Sunday, December 16, 2018

Charles River:  State Destruction plans supported by the Cambridge City Council on the Charles River.

Our most recent post responded a fake claim of innocence of the part of the Cambridge, MA, USA, City Council.

We forwarded a modification of the analysis to the Cambridge City Council in the following letter.  Repeating it because the package to the Cambridge Council included quite a bit more.

The version passed on to the City Council was rushed and wound up with a few typos.  I am correcting the typos caught by spellcheck in this report.

RE: DCR Destruction Plans Supported by Cambridge City Council, Silence is Consent.

1. Introduction.
2. Five pages from the Destruction Plans Supported by the Cambridge City Council.
3. Silence is Consent.
4. Sample Flier.
5. Our goals

Gentlemen / Ladies:

1. Introduction.

Earlier today, I have posted on the Cambridge Town Hall facebook page five pages from our June 6, 2017 letter to the Cambridge Town Hall Facebook page copies of five pages in our June 6, 2017 letter to the Cambridge City Council.

This came in response to Ralph Lopez’ suggestion that posting photos of doomed trees would be a very effective way to respond to the City Council support of destruction.  What I did was post five pages from the June 6, 2017 letter which has been provided to the Cambridge City Council once last year and once this year.  These, in turn, provide destruction plans from the Department of Conservation and Recreation for the perhaps imminent outrages supported by the Cambridge City Council on Magazine Beach. 

Quick review of the sections related to those plans and the photos contained there in give somewhat of a communication of the outrages supported by the Cambridge City Council.

Here are those plans from my June 6, 2017 letter along with my analysis.  Following the plans are the post which brought about Ralph’s suggestion, along with a copy of a flier which has had good sized distribution. 

The outrage supported by the Cambridge City Council is so massive that true communication of relevant photos is impossible without the sort of detail provided in the June 6, 2017 letter, but the flier does provide a tiny but fairly effective sample.

The June 6, 2017 letter was organized, with photos as efficiently and as completely as possible to communicate the outrage supported by the Cambridge City Council.

In addition to these pages, I have also provided the facebook page with the two pages of the outrageous order and the page by which the City Clerk reported the vote.

A full copy of all discussion would be overkill in this medium.

My transmittal comment on the official vote could be of value.

* * * *

Official record of the order.  The combination very effectively destroys any nonsense about any member of the Cambridge City Council behaving responsible last year.

This outrage has been reinforced by multiple votes to selectively fund the outrage this year, WITH EXACTLY ZERO MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL AT ALL CONCERNED ABOUT THE TOTALITY OF WHAT THEY ARE SUBSIDIZING.

I beg your pardon, the preceding mayor has made some nice comments and then voted for the subsidies.

She rather clearly got roped into cosigning the original motion.  I accept her nice words as an indication that McGovern really shafted her by getting her name on that motion.

But, perhaps during the destruction you will see lovely proclamations of tree “protection” from the bad guys.

* * * * *

It should be noted that the color maps, in addition to the word game fraud, were described to be presentations of more recent thinking.

In addition to inserting the word game fraud, additions / deletions to destruction are included.

As noted in that portion of the plan photos.  Two trees which were lovingly cared for by the MicroCenter shopping center were destroyed by the DCR which were not included in the plans.

Several trees noted as planned for destruction have already been destroyed.

2. Five pages from the Destruction Plans Supported by the Cambridge City Council.

On going through the June 6, 2017 package, I am providing five pages.

The first 2 are maps of maps.  The maps of maps organize the report by General areas with more specific subareas. 

The index maps are areas of the Eastern and Central parts of Magazine Beach.

Trees X’d are being destroyed.

The lined area markings indicate subareas with more specific maps.

The index maps are based on the earlier version officially submitted.

Each subarea as indicated in the index map has a greater enlargement associated with corresponding photographs.  The subarea maps included the corresponding parts of the second map wit its word game fraud.

The complete report is posted at

The last three maps reflect a less complicated analysis.  Those maps correspond to the subarea maps provided for the Eastern and Middle areas.

This is the Central area index map.

The area close to the middle with three circled X’s is the ten tree grove falsely called three trees.

This is the map of the Swimming Pool building.  It corresponds to the scale of the subarea maps.

At the top are trees next to MicroCenter.  AFTER this filing, the DCR ALSO DESTROYED two street trees next to the shopping area parking lot which had been lovingly cared for by the shopping center managers.

Here is a particularly heinous part of the outrage.  This is a grove of ADMITTEDLY EXCELLENT trees which the DCR AND THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL want to destroy.

It is west of the Swimming Pool Building and across from the MicroCenter parking lot.

The substantive change in the color version with its word game fraud is that a tree is added for destruction, going from six admittedly excellent trees to seven.

And here is the westernmost area around the boat club.  The official version required me to split the reproductions of the map.

The color version with its word game fraud reflects a reduction in destruction.

Apparently the boat club prevailed on DCR destroyers not to destroy one excellent tree.

3. Silence is Consent.

There has been an outrageous attack from the Chair of the Cambridge City Council, calling me a liar based on the attached flier of which thousands of copies have been distributed to Cambridge residents.

He has indulged in typical Cambridge nonsense.  I have responded with facts and demanded an apology from the Cambridge City Council.  The Cambridge City Council has been silent in response to my demand for an apology.

One additional point which resolves the issue.

The flier cites and provided a link to the communication to the Cambridge City Council sent on June 6, 2017, and repeated to the new City Council this year.  It is posted at  This has been a very major document in each filing, 51 pages with detailed copies of each of two destruction plans for Magazine Beach filed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, matched to and traced to photos of pretty much every tree in the Magazine Beach reservation.  It responds to the outrageous blank check for destruction filed voted in by the Cambridge City Council in Order 1 of April 24, 2017.

The flier also cites and provides a link to our video on the destruction by  of hundreds of trees by the DCR and Cambridge on the Charles River east of Magazine Beach, between the BU and Longfellow Bridges in January 2016.  This video includes detailed analysis of destruction which appears to have been delayed to Phase III on which the DCR is currently working WITH CAMBRIDGE GOVERNMENT SUPPORT.  This is destruction of more than a hundred trees in the thick woods between the Grand Junction Railroad and the Longfellow Bridge.

That video is posted at

I have filed multiple additional complaints with the Cambridge City Council.

And the City Council has received a lot of responses from responsible people to the flier.

Instead, I have been falsely and publicly called a liar by the presiding officer of the Cambridge City Council, and the City Council has sat on its hands for 18 months since the first filing of that HIGHLY DETAILED response to the irresponsible blank check, order 1 on April 24, 2017.

In addition to the massive amount of facts incorporated in that flier by links to these two documents, and the massive filings by me since my June 6, 2017 letter., one fact stand out.

At absolute minimum, a city councilor MEANINGFULLY concerned with the environment / trees has massive amounts of reason to look into the matter.


End of discussion.

The Flier is attached.  Double clicking greatly increases its size. 4.  Sample Flier.

5. Our goals.

The City Council should be:

(1) Reversing and rescinding its vote in Order 1 of April 24, 2017 supporting and seeking funds for this outrage;

(2) Through the legislature, replacing the Mass. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation in all of its responsibilities in Cambridge with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation; and

(3) Repairing, insofar as possible, all damage inflicted on the Charles by the City of Cambridge, the DCR, its predecessor, and or / by agents / assistants of one or more, directly or indirectly, since November 1, 1999, and terminating all pending such destruction.

Continued failure to do all three would be in direct conflict with the self proclamations of environmental sainthood which are so common from members of the Cambridge City Council.