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Charles River: Key Destroyer Publicly Targets Little Guys’ Parking, the Context of the Attack

Charles River: Key Destroyer Publicly Targets Little Guys’ Parking, the Context of the Attack

1. Fight for destruction of Little Guy’s Parking Lot Gets Official.
a. General.
b. History.
c. Details.
2. Context.
a. Alewife.
b. Central and Kendall Squares.
c. Charles River.
3. Summary.

1. Fight for destruction of Little Guy’s Parking Lot Gets Official.

a. General.

The fake group has been told what its opinion is!!!

In their own distinctive manner, the fake neighborhood association has announced they are fighting for the destruction of the little guy’s parking lot supporting the picnic area on the Charles east of the Magazine Beach playing fields.

For years, the Department of Conservation and Recreation has been fighting for destruction of the parking lot on the hill west of the Magazine Park lot.  They never explain why.  They just want it destroyed.

Here are a few photos.  These photos were previously posted.

b. History.

DCR went public with their demands to destroy that parking lot in the January 2013 public meeting on its proposed further destruction at Magazine Beach.  This is the public meeting in which the pablum being served lost to normal, decent human beings.

At the January 2013 meeting, the fake group loudly claimed to oppose the destruction of the parking lot.

So, after losing in the public meeting, the fake group indulged in blatantly corrupt behavior and stole a fake support in its February 2013 meeting conducted on April 23, 2013.  This fraudulent action is the fake group’s sole claim to legitimacy in its ongoing fight to keep existing environmental destruction and animal abuse on the Charles River and to vastly expand the environmental destruction and animal abuse.

The undisclosed fine print in the fraudulent vote supported the destruction of the parking lot.

So, naturally, after years of telling people it was anti -Charles River to be concerned about anything other than the building they want to convert to retail, two destructive government entities (Cambridge and the DCR) proclaimed the fake group the group to talk to about the Charles River.

It thus comes as no surprise that the fake group has now gone public with their fight for destruction of the lot whose destruction they “oppose”, in the inimitable manner of Cambridge’s fake groups / company union organizations.

This parking lot is located at the foot of Magazine Street in Cambridge, on the river side of Memorial Drive.

This parking lot is needed for little people who use the area for picnicking.  There are a number of poor folks who cherish this area.  The fake groups have a non stop mantra of being in support of the little guy, very dangerous claims if you are the little guy, given the record of the fake groups of achieving the opposite of what they claim to support.

The little guys’ parking lot supports the building which the fake group has been telling people was the only thing( people should be concerned about if they loved the Charles River.

c. Details.

The key destroyer in the fake group constantly bubbles her “love” for the Charles River.  She gives the impression of organizing all sorts of gatherings which have nothing to do with her destructive development goals.  Her organizing does give folks the wrong idea about which side she and her group are on.

The vast majority of her gatherings are near their proposed retail conversion and, of necessity, near the little guys’ parking lot.

It is impossible to give directions to the area of that parking lot without mentioning the little guys’ parking lot that the DCR (and the City of Cambridge?) and the fake group now publicly wants destroyed.

In accordance with the well established pattern of fake group fights for destruction, it would appear that mention of the little guys’ parking lot is now declared to be politically incorrect.

The directions this destructive person have given out in the last few days have been downright bizarre.

She is telling people to do things around the little guys’ parking lot without mentioning the lot.

She WILL NOT MENTION THE LOT because that would be to mention something she is fighting to destroy, and it is politically incorrect to mention the targets of their destructive venom.

Business as usual on the Charles River.

2. Context.

This is a clear example of how Cambridge’s fake groups  fight to destroy something.  The technique  is that they WILL NOT talk about the target of their destructive venom.  Furthermore, they DEMAND that the politically correct do not even think about the target of their venom.

They just loudly lie that they are concerned about the target in general terms and in specific terms insist that it be destroyed by simply ignoring the destruction.

Truly reprehensible tactics.  They never say why they are fighting to destroy, destroy, destroy.  They just insist that folks MUST avert their eyes from the vileness of the fake group.

This is THE KEY aspect of company union organizations.

Outrageous and vile lies of omission by people who claim responsibility for protecting what they are fighting to destroy.

a. Alewife.

The group fighting for destruction of the Alewife Reservation, of course, loudly proclaims that it is defending Alewife.

Its key lie is that the only part of Alewife the fake group is “protecting” is the lost parts, the portions owned by private developers which the real enemies, the local governments, have condemned to destruction through irresponsible zoning.

How dare you discuss the government owned parts!!  And how dare you discuss who wrote the irresponsible zoning!!

And when the government destroyed the first 3.4 acres, the leader / creator of the fake group bragged about the destruction, but her victims did not hear her.

Alewife can still be saved, but only if people concerned about Alewife realize that their enemy is their government, a government which could yet destroy the entire Alewife woodlands..

