Sunday, July 15, 2007

Report 352, Video of the Goose Meadow, April 2000; Perspective

Report 352 from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese - Roy Bercaw posts his report of the geese in April 2000 - Thoughts on the changes which have come since.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Visibility Report.
2. Roy Bercaw's Video.
3. A "Sanctuary" claim from very destructive liars.
4. Marilyn Responds.
5. Further Thought.

1. Visibility Report.

Yesterday, Saturday, July 14, 2007, I did another visibility on the edge of the Goose Meadow, saying hello to people on the BU Bridge. I went fairly late. There was a Red Sox game. They commonly get a lot of traffic over the BU Bridge, but traffic in that direction was a lot quieter than I expected. I anticipate that I was later than the game rush.

People were, as usual, quite friendly. One gentleman followed up on discussions with Marilyn.

2. Roy Bercaw's Video.

Roy Bercaw has been kind enough to post a video on the internet that he took of the Charles River White Geese in April 2000. Marilyn Wellons performed as commentator. Roy brought a camera to the Destroyed Nesting Area shortly after the geese returned to the BU/DCR imposed desolation. His video ended with an excellent shot of some very strong flying by one member of the goose gaggle.

I have created a link to one of the postings in the right margin. The video may be viewed at: and at at

The developer lobby tends to descend upon people who have the nerve to talk reality when it comes to the environmental attacks by state and Cambridge bureaucrats and pols. They sound so good, but they toss out one lie after another lie after another lie.

One of their bizarre explanations for the pols and bureaucrats destroying wildlife on the Charles River was a lie that the Charles River White Geese do not fly.

The end of this video shows one Charles River White Goose flying, and flying very high.

Well, when one lie does not work, they switch to another lie. Their definition of THE TRUTH is that lie which works. Their world is a non-stop search for this very bizarre "truth." The Cambridge City Council's definition of "environmentalism" is an excellent example.

3. A "Sanctuary" claim from very destructive liars.

The lie this week is that they want to create a "sanctuary" in the goose meadow, where there is no food. That "sanctuary" promise has no more credibility than the four years of promise of "no intent to harm" the Charles River White Geese. Then they disclosed that their definition of "harm" does not include starvation.

We are dealing with people who are proud of having no ethics.

Decent people cannot imagine how low the people they are trying to deal with are.

Promises have no value. Decency is treated as a weakness. And they will lie and lie and lie until they find a lie that works and call that lie the TRUTH.

4. Marilyn Responds.

You're right.

To call the White Geese's ghetto a sanctuary is an

5. Further Thought.

The true sickness of the Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats and the developer-types who are so prominent in the tiny minority egging them on is demonstrated by the fact that Marilyn is right.

But much more than that.

These reprehensible people took a thing of beauty and turned it into a ghetto.

For the first more than 20 years that the Charles River White Geese were proud, beautiful residents of the Charles River, this place was their holiest place. The Charles River White Geese lived in a mile long habitat.

Three quarters of the time, they lived at Magazine Beach and across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The other quarter of the time, they migrated to their place of life, their place of mating and of raising their babies.

These sick people have wantonly destroyed three quarters of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese for their use and turned the holiest part of their habitat into a ghetto.

And they are doing it as part of a package in which they are destroying all animal habitat, all wetlands and all wild areas in the City of Cambridge along with repeated, needless destruction of trees and trees and trees.

The pols and bureaucrats of the City of Cambridge and the state along with their tiny gathering of sycophants are nothing less than reprehensible.

And they have the nerve to call themselves "environmentalists" using a secretly redefined term in which environmental destruction becomes "environmentalism."