Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Alewife Project; Cambridge Machine still on attack

1. Materials concerning Alewife.
2. Public Presentation on Hines Project, 165 Cambridgepark Drive.
3. Context, summary.

1. Materials concerning Alewife.

Last night, August 29, 2012, I attended a meeting sponsored by the North Cambridge branch of the Cambridge Machine concerning a project planned for 165 CambridgePark Drive, directly abutting the environmental destruction and animal killing achieved in the Alewife reservation by Cambridge and their friends in state government.

A lot of materials are on line, accessible from

Unfortunately, the specific submissions are not downloadable. So it is a matter of going down the list and clicking on the project.

PB272, 165 CambridgePark Drive, Plans, page 4 (marked page 3) provides an excellent map of the area, including the massive environmental destruction by Cambridge and the DCR directly north of the project.

The following is a copy of a photo of a model of the project and the 160 CambridgePark Drive project from a view above the destroyed part of the Alewife Reservation. It is taken from an email by the North Cambridge Machine front organization. The proposed construction for 165 is nearer. The proposal for 160 is across the street behind 165.

These buildings are massive and irresponsible, but that is not the fault of the developers. It is the fault of an extremely irresponsible city government’s bad zoning, with major assistance from the participants in the Cambridge Machine.

2. Public Presentation on Hines Project, 165 Cambridgepark Drive.

The developer, the Hines people, incorrectly described the environmental destruction behind 165 CambridgePark Drive as flood protection. I corrected them and put things in perspective.

The acres of totally wasteful destruction of virgin woods and animals by Cambridge and the state was accomplished last October and November.

My photos of the destruction appear at:

Photo number 6 featuring one lone not destroyed tree probably shows 165 in the background.

Photo number 7 shows 160 as it is now, an undeveloped parking lot.

When it comes to the Cambridge Machine, it is always impossible to tell the knaves from the fools.

My exchange at the meeting was primarily with the individual who most looks like a knave. There were two other people in the room who could be victims. They spent a lot of money chasing their tails trying to stand up to this project. The Cambridge Machine tries to get as many people as possible chasing their tails.

I specifically stated that the great problem in the area is the Machine yelling at developers rather than yelling at the people responsible, the Cambridge City Council.

I condemned the Machine for its non stop yelling at the developers and ominously significant silence toward the highly destructive AND RESPONSIBLE Cambridge City Council.

There are two options at Alewife.

The abutting North Cambridge needs flood protection. Cambridge and the state have accomplished acres of destruction of magnificent trees and animals, lying that they were providing flood protection.

Cambridge and the state are providing protection against the worst possible storm in any two year period. The neighbors need protection against the worst possible storm in any 100 year period.

That protection can either be gotten by government underground construction of flood protection as part of these two projects and under the massive parking lot which extends under the parking lot behind 160 and runs to a railroad right of way on the south and Alewife Brook Parkway on the east.

The stalling and con games of the Cambridge Machine are taking away the use of 160 and 165 for flood protection because if the buildings get built without flood protection, they will be there.

That leaves a much smaller area, the large parking lot, and the rest of the Alewife reservation.

I condemned the Machine’s representatives because by refusing to talk with the Cambridge City Council to get the needed flood protection in responsible locations, they are fighting for massive if not total destruction of the Alewife Reservation.

The individual who looks like the local knave responding with a script from central casting.

He did express his distress that there was no retail in the project, also part of the script. Retail, retail, retail. The project can see two good sized shopping centers on the other side of the railroad tracks. The machine wants retail, retail, retail and lies about which side it is on.

Also present was a member of the falsely named “Friends” of Alewife Reservation which fought for and achieved the totally avoidable destruction. Usual tactics, tell people to look at everything else and lie that you are concerned. He spouted nicely.

3. Context, summary.

Richie McKinnon, the rather clear developer of 160 CambridgePark Drive was present.

He has had medical problems. He looked very good.

As I left, he was talking with the Hines people.

The situation at Alewife is that the local front for Cambridge Machine is about as low as you can go.

They are fighting for outrageous, totally avoidable environmental destruction in a community which opposes that environmental destruction, and lying about which side there are on.

The strongest hope is for responsibility from the developers. Both developers are also building north of the Alewife reservation. The beautiful Alewife reservation is a major selling point for all of their projects. I made it very clear what the situation is.

They have seen people turned out by the lies of the Cambridge Machine that the Cambridge Machine is defending Alewife.

The situation in Cambridge is so sick that the developers are frequently more responsible than the people who claim they are defending the city.

It comes down to numbers. The Cambridge Machine has won major, totally avoidable, destruction in the Alewife Reservation and is fighting for further, probably total, destruction of Alewife, lying about which side they are on.

Is it worthwhile for the developers to stand up to the Machine?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Environmental Destroyers praise Senator Brownsberger and Representatives Hecht, Moran, Walz, and Wolf for environmental destruction

The following is a direct quote from the August newsletter of the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy.”

If you are pro environment, you do not want Senator Brownsberger or Representatives Hecht, Moran, Walz, and Wolf.


We want to thank the many donors who helped us reach the match for the Barr Foundation grant! These funds allow us to continue our work on advocating for bridge underpasses at the Anderson Memorial, the Western Avenue, and the River Street Bridges, which are currently being restored through the Accelerated Bridge Program. The Governor recently signed the Transportation Bond Bill, which includes an amendment that asks for building those three underpasses on the Boston side of the river. We are grateful to the legislators Senator Brownsberger and Representatives Hecht, Moran, Walz, and Wolf for their efforts.


The environmental destroyers did an end around, realizing just how terrible the Cambridge Pols and their friends are.

Senator Brownsberger and Representatives Hecht, Moran, Walz, and Wolf.

For my analysis and photos concerning the portions of this outrage nearest the Charles River White Geese, please see:

Senator Brownsberger and Representatives Hecht, Moran, Walz, and Wolf.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

South Station / Worcester Commuter Rail progress good news for Charles River.

1. South Station Expansion Planning.
2. Worcester service upgrading without Grand Junction and before South Station expansion.
3. Analysis.

1. South Station Expansion Planning.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation in its August 24, 2012, news letter, announces work on South Station expansion, saying as following.


MassDOT in conjunction with the MBTA and the City of Boston is launching the South Station Expansion Project. Using funds awarded by the federal government, MassDOT will spend the next several years performing planning, environmental review, and preliminary design for an expanded station and ancillary facilities.


