Monday, May 22, 2017

Charles River Attacks Renewed, in VERY IMPORTANT fine print, of course.

Charles River Attacks Renewed, in VERY IMPORTANT fine print, of course.

1. Same two Cambridge city councilors on the attack.
2. Right turn off the southern Charles River Boulevard to Cambridge.
3. Conclusion.

1. Same two Cambridge city councilors on the attack.

Games get played in the City of Cambridge, very dirty games, always very loudly sounding great.

Vice Mayor Marc McGovern and Mayor Denise Simmons were the writers of the outrageous Cambridge City Council motion to fund destruction of 54 mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach with the usual heartless animal abuse side effects.

Tonight, May 22, 2017, they have another motion concerning the Charles River which SOUNDS great, particularly if you look at the size of the attachments.

Basically, they are rubber stamping one of the two most environmentally destructive Cambridge City Councilors of the 2000s, now retired City Councilor Henrietta Davis.  Naturally, Davis then and now has the very strong odor of Cambridge Development Department influence.

The noise expresses concern over a matter which I have led.  She expresses APPARENT opposition to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s intended killing of a ramp to Cambridge from the boulevard on the southern side of the Charles River as part of MassDOT’s I90 (Mass. Pike) reconstruction project.

The very prominent fine print attacks the Grand Junction railroad tracks and the Charles River White Geese, without, of course, mentioning the heartless animal abuse or the very real destruction proposed.

In the middle has been placed the new Cambridge City Manager who passed on to the Cambridge City Council a detailed letter from Davis as his appointee to the advisory committee on I90, and it SOUNDS SO GOOD.  In the background, almost certainly, is the Cambridge Development Department.

City Manager DePasquale, quite certainly, has not been advised about the highly destructive aspects of the package.

Either about the heartless attacks on the Charles River White Geese and the free animal part of the Cambridge Charles River, or about Commuter Rail on the Grand Junction carefully mentioned but not mentioned.  Commuter Rail received major opposition from voters when it was publicly proposed and was then killed by MassDOT.  This time it is highly visible but buried by the visibility of those lovely attachments.

Particularly interesting is my part in that right turn issue, and the related comments of MassDOT, and how reality conflicts with the impression which is being given by this package.

2. Right turn off the southern Charles River Boulevard to Cambridge.

In December 2016, MassDOT first announced at a meeting in Union Square, in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, that MassDOT wanted to move all traffic currently traveling from Soldiers Field Road / Storrow Drive (the southern boulevard) westbound to the River Street Bridge to Cambridge.  The River Street Bridge is the next bridge west from the BU Bridge over the Charles River.  The BU Bridge, in turn, dominates the Destroyed Nesting Area, the ghetto to which the 36 year resident Charles River White Geese have been confined as part of many outrages.

The traffic would all be moved over Soldiers Field Road / Storrow Drive by a new highway bridge to be installed a bit east of the River Street Bridge.  The new bridge would run from the outbound, riverside of the boulevard over the boulevard to new streets proposed to take traffic from I90 (Mass. Pike) to Cambridge.  The local traffic which currently uses Soldiers Field Road / Storrow Drive (the boulevard) as a lightly traveled means to get to the River Street Bridge to get to Cambridge would be moved into the midst of commonly VERY HEAVY TRAFFIC from the Interstate to Cambridge.

I strongly objected in the December meeting.  I had a very visible discussion with the key MassDOT presenter.  Because this change had never been presented in Cambridge, there have proceeded limited contacts by MassDOT with Cambridge, primarily through the fake neighborhood association which is fighting for destruction on the Charles River, which has obvious connections with the Cambridge Development Department and which has indulged in corrupt practices to further their nefarious goals.

Needless to say, the fake neighborhood association was recommended by Cambridge Development Department.  Also of relevance is that the traffic pattern using the threatened traffic move features much more traffic to other parts of Cambridge than traffic to the neighborhood which the fake group claims to represent.

It is no coincidence that the goals of the fake neighborhood association are compatible with the long established destructive behavior of Ms. Davis.

So you have a Davis letter turned into a City Manager letter turned into a City Council motion propounded by two city councilors who propounded the motion to get the City Council on record in favor of mass environmental destruction on the Magazine Beach complex which runs from the BU Bridge to the River Street Bridge.

One of the strongest points made in favor of closing the off ramp made by MassDOT at the December meeting was that the change was supported by Davis.  I snorted at his use of her name, being distressingly aware of her record.

And now, Davis, through an amazingly misleading letter and those two city councilors, is putting the Cambridge City Council on record in favor of destruction at the Destroyed Nesting Area and at the Wild Area across the Grand Junction from the Destroyed Nesting Area.

And now, Davis, through an amazing misleading letter and those two city councilors, is putting the Cambridge City Council on record in favor of Commuter Rail which would mess up five major and busy Cambridge City highways, and which has been visibly, strongly opposed by voters who objected to the same project WHEN IT WAS NOT BURIED IN MISLEADING FINE PRINT.  AND WHO SUCCEEDED IN KILLING THAT PROPOSAL WHEN IT WAS PROPOUNDED IN PUBLIC.

And NEVER MENTIONED, of course (another highly volatile Cambridge issue) is the 2004 study which proves that, once you widen the Grand Junction bridge over the Charles River for those lovely purposes, it will be simple to create a highway off ramp from I90 (Mass. Pike) to the various speculative / educational holding of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which abuts the Grand Junction railway.

45 years ago, a super highway in the same area was killed by Cambridge activists.

3. Conclusion.

Unfortunately, I have a prior commitment tonight.  This report will be transmitted by email to all relevant officials.

For photos and plans, please see multiple prior reports on the Charles River White Geese blog,, and shorter versions on the Charles River White Geese Facebook page, with links to the blog.

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