridgeport.

Walz claims to be defending Magazine Beach by regulating the shadows from buildings on Memorial Drive.

With Day 385, I printed the response I had tried to get distributed on the listserve and the response Kathy Podgers tried to get printed. I also commented that the head of the group had had the nerve to claim that his group does not censor his listserve. Responses from Roy Bercaw and Kathy to that non-censorship nonsense were also quoted in my report.

Marilyn comments that the “achievement” of Representative Walz is even more of a fake than I (or Kathy) had realized.

Any buildings constructed on Memorial Drive would be constructed on the NORTH side. The sun is to the south. Shadows from buildings on the North Side of Memorial Drive with the sun to the south cannot possibly cover Magazine Beach, south of the buildings, with or without the con game (now pretty clearly fake) protections.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Day 385, Walz con game, suppressed responses.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Day 385.
2. Walz con game.
A. Pitch by the City Manager’s Neighborhood Association.
B. Suppressed comment: Kathy Podgers.
C. Suppressed comment: Your editor.
D. Subsequent activities.
E. Roy Bercaw.
F. Kathy Podger’s Response.

1. Day 385.

On Friday, October 2, 2009, I did a visibility earlier than the rush hour. I figured I was doing this to get a different group, but I still said hello to people who have long supported the geese.

The geese were despondent in their tiny remnants of a habitat, simply sleeping on the cold ground out from the trees. The ground vegetation has been denuded in multiple attacks by the DCR since 2003. From the BU Bridge to the BU Boathouse, formerly lush areas have been denuded and have not grown back, clearly poisoned. The DCR in the Tab article pleaded incompetence. That type of incompetence deserves firing, not sympathy.

I had extended discussions with a number of really good people. The folks in the cars waive, toss thumbs up signs, and call support.

Almost immediately after I stopped work on the visibility, rain started. We avoid rain for fear of damage to the photos on the sign(s). Perfect timing.

2. Walz con game.

A. Pitch by the City Manager’s Neighborhood Association.

The “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” distributed a document from State Representative Walz giving the false impression that she is pro-environment.

She loudly proclaims her protection of the Charles. She brags with regard to buildings on the north side. To this regard, she is strikingly similar to the “Neighborhood Association.”

The “Neighborhood Association” distributed the comments under the title, “Protecting Magazine Beach Park.”

Kathy Podgers and I attempted to reply. We were censored and thus not distributed.

So I passed the comments on to a list I have established exactly because of the censorship on the Cambridgeport list.

The following are the suppressed comments:

B. Suppressed comment: Kathy Podgers.

I strongly support a balance between the natural and builtup environment. This bill is fine, as far as it goes. However, Magazine Beach, more acurately named, especially in light of our celebration of Cambridgeport History, is Captain's Island. It was one of 4 "fort" along the Charles River Estuary, upstream from Fort Washington. A magazine was located there, hense the name "Way to Captain's Island" now called Magazine St.

Cambridgeport was a penisula, with Captain's Island off the point, which looked out across the great Estuary, which lies on the International Atlantic Flyway.

One of our greatest challenges today is loss of habitit due to climate change and human activity. The wildlife that habitats along the Charles River Estuary are being removed by the clever and cynical removal of their habitat. We should work together to demand that the DCR obtain an Environmental Impact Study to end their destruction of wildlife habitat, and the subsequant removal of wildlife.

See the fate of the Great Blue Heron :

http://cipapa. blogspot. com/2009/ 09/great- blue-heron- clings-to- narrow.html

http://cipapa. blogspot. com/

take care

C. Suppressed comment: Your editor.

Let me see, Representative Walz and the Cambridge City Council are [ed: original numbering is 1,2,3, etc. Changed to fit this format]:

i. Dumping poisons as fertilizer on fields which previously were maintained green.

ii. Decreasing the size of the fields for a complicated drainage system to remove poisons they should not be dropping in the first place.

iii. Poisoning the Charles with their poisons because they cannot possibly protect against the worst storms.

iv. Poisoning kids rolling in the poisons.

v. Poisoning animals feeding on the poisons.

vi. Walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles with a wall of introduced vegetation that has no business on the Charles River.

vii. Starving the Charles River White Geese with their introduced wall and the poisons.

viii. Increasing the heartless animal abuse by continuing the Charles River White Geese' confinement in the goose meadow during the BU Bridge repairs including major needless destruction. Decent human beings would allow their return to Magazine Beach without the wall and without the poisons.

ix. Barring normal humans from the use of Magazine Beach during unscheduled hours with a requirement that ALL uses are prohibited without advance approval and a $90 scheduling fee.

Now what was all this about "protecting" Magazine Beach park by the people guilty for massive irresponsible destruction and heartless animal abuse.

The message is: Ignore reality. Walz and the Cambridge City Council are environmentalists. It is very irresponsible of reality to say otherwise.

D. Subsequent activities.

Kathy has been very vocal about the censorship. I am not certain if I understand all the permutations.

I do know that the Chronicle editor is involved in the communications and the head of the “Neighborhood Association.” I am substituting all references to the latter by name with the following: [ed: name omitted on general principles].

I got the communications and passed on to the list the discussion had been using the two CFL communications transmitting the above two items.

Included in the communications was the statement of [ed: name omitted on general principles] that his list is not censored.