More details and the full announcement, including a link to request future public notifications on the project, are at:

2. Worcester service upgrading without Grand Junction and before South Station expansion.

The Worcester Telegram reported at the beginning of August,, that the Worcester - Boston service will be greatly upgraded this fall, going from 13 daily round trips to 20 daily round trips.

Expansion is anticipated shortly after the state completes purchase of railroad rights of way along the route.

This expansion is striking because the numbers sound like what the Cambridge pols were talking about in their fight to move Worcester service onto the Grand Junction Railroad.

3. Analysis.

These announcements are major victories for the environment and for responsible transportation planning and yet more slaps in the face for the “reprehensible” (to quote that civil rights judge) government in Cambridge, MA, USA.

I have done major analyses on this matter and will likely follow up with further analyses.

Without going into full details, the Cambridge Machine ran around for an extended period yelling “You can’t win, you can’t win, you can’t win.” They even tried to create yet another fake group to claim opposition to passenger service on the Grand Junction Railroad in Cambridge. Such “protective” groups from the Cambridge pols commonly try to maneuver Cambridge residents into working against their own best interest. One such outrage is their ongoing fight to maintain and expand environmental destruction and animal abuse in the BU Bridge area of the Charles River in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Pols claimed use of the Grand Junction was needed to give Worcester needed expansion of its Boston commuter service because South Station could not handle the added trains during rush hour.

The Grand Junction Railroad line is an integral part of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese, running directly east of the traditional nesting location and west of a traditionally wild hillside which has been used for some nesting in recent years.

The Worcester Telegram reports that this fall's expansion of service of Worcester - Boston commuter service is being accomplished pretty close to what the Cambridge Pols have been fighting for. The timing is such this expansion can only be happening in South Station and cannot be happening on the Grand Junction, the target of the Cambridge pols for the service.

The South Station expansion project going forward further protects Worcester expansion without the environmental and animal abuse outrages of use of the Grand Junction Railroad in Cambridge. Previous reports indicated that South Station expansion was necessary to expand the Worcester - Boston service.

Good work.

Thank you folks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Robbery reported near Longfellow Bridge.

The following was provided by the Cambridge Police Department.


CITIZEN ALERT: MIT Police Share Information Following 2 Armed Street Robberies

The following is an alert from the MIT Police Department:
August 21, 2012 – The MIT Police Department is asking faculty, staff and students to be vigilant after two recent armed street robberies which occurred in Cambridge.

. . .
The second incident occurred on August 20 at approximately 04:00 a.m. in the area of the Longfellow Bridge, when a male stated he was robbed of his wallet by a suspect who stated he had a gun. The victim described the suspect as a dark skinned Hispanic male, 20 – 25 years of age, 5’8” – 5’10” wearing a turquoise colored zipper hoodie and yellow sneakers. The suspect fled towards Boston. This incident was reported to the MA State Police and the victim has no affiliation with MIT


The communication provided general safety precautions to avoid such occurrences.

The Longfellow Bridge is the second bridge across the Charles River east of the BU Bridge. Environmental destruction being fought for by the bad bureaucrats and their front organizations extend from the Magazine Beach playing fields to the Longfellow Bridge.

Regional funding on Charles River: Longfellow Bridge

The State's Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization has posted funds planning at

There are time limits on comments.

I note at the top of page 6, $280,946,372 for construction work on the Longfellow Bridge, which is the second bridge across the Charles River east of the BU Bridge using non federal moneys.

The fifth item from the bottom on page 3 is for street work construction in Cambridge which is an extension of the Longfellow Bridge project, $1,111,500. This is listed as federal aid, non-target projects.

I have previously reported on the Charles River “Conservancy”’s attempts to include work on the Longfellow Bridge which would make the bridge inhospitable to bicycle commuting. This CRC initiative appears to be an extension of the CRC’s fight to destroy hundreds of healthy trees on Memorial Drive, a project for which the Department of Conservation and Recreation sought Obama moneys lying that all those healthy trees were diseased, a lie proven by the DCR filing with the City of Cambridge. Money were not provided for that. The governor received a copy of the Cambridge filing proving the DCR lie.

Monday, August 20, 2012

A few more photos on the Outrage on the Charles River. Animal abusers and their graduations.

1. Introduction.
2. Some Useful Photos.
A. City Engineer’s Annual Report, 1901, Provided by Phil Barber.
B. Phil’s photo of the goose meadow, April 1990.
C. Phil’s photo of the goose meadow, March 2000.
D. Commencement of starvation, September 4, 2004.
(1) Barriers, flowers, excavation.
(2) Friends feed the hungry and very bewildered white geese over a construction barrier.
E. Proud family, May 2008, Phil Barber.
F. 2009. Prior situation at the now soon to be impenetrable thicket.
G. Summary.
3. The assassinated leader of the Charles River White Geese. Animal abusers and their graduations.

1. Introduction.

In my most recent report, at, I presented the reprehensible (to cross quote a civil rights judge) situation on the Charles River in context.

Key to the report were photos taken on July 23, 2006, by an official of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, the entity which owns the sensitively designed sewerage treatment facility between the Magazine Beach playing fields and the BU Bridge / destroyed nesting area of the Charles River White Geese.

In this report, I will not duplicate that report. I hope to present many more photos from that shoot in a future report.

The reality is that, throughout this continuing outrage, the good guys have vastly outnumbered the bad guys, but the bad guys through lack of ethics and a massive, skillfully lying organization in Cambridge have achieved truly horrible destruction.

In this report and in following reports, I will try to put things in perspective.

This photo does a good job of capsulizing the frauds being inflicted by the Cambridge Machine at Magazine Beach.

This photo is from 2004. This is the first awareness by the Charles River White Geese of the starvation being inflicted on them by the bizarre destruction of their food at Magazine Beach, starvation supported by the Cambridge Machine. This part of the heartless animal abuse whose increase the Cambridge Machine are fighting to keep and to expand with the current frauds.

The Cambridge Machine fights to continue the totally inexcusable infliction starvation of these beautiful, valuable more than 30 year permanent residents and to expand the cruelty. But the Cambridge Machine, pretty much non stop, lies that they are holier than thou.