The situation has degenerated to such an extent that I am not aware of any possible knave remaining active in the group.

It looks like the well intended folks have been so severely conned that the knaves no longer waste time on them.  The knaves have other places to destroy.

Here is Cambridge’s puff photo bragging about its destruction of 3.4 acres of Alewife, an act bragged about by the leader / creator of that fake group, an act which the victims do not want to know about.

The trees in the background formerly filled this entire area.

And, oh yes, there has been a meaningful victory for the environment at Alewife.  It amount to the return to the environment of a parking lot between Alewife Station and Route 2.  The manager responsible for change gave personal responsibility to a zoning victory which I wrote and which was led by a friend of mine.

Here are photos of the returning parking lot.

Naturally, when the fake group celebrated the environmental victory, they omitted the zoning victory and treated the key people on the zoning victory like crap.

b. Central and Kendall Squares.

The usual fake types declared interest in Kendall and Central Squares.   So they created a group to “defend” them.

A responsible person filed a responsible zoning proposal.  The responsible person looked like she was bullied into backing down, and even into backing down in the manner most destructive to her cause.  The City Council saved her from that ultimate outrage by ignoring her self-destructive action.

Government entities have destroyed 40 to 50 excellent trees on Main Street from Kendall to the Longfellow Bridge area, for no responsible cause.

Here are before and after pictures of a grove destroyed as part of the Longfellow Bridge project to be used as an empty, barren area.

The fake group created to protect Kendall and Central has had no interest in this outrageous destruction, either at the Longfellow Bridge or in the heart of Kendall Square on Main Street.  The latest fake group were too busy “fighting against” a project in Central at Main and Mass.

Surprise, surprise, last I heard that had achieved a Cambridge compromise.  The bad guys get what they want.  The good guys get to declare victory.

And the “good guys”are loudly declaring “victory” after yet anther ignominious loss.

c. Charles River.

If I actively presented photos in this section, the section would keep on going and going.

A good overall analysis has been posted at:

The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” and similar fake save-the -world type groups are beneath discussion.

The front line in fighting for destruction of the Charles River, right now, is the much newer fake neighborhood association.

The fake neighborhood association deals in the usual crap about broad claims of love for the Charles River or selected parts.

They are presented by destructive government entities as “the people” concerned about the Charles River.

You can tell what they are fighting to destroy by what they will not talk about.

They are fighting for each and every piece of destruction supported by Cambridge and the destructive Department of Conservation and Recreation.

So naturally, ALL items of destruction being fought for destruction by Cambridge and the DCR are prohibited from destruction, even when they are discussed in open meeting.  They are discussed ALWAYS in the last ten minutes of meetings.  People who are part of the fraud are allowed to “ask questions.”  Responsible people are censored.

They are fighting for the hundreds of trees and animal habitat supported by the state house last year to the extent of $20 million.

So naturally, thou shalt not mention the $20 million and its associated destruction and heartless animal abuse.

They are fighting to keep and expand the poisons being dumped on the formerly pristine Magazine Beach playing fields to keep alive introduced grass which should not be there in the first place, and to expand the grass and the poisons to the hill west of the playing fields and behind the swimming pool.

So naturally the poisons and the bizarre nature of their beloved grass are never mentioned.

They are fighting to keep the reduction in size of playing fields in place.  That reduction was “necessary” to create an  expensive drainage system to drain off poisons to keep alive sickly grass which should not have been introduced in the first place.

So naturally, the drainage systems and the reduced size of the playing fields are never to be mentioned.

They are fighting to keep the bizarre wall of introduced bushes in place walling off the Charles River from its banks at the Magazine Beach playing fields.  This wall serves to starve the Charles River White Geese.  It was introduced in direct violation of promises of a lawn to the river and of decade long promises to do “no harm” to the Charles River White Geese.  The bizarre wall directly conflicts with the “swim in” conducted by the falsely named Charles River Conservancy to celebrate the outrage at the playing fields.  You cannot swim if you can’t get to the water.  The bizarre wall directly conflicts with the twice annual destruction of all bordering vegetation on the Charles River for the DCR.  Only the bizarre wall remains.

The fake group is fighting to keep the bizarre wall and related heartless animal abuse.

So naturally they do not mention the bizarre wall.

3. Summary.

Two destructive government entities, the City of Cambridge and the DCR tell the Massachusetts Department of Transportation that the fake group is fighting for the Charles River.

The ONLY adult in the room with these two vile governmental entities is MassDOT.

So naturally, the two destructive entities want MassDOT to recognize this fake group as reality, and ignore its destructiveness, its political corrupt behavior, its contempt for the Charles River, and its near total lack of visibility meaningfully defending the Charles River.

The Charles River is one of the many things which MassDOT is defending against these vile people.

MassDOT is not perfect, but MassDOT is normal and MassDOT has done a lot of good.

The others bear the stench of their own very vile and very destructive reality.