Sunday, August 24, 2014

More environmental destruction from Councilor / Lt. Gov. Candidate Cheung

More environmental destruction from Councilor / Lt. Gov. Candidate Cheung

Here are two photographs of one excellent tree Cambridge City Councilor / Lt. Gov. Candidate Leland Cheung seems to contend he is “neutral” on the destruction of.

I previously gave the Cambridge City Council the plans for the hundreds of trees slated to be destroyed under chapter 286 of the Massachusetts Acts of 2014, and reported the transmission on this blog.

The City Council did not deign to take action.  Apparently they claim they are Neutral, Department of Conservation and Recreation territory.

Cheung, however, has taken a public position on the area from which I took the photographs, the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, where they are confined without food.  He wants to put a bicycle highway in it and to put a fence between the Destroyed Nesting Area and the free animal area on the other side of the Grand Junction railroad.  The highway would go very close to where I was standing when I took the photo.

This is also DCR territory.

So, when Cheung can increase heartless animal abuse aimed at the Charles River White Geese in DCR territory, he is in support.

When it comes to standing up against the destruction of hundreds of excellent trees including this one in DCR territory, he is neutral, not his turf..

Interestingly, the Cambridge City Council conducts its own foreign relations program, but it claims to be, as convenient, neutral on DCR destruction in the City of Cambridge clearly run past the City Manager’s people.

This tree is 100 feet or so from Cheung’s destructive highway.  This excellent tree is one of hundreds of excellent trees in area controlled by the irresponsible Department of Conservation and Recreation..

When it comes to destroying trees with DCR money, he claims neutrality, not his territory.  When it comes to heartless animal abuse in DCR territory, he publicly supports it.

The poor dear.  He sounds like a member of the Cambridge City Council.

The Charles River is DCR territory, and DCR territory centers on the Charles River.  Cheung is aggressively destructive in the DCR area closer to the Charles River.  He is “neutral”, not his territory, with regard to the excellent tree.  But the excellent tree he is happy to see destroyed is further from DCR core territory than the area where he wants to ramp up heartless animal abuse.

Further video / photos on various outrages, civil rights and environmental, of which Cheung is a part of are in my YouTube report, posted at

Cheung is running for Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  He seems to claim he is some sort of progressive / liberal in the middle of his various outrages as a member of the Cambridge City Council.  I presume he is making the same claim as a candidate for Lt. Governor.