2. Some Useful Photos.

A. City Engineer’s Annual Report, 1901, Provided by Phil Barber.

These are photos of the Magazine Beach bathhouse in 1901.

This structure is on the top of the hill to the west of the Magazine Beach playing fields. The grass around it probably has continued in place for more than a Century. Related grass at the playing fields was destroyed by Cambridge / DCR in the outrages at Magazine Beach, when they destroyed native grass and replaced it with sickly stuff that requires poisons to survive.

All they have to do to end dumping poisons on Magazine Beach next to the Charles River is replace the dumping of poisons with dumping of seeds for the responsible grass they destroyed. This grass has survived 110 years without poisons.

B. Phil’s photo of the goose meadow, April 1990.

C. Phil’s photo of the goose meadow, March 2000.

This was after the first destruction, by Boston University in Fall 1999. Boston University entered the nesting area with its vehicles of destruction the morning before a Cambridge Conservation Commission hearing on the work. They completed the work before the legal appeal period concluded.

BU destroyed a viable, multi-species ecosystem in the middle of a city on the banks of the Charles River. They replaced this magnificent blend of native vegetation with grass, grass, grass and gravel walk which proceeded to wash into the Charles.

BU spent six months lying that they did not do the destruction until they were condemned for this outrage by the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

Then they blamed six months of lies on the President’s secretary who was not fired.

After that, they proceeded to brag about work they denied doing for six months.

They drove away the vastly diverse population by destroying their homes. The Charles River White Geese have only one home, where they have lived for more than 30 years.

The lawn BU inflicted on the resident animals proceeded to be used only by their animal victims. The lawn gradually regained its wild character until the Charles River “Conservancy” started destroying the environment of the Charles River, doing the dirty work of the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Starting in 2003, almost all ground vegetation between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse was heartlessly destroyed.

But the Charles River “Conservancy” lies about itself in its name, pretty much non stop declares itself holier than thou. The Charles River “Conservancy” is a very visible part of the current fraud on the public, and the Cambridge Machine brags of its participation.

D. Commencement of starvation, September 4, 2004.

The tree in the background may still be there, to the west of the outrage.

(1) Barriers, flowers, excavation.

(2) Friends feed the hungry and very bewildered white geese over a construction barrier.

E. 2008. Proud family, May 2008, Phil Barber.

F. 2009. Prior situation at the now soon to be impenetrable thicket.

Native vegetation. It was naturally beautiful but not garden club beauty. It got big enough to protect the nests but it could never achieve the incredible size and obstruction of the outrage at Magazine Beach.

G. Summary.

I have too many more photos. I will stop here and pick up later.

3. The assassinated leader of the Charles River White Geese. Animal abusers and their graduations.

In fall 1997, the Cambridge City Manager announced his plans for environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse in the BU Bridge portion of Memorial Drive. The front organization presenting him was the predecessor to the falsely named Charles River Conservancy.

In fall 1999, Boston University, in an illegal agreement with the Department of Conservation and Recreation started the outrage with the destruction of the Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese in violation of environmental protection laws.

In December 1999, the Cambridge City Council voted to fund the outrages which occurred in 2004 and 2008.

The obvious contempt of these entities for these beautiful Charles River White Geese sent a message which was correctly interpreted by a violent, disturbed person.

Bumpy, the elderly and undisputed leader of the Charles River White Geese was killed in early July 2001 almost certainly by a person who made the killing the pinnacle of truly outrageous achievements. He spent several months beating to death mother geese on their nests. After the killing of the leader of the gaggle, he graduated to rape and murder in the location where he had been killing geese.

The Cambridge Chronicle dominated its front page with a memorial service we had for Bumpy after the killing. The memorial service was conducted on top of the sewerage plant. The plant is skillfully disguised as a grassy knoll with trees and the Charles River around it. The plant is most recognizable as a sewage plant from the direction of the Magazine Beach playing fields.

The Cambridge City Council had repeatedly been begged to do something about the goose killings. Repeatedly, people reminded them that animal abusers graduate.

When the rape and murder occurred, the Cambridge City Council spent an hour discussing the rape and murder. They did not want to know where it occurred.

The Cambridge City Manager’s administration has been in the middle of the governmental outrages on the Charles River.

The Monteiro v. Cambridge case concerns actions which culminated after the mass animal killings and the rape and murder. The Cambridge City Manager destroyed the life of Malvina Monteiro in retaliation for her filing a civil rights / women’s rights complaint.

The Superior Court Judge said “reprehensible.” The jury ordered damages of $1.1 million and penal damages of $3.5 million, possibly greater in percentage than allowed by law. The Appeals Court panel refused to dignify the Cambridge appeal with a formal opinion. “ample evidence [of] outrageous misbehavior.”

One Cambridge City Councilor was fired after he called the destruction of Malvina Monteiro’s life no big thing.

By these court orders, the Cambridge City Council has full grounds to fire the Cambridge City Manager without his golden parachute and possibly without pension. They have placed in committee a motion to chastise him.

The Cambridge Machine has assisted the Cambridge City Manager in his mass animal kill as part of another bizarre project at Alewife, with money voted by the Cambridge City Council. The Cambridge Machine is maneuvering to make a very much larger animal kill at Alewife “unavoidable” when further massive animal killing now can be totally avoided and the current outrage reversed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Magazine Beach: Using vegetation for Heartless Animal Abuse.

1. Introduction.
2. Magazine Beach Walled off from the Charles River, Phase 1.
3. Prior status at Magazine Beach, the norm everywhere else on the Charles River Basin.
4. Situation at Magazine Beach between phase 1 and phase 2 destruction.
5. Situation at Magazine Beach Phase 2 destruction.
6. Current situation at Destroyed Nesting Area.
7. The life forced on the Charles River White Geese.
8. Some of the food kept from the Charles River White Geese.

1. Introduction.

The outrage at Magazine Beach is deliberate.

The state wants all animals residing on the Charles River Basin to be destroyed.

This is the policy of the Department of Conservation and Recreation. I am quoting from the fine print where they call for “parkland” everywhere and define “parkland” as having no free animals.

There is nothing complicated about the situation. The state has people managing animals who are unfit to manage animals. They can get away with it in Cambridge because the city government is so extremely bad.

The DCR manager has bragged he is starving the Charles River White Geese. He is doing it as part of a bunch of environmentally destructive efforts achieved through outright lies and lies of omission.

