Saturday, April 07, 2012

Selected Entities Funding the Charles River “Conservancy” — Part 3

One of the biggest parts of the corrupt situation destroying the environment of the Charles River in Boston / Cambridge, MA is the plethora of “protective groups” associated with Cambridge which keep on achieving the opposite of what they sound like they stand for.

The record of the Charles River “Conservancy” goes back more than a decade and it is very destructive. You name the destructive initiative on the Charles River, they are on the wrong side.

The Charles River “Conservancy” constantly and very visibly lies about their reason for existence by using the word “Conservancy” in its name. The number of people it troops as its activists very certainly includes a lot of people who have been duped by the lying in its name and by who knows what irresponsible techniques used less publicly. These tactics are normal in Cambridge, MA, USA.

One of the first things Friends of the White Geese did in 2000 was to discredit the predecessor of the Charles River “Conservancy” in Spring 2000. This “new group” with overlapping directors showed up in the Fall. The predecessor has barely been seen since.

I have recently reported on the Longfellow Bridge Repairs. This falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” was there fighting against the needs of bicycle commuters by restricting them to the sidewalk on the Longfellow Bridge and claiming to be advancing the interests of bicyclists.

One recent outrage is that the Charles River “Conservancy” also has been claimed to be associated with a comparable “neighborhood association” in a blog which gives the false impression that the blog is defending the environment at Magazine Beach on the Charles River. The few names used favorably on that blog are not favorable to the environment on the Charles River. The entries are deceptive and include severe lies of omission.

The following is another partial list of entities contributing to the environmentally destructive and falsely named Charles River Conservancy.

This list is taken from an attachment to its Fall 2011 fundraising letter bragging about, among other things, its fight for a new small vehicle highway on and in the Charles River on the Cambridge side. This major initiative would destroy hundreds of healthy trees, wetlands, and animal habitat including major portions of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

As usual, the damage is not mentioned any more than they can help.

The CRC’s list of contributors is preceded with the comment: “We are grateful to our corporate sponsors and to the foundations who have supported us over the last 18 months.”

VERY prominently displayed at the top of the list are the following logos:

The Boston Foundation
Massachusetts Environmental Trust
Bank of America
Fidelity Investments

The fourth grouping of sponsors is as follows. Please excuse errors in name compilation. Printing of the names is in white letters on a beige background. This is definitely not conducive to accurate reading.



Altman Valandric and Company
Bensai West
Bredin Business Information
Cambridge Plant and Garden Club
The Charles Hotel
Intuit Foundation
New England College of Optometry
Riverside Boat Club
Sea-Dar Construction
State Street Corporation
Uxell Corporation
Vistaprint USA, Inc.
W/S Development Associates, LLC
Watertown Community Foundation
Yoga for Mainstream People, LLC


Very visible on the list are Harvard University, MIT Community Service Fund, Harvard Business School, Boston University, Allston Brighton / Boston College Community Fund, and the New England College of Optometry.

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