Monday, June 18, 2007

Visibilities, New Fliers

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Friends of the White Geese have published two new documents:

1. A flier announcing the forthcoming destruction at Magazine Beach UNLESS either the governor or nine city councillors change sides on environmental issues to the side they claim to be on.

You have to realize that the Cambridge pols have their own SECRET definition of environmentalism or to understand their reprehensible record to realize the difference. They keep on using that secret definition of environmentalism. It is silly to describe this secret definition as other than flat out lying since their secret definition is at dramatic conflict with the definition used by responsible human beings.

The secret definition was announced by one of their insiders and published in these pages under the title, "Exchange on Cambridge views of environmentalism."

2. A fact sheet in two sides. One side has a lot of graphics and briefly describes environmental low lights in Cambridge. The other side gives a blow by blow (but brief) summary of 10 years of attacks on the Charles River by the City of Cambridge and its bureacrat and pol friends.

Marilyn distributed the flier and the front of the fact sheet at a neighborhood potluck last Sunday, June 10. Saturday, June 16, the back side of the fact sheet was ready, so she distributed the flier and the double sided fact sheet at the Riverfest celebration on Memorial Drive between Western Avenue and John F. Kennedy Street.

Marilyn tells me that the response was excellent. That is the normal situation when dealing with normal human beings. Regrettably, the situation with regard to Cambridge pols and bureacrats is based on this fake definition of "environmentalism" which translates as white-washing environmental destruction.

If you would like either of these documents, please give us a ring at or Thanks.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact or call 617-792-7738. Thanks again.

Wildlife Report from Porter - Davis Squares

Karen lives a few blocks in either direction from Porter and Davis Squares. She reports (passed on by Bob La Trémouille):

I have possum and racoons that come in my yard, skunk too. Bluejays and Cardinals sometimes too. I think also a few other species of bird, Marilyn mentioned Grackels, something like that when I described some before. Hope you are well.

Sometimes when the racoons are rolling around playing on my back porch they sound like cats screaming.

At times last fall the possum, I dont know if there is more than one still sits in my lilac bush waiting for the food to be put out, and hangs by its tail on one of the trees. My mother thought she was hallucinating at 530am. Just before sunrise.