[ed: name omitted on general principles] was one of the addressees of the suppressed communications. My transmittal of the second item had the following comment:


Second of two mailing by me during the last two days after you (or whoever is your representative) censored it.

I really getting fed up with being of the receiving end of flat out lies, deceptions, or whatever.

Holier than thou is useless when the lies can be proven this easily.


I got at least two responses to my transmittal of the suppressed items. The below attempts to pass on two items I consider relevant.

E. Roy Bercaw.

Roy was on the mailing list. He comments:


Don't forget me. [ed: name omitted on general principles] accused me of libel when I did not accuse him of anything. His sensitivity is telling when I said that he ignored my complaints about censorship on the C'port list. For many months none of my posts appeared. I opened a new email account in case it was my provider's fault. Yet after assurances from the list monitors my posts do not appear. Monitors and [ed: name omitted on general principles] the long-term president of C'port Nabe Ass'n ignored my several inquiries.

This appears to be a pattern among holier-than-thou Cambridge elitists many with PhDs. They are intolerant of unpopular and differing opinions on public issues, priorities, and how to solve them. Perhaps the City's motto should be "The People's Censorship Republic of Intolerance in the Name of Unity and Collegiality; You Must Submit to Superior Persons, Punk."

On another list when I reported a threat of bodily harm after posting pictures of a safety hazard one holier-than-thou politically connected resident accused me of hate speech for my complaint about being threatened.

It is true that all politics is local. As in national public discourse there is no rational discussion in Cambridge. It is all personal animosity to discredit persons who dare to disagree.

F. Kathy Podger’s Response.

Thank you Bob.

The issue here is some people do not want others to find out the factual information, and want to control what people are permitted to know, and when they are allowed to know it.

I testified at the Climate Emergancy hearing, in City Council, where I also submitted writen testimony and a copy of the letter that marilyn Wellons and I wrote to the City Manager, after his office ionformed me that the DCR had obtained all required permits, and were operating legally, and within the orders set forth by the Cambridge Conservation Commission. When I informed his staf that that was not true, they asked me to write a letter to the City manager.

The post I submitted to the list serve does not include these lurid details of nafarious behavior by our governing agencies. Instead it is a polite and reasoned apeal to the better instincts we were all born with, and an appeal to the rule of law.

Recently, my posts have been delayed, or not posted, and I appealed to [ed: name omitted on general principles], who brushed me off, and did not show any concern that members of the list serve were being denied important information. I will point out that some 300 residents, most in Cambridgeport have signed the petition opposing the development at magazine Beach. Therefore, [ed: name omitted on general principles] can hardly claim, and does not try to do so, that this issue is not a concern of the neighborhood, so for that reason it will not be posted.,

Although I did not ask Craig to put in the order re violations of the Wetlands protection Act, he aparently did hear my testimony, and did act on it in a responsible way. As for our other elected representatives, city councillors, etc, they have ignored my testimony that the DCR and Cambridge are violating the Wetlands protection Act. They have not even asked, "Why do you say that," which at least the City Manager's office asked.

[ed: "Craig" is City Councilor Craig Kelley, and I will not get into details on this. We are faced with omissions that say too much. Heartless animal abuse is apparently considered normal and acceptable, among other things.]

Again, I will point out the very mild nature of my submission to the list serve, in response to Marty Walz's post. I'll ask, how could any be offended by my comments?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Day 384, Governor Patrick Comments.

1. Day 384.
2. Governor Comment.
A. Comment.
B. Response.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Day 384.

On Thursday, October 1, 2009, I did a visibility during rush hour. It was also before a Red Sox home game, so there were quite a few people.

The geese did their best to wander in their tiny undestroyed habitat. First the entire gaggle walked toward the construction wall. Then the entire gaggle walked toward the eastern end and the pittance of undestroyed vegetation there, a really despondent group of beautiful animals.

People, as usual, were quite receptive.

I said hello, in particular, to one gentleman I have said hello to in so many different groups of visibilities.

A lot of people waived and beeped.

People pulled over for fliers. Others shouted their encouragements.

In the many different groupings of visibilities we have done, one group which never has taken fliers has been the joggers. They do not have any place to put the fliers. Now even the joggers are taking the fliers, carrying them in their hands or in very tiny spaces in their uniforms.

2. Governor Comment.

In a recent report, I told you about initiatives apparently from the governor.

This resulted in the follow comment to which I responded. Both are provided.

A. Comment.

So much for voting for Deval Patrick, I will not vote for him after that response.

B. Response.

Right now, we cannot tell.

We can only look at years of problems and one small move in the right direction.

I will have to modify the blog to reflect the prior situation.

The reality is that we have an agency charged with maintenance of the environment which is flatly and simply unfit for its job.

The DCR's "explanation" for the acts for which the Boston Conservation Commission sanctioned them is quite simply bragging of incompetence and contempt for the environment.

The repeated flat out lies and "innocent" bragging of unfitness for their jobs are very difficult to fight, especially when you are dealing with well intentioned people who hear the tone of voice and do not or cannot think things through to the reality.

The reality is that the DCR and Cambridge are doing very real harm, and we are getting SIGNS of movement by the governor, only signs.

It is impossible to say whether the environmental people who came out are any less irresponsible than are the DCR and the Cambridge Pols.