The starvation comes from two walls of introduced bushes to keep the Charles River White Geese from their more than three decade habitat at Magazine Beach - the first wall at the river, and a second wall constructed to prevent food access through the only opening.

What makes it really complicated is the holier than thou nonsense coming out of the Cambridge Machine. They are belligerently lying using highly sophisticated techniques which communicate that really destructive people are something to be proud of. This is truly a massive machine which routinely lives in a world of make believe manufactured from the minds of who knows whom.

2. Magazine Beach Walled off from the Charles River, Phase 1.

This is the current status of Magazine Beach viewed from the Boston side:

Exactly ZERO public discussion has been allowed by Cambridge and the DCR as to whether the two would close off access between the Magazine Beach playing fields and the Charles River. These bushes have grown without limit since the two planted them.

The promise was, by the DCR, a lawn to the river, and by its front, the Charles River “Conservancy”, an improvement to swimming. Reality proves these blatant lies, but the Cambridge Machine lives in whatever “reality” the people pulling the strings tells the Cambridge Machine is reality. The DCR, CRC and Cambridge do the destruction, and the destruction is much larger than this particular outrage. The Cambridge Machine keeps in check a voter constituency which would be in arms if it were not for the non stop very skillful lies coming from the Machine.

The tiny opening in this massive wall used to be a boat dock, but the DCR and Cambridge have blocked access to the boat dock from the Cambridge side. And the DCR spent years insisting that it was limiting uses on the Charles to water related uses.

The manager of this operation has bragged that this outrage starves the Charles River White Geese by keeping out of their three decade feeding grounds.

To the right of this picture is the well designed Massachusetts Water Resources Authority pollution control plant. To its right are the BU Bridge and the Destroyed Nesting Area which has been converted into a ghetto for the beautiful Charles River White Geese who used to migrate over a one mile habitat centered on the BU Bridge. Most of the time, they lived at the Magazine Beach playing fields. In the spring, they lived at their Nesting Area to the east of the BU Bridge.

Thirty plus year residents casually, heartlessly starved.

The vegetation in the foreground is on the Boston side. It is a fraction of the size of the introduced wall. The vegetation in the next photo is about the same size as the foreground vegetation.

3. Prior status at Magazine Beach, the norm everywhere else on the Charles River Basin.

This is a photo of the area just to the west of Magazine Beach. The difference from what was at Magazine Beach before destruction is negligible.

This native vegetation is destroyed twice a year like all bordering vegetation on the Charles except for the bizarre stuff at the Magazine Beach playing fields. The bizarre introduced wall at Magazine Beach is never trimmed.

4. Situation at Magazine Beach between phase 1 and phase 2 destruction.

On planting the outrage blocking off Magazine Beach from the water, Cambridge and the DCR left an opening at the destroyed boat dock through which the Charles River White Geese entered and fed. This photo was taken by an Massachusetts Water Resources Authority official in 2006. The MWRA owns the well designed pollution control plant which is between the Magazine Beach playing fields and the BU Bridge and the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The vegetation to the right is the status of that bizarre wall in 2006. Note that in 2006, the boat dock was not accessible. The following is an additional photo from the same event and photographer. It shows the status of that bizarre wall in 2006. As I recall, the orangish items are at the location of the destroyed boat dock.

5. Situation at Magazine Beach Phase 2 destruction.

The DCR, Cambridge and friends were offended that the Charles River White Geese could get food by walking through the destroyed dock. In phase 2, Cambridge and the DCR created a second wall to prevent entrance through the destroyed boat dock, of course never explained or even publicized. This is the current situation. All access to food is blocked.

The vertical barriers have not been moved from the prior photo. The artificial bridge is unchanged as well. It is on the far side and left of the trash bin. The difference is the massive introduced wall of bushes, once again never trimmed.

6. Current situation at Destroyed Nesting Area.

Cambridge and the DCR have confined the Charles River White Geese in the area east of the BU Bridge. Their heartless and deliberate starvation has been prevented by volunteers feeding them.

This year Cambridge and the DCR introduced bushes into the area where, for most of the last more than 30 years, the Charles River White Geese have made most of their nests.

Compare these photos to the 2006 photos, and compare the 2006 photos to the present at the playing fields, photos above.

Remember the heartless starvation of the Charles River White Geese. Remember the mass animal kill at Alewife in October and November of 2011. There is no doubt what these bushes will look like in coming years.

And remember, the Cambridge Machine is now conducting a con game to fool people into thinking Cambridge and the DCR are responsible entities. The Cambridge Machine fought for destruction at the Alewife reservation by spending years yelling at private developers and telling people to ignore totally avoidable and, in fact, downright silly destruction. Now that Cambridge and the DCR have just indulged in mass animal killing at Alewife as part of truly bizarre environmental destruction there, the Cambridge Machine, after years of “defending” Alewife immediately ran around bragging about the destruction. And that mass killing is only phase 1. Now they are playing a con game to make perhaps total destruction there with corresponding killings.

I talk of Cambridge and the DCR in one breath. Games are always played with moneys. Money is shuffled to fit whatever explanation works. The reality is that nothing is done near Cambridge by the DCR without Cambridge support. And it goes much further than that. A few months ago, I quoted in these pages, an MIT official praising the head of the fake Neighborhood Association for his destructive behavior at Magazine Beach. MIT, Harvard and many other non profits subsidize the destruction and falsely named Charles River “Conservancy.”

7. The life forced on the Charles River White Geese.

The vegetation to the left and right is some of the few native bushes not destroyed between the BU Bridge (in the background) and the BU Boathouse (a block to the east) since the CRC started destroying native vegetation for the DCR. The nesting area was lush.

8. Some of the food kept from the Charles River White Geese.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Machine conducts con games at Magazine Beach.

1. Introduction.
2. “Explanation” for destruction of the parking lot.
3. “Explanation” for the poisons being dumped on Magazine Beach to keep alive sickly grass that replaced healthy stuff.
4. Whole bunch of bizarre comments about the wall of introduced vegetation walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles River.
5. They are cleaning up Magazine Beach. They are doing good.
6. She loves animals. She has some herself.
7. She and her group had nothing to do with the destruction at Alewife.
8. Destructive of me to communicate reality.
9. Highly skilled.
10. And . . .
11. Retaliation?

