Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Baker Victory for Massachusetts Governor could be a Victory for the REAL Environment.

Baker Victory for Massachusetts Governor could be a Victory for the REAL Environment.

An excellent example of the filth in the government of the City of Cambridge is an exhibit occupying the gallery of its City Hall Annex.  Among other things, it lies about the Charles River White Geese and clearly praises the heartless abuse of these beautiful animals by claiming their treatment is exactly the opposite.  Omitted, of course, is the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s policy of killing or driving off all resident animals.  Also omitted is any part of the reality of heartless abuse of these beautiful, valuable long term resident animals.  And, oh yeah, the explanation for the sugar coated outrage fits the typical fraud which comes out of these entities.

The reality of the destruction on the Charles River, at Alewife, and on the Cambridge Common is that it is a massive waste of government money in addition to waste of existing government resources, land, water, vegetation and animal.

The DCR has, over the last decade, lost a significant part of its responsibilities because of broad contempt in the State House for its wastefulness and destruction.  The replacement, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has been a breath of fresh air in comparison to both the DCR and Cambridge.

The DCR is an ideal bedmate for the reprehensible (to quote that Civil Rights judge) city government in the City of Cambridge.

Reality is that, with a Republican in the State House, Democratic Party dominated Cambridge, MA, will be less likely to have its outrages blessed and funded, and there are a number of places where wasteful and destructive money is pending or planned and has not been used.

One obvious area is the destruction of hundreds of trees plus animal habitat between BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge ($20 million, Acts of 2014, chapter 286, “Historic Parkways”, supported by the Democratic State House.  The plans are at  This is an obvious priority.  The imminent destruction of the excellent grove at the Harvard Square entrance to the Cambridge Common is another.  The destruction of acres of the Alewife reservation with the possibility of total destruction to come is another.  And, of course,  the destruction and heartless animal abuse on the Charles River never stops being imposed and made worse.

The Democrats tried to clean up part of the outrage which is the DCR and Cambridge with its partial destruction of the DCR.  The Democrats’ failure to fully do the job and the Democrats’ funding of subsequent outrages have created a situation where the governorship will no longer be part of the Democratic environmental corruption.

Who knows, the new governor might possibly behave responsibly.  Certainly, MassDOT has been a breath of fresh air in those segments where it has replaced the DCR.

In the meantime, Cambridge is certain to keep up the lies such as the ones they are putting out about the Charles River White Geese in that supposed art show.