1. Introduction.

Machine representatives have gotten extremely unhappy with me the last couple of Saturdays.

They have been pulling a con game. They have been trying to fool people into thinking they are pro Magazine Beach.

The con is to sound great, sound like you are in favor, possibly get help in some sort of project, but keep secret the really destructive stuff.

They are unhappy that I am leafleting with information about reality.

2. “Explanation” for destruction of the parking lot.

They have an “explanation” for their fight to destroy the parking lot at the foot of Magazine Street needed by the little people who come in from poor neighborhoods for barbeques.

The “explanation” is that they do not have the money to destroy it yet, so how dare you bother them with such issues. They do not say why they are destroying it. They do not mention that, once they get the money, they will destroy it without telling anybody, as ALL the irresponsible things have been done. All they say is for people to wait until they have the money.

Why should people wait? Because people can beat the destruction before they get the money.

And if people get concerned about their unexplained plans for destruction, then they might not be able to destroy.

3. “Explanation” for the poisons being dumped on Magazine Beach to keep alive sickly grass that replaced healthy stuff.

Well, the representative bragged to me that the DCR had created Magazine Beach for us. She was not at all interested and, in fact, shocked when I pointed out that the outrages of the last 13 years did not create Magazine Beach.

The outrages did a lot of harm and destruction, all of which were publicized by lies that they were doing other things and by lies of omission, like the Machines lies of omission about the parking lot destruction and the pending destruction of the nesting area with another artificial thicket.

Reality is that the playing fields have been reduced in size to drain off the poisons to keep alive the sickly grass they introduced.

Particularly shocking is that the grass they destroyed in the playing fields still exists on top of the hill to the west of the playing fields and still does not need the bureaucrats beloved poisons.

4. Whole bunch of bizarre comments about the wall of introduced vegetation walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles River.

No explanation whatsoever for this outrage. The poor dears at the DCR are overwhelmed by the idea of that monstrous thicket.

I spoke with the representative on top of the hill to the west of the playing fields. I pointed out to her the native vegetation visible bordering the Charles which is destroyed twice a year like almost all other bordering vegetation on the Charles River Basin. In contrast, the bizarre wall which keeps on growing and the manager has bragged that it starves the Charles River White Geese.

5. They are cleaning up Magazine Beach. They are doing good.

But the DCR is paid to clean up Magazine Beach. They constantly praise the DCR. If the DCR is so great, why do they need to clean up Magazine Beach?

What will the DCR do with the moneys freed up by them doing the DCR’s work?

The DCR has accomplished mass animal kills as part of the bizarre Alewife project. By freeing up money which could be used responsibly, they are freeing up money for more mass animal kills.

6. She loves animals. She has some herself.

No explanation how this justifies her support for the pending creation of yet another massive thicket where the Charles River White Geese have nested for more than 30 years.

No explanation for her total indifference to the deliberate starvation of the Charles River White Geese by that bizarre wall of introduced bushes.

7. She and her group had nothing to do with the destruction at Alewife.

But the group praised its counterpart at Alewife which fought for the destruction there in the same manner as the Machine is conducting this con game. Same con game. Don’t look at our destruction and that of our friends. Look at us yelling at private developers.

That is the other guy’s fault.

8. Destructive of me to communicate reality.

I was interfering with their con game.

9. Highly skilled.

First of all, I had no intention to talk with her or her lecture group. I was just happily leafletting and talking with folks who felt like talking. She approach me.

I have been accustomed to being verbally assaulted with nonsense after nonsense after nonsense by environmental destroyers justifying the outrage on the Charles River.

All they have to do is get one piece of nonsense to stick and they have found their version of “reality”. In their world, “reality” is nonsense that works.

She was skilled. The nonsense came and came and came.

I did not realize she had it in her.

10. And . . .

I could keep on going. The concept is company union.

Fool people into trusting you.

Lie about which side you are on. Keep people from standing up to outrages by you and your friends, and possibly get assistance on your develop project or even actual destruction.

The Machine is really, really destructive.

11. Retaliation?

I may have been pulled off their mailing list. Reality is very offensive to such people.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Algae bloom reported in Charles River.

This is in the upper Charles. There is a recurring problem in the Charles River Basin which comes from the dumping of Tartan on Ebersol Fields on the Charles River near Massachusetts General Hospital by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Their favorite poisons were not working and they were not at all concerned about the warnings against use near water.

Has the Department of Conservation and Recreation been as irresponsible in the upper Charles as on the Charles River Basin?

They are all the same organization.

Cambridge’s Reaction to Monteiro: Wrong Civic Unity Committee?

1. Summary.
2. Wrong “Civic Unity Committee.”

1. Summary.

On July 21, 2012, I posted a report entitled “Cambridge (MA) City Council plays games on Monteiro?” at

Monteiro v. Cambridge is an excellent example of the corrupt situation in Cambridge, MA.

Penn State gets court decisions demonstrating outrageous sexual abuses by a key person which have been hidden by higher key people and heads role plus a whole bunch of football victories are vacated.

Cambridge got very major court decisions which object to the Cambridge City Manager’s destruction of the life of a female department head because she filed a women’s rights / civil rights complaint. The trial judge called the behavior “reprehensible”. The jury awarded penal damages possibly greater than allowed by law to show its disgust. The Appeals Court panel refused to dignify Cambridge’s appeal with a formal opinion, perhaps to allow the massive penal damages award without making those massive damages formal precedent. The Appeals Court referred to “ample evidence [of] outrageous behavior.”

This combination of judicial actions put the Cambridge City Council in position that it is able fire the Cambridge City Manager without his golden parachute and possibly without pension.

What is the Cambridge City Council’s reaction?

Exactly zero members of the Cambridge City Council support firing the Cambridge City Manager.

A motion to express displeasure at the situation was submitted by four of the nine members. Five of the nine members (including two sponsors) voted to refer the motion to the Civic Unity Committee.

2. Wrong “Civic Unity Committee.”

I did not want to dignify the referral any more than I could help, so I provided a generic type of description of the committee without stating its name.

The City of Cambridge has had a Civic Unity Committee in existence since the 80's appointed by the Cambridge City Manager. This committee is devoted to civil rights issues.

Very late in the Monteiro process, two FORMER members of Cambridge’s Civic Unity Committee published a letter in the Cambridge Chronicle stating that the committee had tried to get information on the case and was chastised for their initiative by the Cambridge City Solicitor.

It would appear that the Cambridge City Council at some time in recent years has created its own Civic Unity Committee, and that that was the committee to which this totally inadequate motion was referred, not the well established committee appointed by the City Manager.

My thanks to the submitter of this information.

It would thus appear that the action of the Cambridge City Council could possibly be considered even more useless than I realized.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Clarification / Correction: Alewife Brook Area Zoning

A few days ago, I quoted Councilor Cheung’s comments with regard to a zoning change impacting North Cambridge, that portion of the City ending at Alewife Brook. Alewife Brook, at this point, is the border between Cambridge and Arlington. These comments were posted at

I am highly concerned about the future of the environmentally sensitive zoning on Massachusetts Avenue approaching Alewife Brook. It has a lot of small scale (for Cambridge) housing limits. As a result, while things are not perfect, the zoning is sensitive to the beauty of the Alewife Brook Reservation.

I made a serious mistake which was the basis for my comments.

That serious mistake was in listening to the Cambridge Development Department or other people opposed to responsible zoning describing the change. The descriptions I saw gave me the understanding that zoning protections were being destroyed right up to the Alewife Brook Reservation, all zoning on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge right to the Arlington line.

My problem is demonstrated in the Cambridge Chronicle article on the zoning change which is posted at

Basically, all reports on this change have referred to “improvements” to the zoning of Massachusetts Avenue in North Cambridge, period. The difficulty lies in people who do not fully understand the zoning situation making general comments which should not be made in a general manner.

I responded to Cheung’s comments because the comments exactly fit the nonsense which keeps on getting spouted by The Machine: retail, retail, retail, as much retail as they can get and destroy, destroy, destroy first floor open space and first floor housing. The Cheung comments fit the excessively general pattern as well. He made no distinction between areas of Massachusetts Avenue in North Cambridge whose zoning protections have already been destroyed and those areas of Massachusetts Avenue in North Cambridge which have not been subjected to these bizarre attacks on zoning protections. The area near Alewife Brook Parkway falls into the latter category.

I dug out the zoning change on line and reviewed it in detail. What I was able to find affects only the irresponsible zoning imposed already on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge on Mass. Ave. The Machine is making irresponsible zoning more irresponsible because developers are looking at the area and are being more responsible than The Machine. Developers are looking at a residential neighborhood and putting in a residential neighborhood in a larger scale. The Machine is horrified that its goal of wall to wall retail no matter how dumb is not being implemented. So they passed the change that Cheung was bragging about to make bad zoning worse.

As far as changes to the responsible zoning near the Alewife Brook Reservation goes, the language I saw on review only impacts areas whose zoning was previously irresponsible. The language I saw does not impact the “small” residential zoning next to the Alewife Brook Reservation.

So, with this very major caveat, I express my regrets to Councilor Cheung.

But, on the other hand, if it turns out the folks saying zoning is being changed to the Arlington line were correct, please let me know. Thank you.

Urban Ring Rail Maps, two options, Boston and Cambridge, MA

1. Introduction.

Yesterday, at, I reported on a city council meeting concerning a small vehicle highway on the Grand Junction railroad tracks. These tracks run through the core habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

I spent considerable time commenting on the Cambridge Administration’s constant denial of reality with regard to the Urban Ring heavy rail transportation options. The Cambridge Administration has very much non stop put out the falsehood that there is only one option under consideration, the option they prefer.

2. Maps.

Here are five maps produced by the MBTA concerning the options on both sides of the Charles River.

A. MBTA Urban Ring BU Bridge Crossing (Cambridge Side).

This is the alternative which the Cambridge Administration put out a very much non stop lie that it is the only alternative under consideration.

The long hashed line parallel to and crossing the Charles River and having two dots on it is the proposed streetcar / light rail line.

The dot in the very middle of the picture is an station at Massachusetts Avenue in the middle of the MIT campus. The dot to the very left is a station at Putnam Avenue in Cambridge. The crossing would be to the immediate east of the Grand Junction line, apparently breaking off to go underground after going under Memorial Drive, thus directly impacting and harming the wildlife habitat south of Memorial Drive including the nesting area of the Charles River White Geese.

B. MBTA Urban Ring, Kenmore Crossing (Cambridge Side).

In this alternative, the Mass. Ave. Station continues to exist but quickly after going under Mass. Ave., the Heavy Rail / Orange Line alternative swings south and goes under the Charles River, a much less environmentally destructive option.

C. MBTA Urban Ring Boston Side.

The following two maps appear to be blow ups of the separate options as shown on this map.

This map is a good way to compare the relative locations of the two options and to see almost all the shared part.

The shared part is in the lower extreme of the map. The alternate lines are shown by moderately heavy broken lines.

The BU Bridge Crossing curves down from the left and meets the Kenmore Crossing which is a straight line top to bottom. The two lines meet under Brookline Avenue just before Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and curve in deep bore construction under BIDMC.

The wider black rectangle just after the curve ends is the proposed Longwood Medical Area Station under Longwood Avenue at Louis Pasteur Boulevard.

The line curves just before Huntington Avenue under the Massachusetts College of Art. It then curves again at Ruggles Street under undeveloped property of the Wentworth Institute of Technology. It ends at Ruggles Station on the Orange Line which is just off the map.

D. MBTA Urban Ring, Boston Side - BU Bridge.

The BU Bridge crossing would be constructed under University Road, which works as an on and off ramp for east bound traffic on Soldiers Field Road / Storrow Drive.

The path is hard to make out. Blowing up the photo is extremely valuable. The path is just to the left of “BU” on the map just south of the Charles River. It turns and comes to a black rectangle indicating the combined Urban Ring station at St. Mary’s and the relocated Yawkey Station. Connection to the Green Line Commonwealth Avenue branch is by tunnel under St. Mary’s dropping people on the south sidewalk of Commonwealth Avenue.

The route then turns at Park Drive and comes to another underground station between Beacon Street (Green Line, Cleveland Circle branch) and the Riverside Station (Riverside Branch of the Green Line).

These two stations attempt to duplicate the function of the Urban Ring station in the Kenmore Crossing located between Yawkey and Kenmore Stations and creating one big megastation.

E. MBTA Urban Ring, Boston Side - Kenmore Crossing.

The tunnel runs under Raleigh Street in eastern Kenmore Square.

It would have a new station under Brookline Avenue with direct connections to Yawkey Station, Kenmore Station and Fenway Park, creating covered connections among Commuter Rail, Urban Ring and the three Green Line Branches. This is the black rectangle directly below "Kenmore."

Yawkey Station shows on the map as the less large black rectangle above and to the left of the proposed Urban Ring station. It is helpful to blow up the photo to see it.

The legislature is spending millions upgrading Yawkey Station. Yawkey Station is not going anywhere, contrary to the needs of the BU Bridge Crossing. Thus the legislature has spent millions subsidizing the Kenmore Crossing.

The line proceeds under Brookline Avenue to the point where it goes under BIDMC.

3. Reality and the City of Cambridge.

The Cambridge Administration and its activists and influenced organizations has spent years denying the existence of the Kenmore Crossing.

They have no meaningful argument. The Kenmore Crossing is far superior both from an environmental and a transportation point of view. It has now received millions of dollars in subsidies in the legislature's funds for the upgrading of Yawkey Station in place.

It is hard to escape the obvious strategy of the Cambridge Administration.

When you cannot possibly win on the merits, lie.

So they simply and repeatedly for very many years have denied that the Kenmore Crossing exists.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cambridge City Council Committee defers action on Grand Junction Highway Proposal very destructive to Charles River White Geese

1. Summary.
2. My Comments.
A. Introductory.
B. Environmental Impact.
C. Urban Ring.

1. Summary.

Yesterday afternoon, Monday, August 6, 2012, the Cambridge City Council’s Economic Development, Training and Employment Committee chaired by Councilor / Representative Toomey deferred action for a month on its discussion of a small vehicle highway proposal on the Grand Junction Railroad line which would be highly destructive to the Charles River White Geese.

While a wide variety of councillors attended the meeting at one point or other, Councilor / Representative Toomey was the one member whom I recall being present throughout. I could have missed other extended participation.

Deferral of action pretty much seemed to be taken unilaterally by Toomey. Toomey was the only member of the Cambridge City Council who aggressively opposed from the beginning passenger use on the Grand Junction. Passenger use was ultimately tabled by the Department of Transportation after active manipulations by the Cambridge Machine which seemed to be trying to maneuver the public into acceptance of passenger service.

I will be providing a link to this report to the Cambridge City Council, so, while the report will hit the points I made, they will be slightly fleshed out. The detailed written comments I promised will be much more intense on the environmental and animal abuse harm of the proposal to the Charles River White Geese and the Charles River. My follow up will be copied to the state’s Departments of Transportation and of Conservation and Recreation.

The detailed follow up will include an appendix on the outrage at Alewife by the City Administration with city council funding. Alewife also included key omissions to the City Council. Alewife involves ongoing manipulations by “activists” with City Administration connections. My time factor for my follow on comments is quite short because the Cambridge Machine “activists” are manipulating the situation such that Cambridge could have no alternative to further massive destruction and to more large scale animal killings at Alewife.

My comments to the Cambridge City Council Committee, with fleshing out, were as follows.

2. My Comments.

A. Introductory.

My comments will be followed up by a much more detailed written analysis. It would be impossible at this time to go into the detail appropriate on this matter to this committee.

The proposed small vehicle highway, for environmental, animal abuse, and cost reasons, should not go south of Memorial Drive. It should turn east just prior to the buildings on Memorial Drive on either side of the Grand Junction. It should be built between the building on the corner of Memorial Drive and Vassar Street and the building behind it on Vassar Street. There is an ample undeveloped area there to get the route to Vassar Street where it could connect to Memorial Drive.

This route would remove major harm to the environment and to the Charles River White Geese. It would give bicyclists much more direct access to Memorial Drive and would significantly reduce costs.

B. Environmental Impact.

This small vehicle highway would have major, destructive impact on the Charles River both on the Cambridge side and on the Boston side.

Impact of environmental destruction of this nature has already been condemned by a joint report of the Department of Transportation and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. The report concerned the corresponding proposal for a small vehicle highway on in the Cambridge side of the Charles River. This package was sold as “underpasses.”

The joint committee condemned this proposal in its report on Charles River Connectivity issues which was issued last fall.

C. Urban Ring.

[ed. I went to the meeting with no intention to speak. The comments on the Urban Ring by City Administration representatives gave me the incentive to speak.]

The City Administration once again gave the impression that the Grand Junction corridor is the only alternative under consideration for the Urban Ring rail transportation concept. This is not only false, but is directly contradicted by funding provided by the State Legislature.

To express the situation in the nicest possible light, the City Administration’s position is that the only route being considered for the Urban Ring is that route now called the BU Bridge crossing. At absolute minimum, this position is 20 years behind the times.

Also under consideration is the Kenmore Crossing, an alternative I first proposed in a public meeting in 1986 concerning the Urban Ring because of the environmental and Cambridge destructiveness of the BU Bridge Crossing. The Kenmore Crossing was independently picked up by the state in 1991 and has, ever since, been considered, along with the BU Bridge Crossing, as one of two alternative Charles River crossings for the Urban Ring rail proposals.

The BU Bridge Crossing pushed by the Cambridge Administration would be Green Line / streetcar technology. It would cross the Charles River east of the BU Bridge and east of the Grand Junction railroad bridge with major environmental harm and harm to resident animals.

The Kenmore Crossing would use Heavy Rail / Orange Line technology. It would travel a considerable distance in the Grand Junction right of way, constructed underground. It would turn off the Grand Junction and travel under the MIT playing fields and then under the Charles River to a station between and connected to Kenmore Station and Yawkey Station. It would be constructed under the Brookline Avenue bridge over I90, the Massachusetts Turnpike.

This station combination would create one megastation which would provide excellent connections to Fenway Park, to the three Green Line branches to Brookline, and to the Framingham / Worcester Commuter Rail, all with covered walkways.

By contrast, the BU Bridge Crossing alternative would require moving Yawkey station and the Commuter Rail stop to Mountfort Street and St. Mary’s Street a half a mile to a mile west of Fenway Park. Commuter Rail passengers would be connected to the Green Line / Boston College line ONLY rather than to all three branches.

Connection to the Green Line would be made by a tunnel under St. Mary’s Street ending at the south sidewalk of Commonwealth Avenue across from Boston University’s Marsh Chapel. Commuter rail passengers would walk across traffic in all kinds of weather to the already overloaded Boston College line in the median of Commonwealth Avenue.

The legislature has subsidized the reconstruction of Yawkey Station in place to the tune of millions of dollars. This subsidy also constitutes a subsidy for the far superior Kenmore Crossing of the Urban Ring with its excellent Kenmore - Urban Ring - Yawkey megastation.

The Yawkey / Urban Ring / Kenmore megastation would be an ideal terminus for First Stage construction on the Urban Ring as an Orange Line spur. This First Stage would function as a spur coming out of Ruggles Station on the Orange Line with an intermediate Harvard Medical Area stop at Longwood Avenue and Louis Pasteur. Such a First Stage route would provide the Harvard Medical Area and Fenway Park with direct excellent connection to Boston’s downtown over the Orange Line. This connection would function in the same manner as the Quincy / Braintree branch provides Quincy and Braintree with downtown connection on what was a Dorchester - Cambridge Red Line heavy rail subway.

And, as I said, the legislature has subsidized the Kenmore Crossing with the millions of dollars it is spending upgrading Yawkey.

With that money put into upgrading Yawkey Station, Yawkey Station WILL NOT BE MOVED, and the Kenmore Crossing would appear to have a very major leg up on the Cambridge Administration’s favored BU Bridge Crossing.

And, somehow, the City Administration still communicated in that meeting the very clear message that the Kenmore Crossing alternative does not exist.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cambridge (MA) Signs: Heartless Animal Abusers yes; Animal Lovers no

The Cambridge (MA) Chronicle reported in its most recent issue on the Cambridge Department of Public Works keeping a woman from posting signs on lampposts in a hunt for her lost dog. The report is posted on line at :

Strange, the fake “neighborhood association” in Cambridgeport posts signs on lampposts all the time without problem.

Perhaps the activities of the fake “neighborhood association” on Saturday were an excellent example. They conducted a celebration on Magazine Beach bragging about how enlightened the City and the State Bureaucracy is on environmental issues.

They just do not want to know about the heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese or about the belligerent environmental destruction or about the mass animal kill at Alewife.

They get horribly confused when discussing reality, including the most recent turn of the screws.

Cambridge, MA has no shame.


They did say why they support destruction of the parking lot at the foot of Magazine Street.

They do not have the money yet and thus the project is fully beatable. They oppose discussing their coming destruction of the parking lot until they have the money and, thus cannot be beat.

But aside from this supremely cynical position, they do not say why they want to destroy it.

But, as usual, they sound so good.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Con Games and Reality. Attack on the Alewife Brook Reservation self-praised by attacker

The powers that be in Cambridge do a lot of lying by omission.

Councilor Leland Cheung’s email report this morning bragged as follows:


I hope this update finds you enjoying the summer months! The City Council met Monday night for a summer session to discuss a number of important items, including three big zoning petitions. One to protect retail along North Mass Ave, . . .


I have not read the proposal. I do not have to read the proposal.

The Cambridge Machine is offended by housing and open space on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, anywhere on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge.

The Alewife reservation which Councilor Cheung and his friends are destroying is part of an ecosystem which includes the Alewife Brook which, in turn, parallels Alewife Brook Parkway, the borderline between Cambridge and Arlington, MA.

The machine is offended that the last few blocks of Massachusetts Avenue before the Alewife Brook are zoned with sensitivity to this environment. It includes a lot of housing and a lot of housing zoning.

Existing retail is protected because it is preexisting nonconforming. As preexisting nonconforming, it is too valuable to destroy.

The con game Cheung is spouting is that they are “protecting” existing retail by encouraging its destruction, so that neighborhood retail is replaced by high end stuff, yards are destroyed for massive buildings and first floor, neighborhood, housing is destroyed for the same massive buildings.

And, of course, the Alewife Brook is destroyed by the impact. But then Cheung and his friends have destroyed acres of the core Alewife reservation and appear poised to destroy much if not all of the rest of it, for flood protection that should be provided under a massive parking lot across Cambridge ParkDrive. The Cambridge Machine, as usual, cannot see reality. They are stalling until it is built on and these hypocrites have “no choice” but to multiply their destruction to provide the flood protection they lie that the current project provides.

Examples of responsible zoning which I have created which MEANINGFULLY provides protections for retail and existing buildings, by vote of responsible city councils are:

1. Massachusetts Avenue east just north of Harvard Law School: small retail block protected by rezoning residential.

2. East Harvard Square, historical structures on river side between Bow Street and Arrow Street. Many historically small shops protected. Guffey Park at the eastern end of this block was destroyed by the Cambridge City Manager a week or so after HE LOST THIS ZONING VOTE. He did the destruction to allow expansion of a retail establishment which could no longer legally expand. I publicized his outrage. The Cambridge City Manager apologized to the City Council by replacing the destruction with the gold plated little gem which now fronts on the Oberon.

3. Massachusetts Avenue, from Dana Street to Inman Street on the North and Bay Square (not included) to Sellers Street on the south. Neighborhood stores saved from destruction because they are more valuable than the condos which would replace them. This vote in particular saved the courtyard building on the south side of Massachusetts Avenue in the 860's with its neighborhood stores. The developer backed off the massive building and sold it for condos.

Councilor Cheung also claims to be in favor of Women’s Rights.

He has shown where the reality lies with his reaction to the Court Orders in Monteiro v. Cambridge, when Superior Court judge and jury were affirmed by the Appeals Court in their communication of disgust at the Cambridge City Manager destroying a department head’s life because she filed a Women’s Rights complaint. “Reprehensible” said the trial judge of the behavior. “Ample evidence [of] outrageous behavior” said the Appeals Court.

Cheung has shown where he stands with exactly ZERO attempts to fire the Cambridge City Manager. He voted to table to a city manager appointed committee a motion which condemned the behavior and apologized for it. Nothing more than that.

By contrast, when Penn State lost in Court over Paterno hiding outrages (not committing any, just hiding them), the NCAA stripped Paterno of all his football victories after he should have taken action.

But this is the City of Cambridge. The Cambridge Pols praise themselves non stop for their enlightenment. And they lie, pretty close to non stop.