Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photos of the Destroyed Nesting Area emphasizing the soon to be impenetrable thicket, east of the BU Bridge on the north side of the Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA

Here are some photos of the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese from April 15, 2012.

18 04-15-12 Nesting area, first work

The tilled area, last I saw was filled with potted designer bushes which when planted will create an impenetrable thicket. The vegetation just barely seen on the river side of the dividers is the remants of the undestroyed bushes which the Charles River White Geese used for nesting and which filled the tilled area.

In the background can barely be seen ground which was devoided of its ground vegetation by the Department of Conservation and Recreation / Charles River “Conservancy”, large trees bordering on the Charles River, the Charles River, and Boston University.

Vegetation on the left is undestroyed vegetation from the hillside under the Memorial Drive on ramp. This area had a concrete like walkway started

19 04-15-12

Big difference from previous is the fabricated hillside on the right and the BU Bridge. The red truck apparently made the tire marks. The fabricated hillside, when I was last there, had the designer bushes / impenetrable thicket planted. A second concrete like walkway would be sort of an extension of this side of the hillside.

20 04-15-12

Looking straight kitty corner across the Destroyed Nesting Area. The second concrete like walkway goes straight ahead.

21 04-15-12

Closer view from previous. Visible to the left is the native vegetation which has been mostly destroyed and which used to fill the tilled area. The white figures are the Charles River White Geese. The structure going directly across is the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge.

22 04-15-12

Opposite view from the previous. Undestroyed native vegetation is to the left and right. The truck can be seen straight and behind it the fabricated hillside which has been planted with the designer bushes / coming impenetrable thicket. The second apparently concrete walk would be straight ahead.

23 04-15-12 Andrake and Daffney

Andrake and Daffney are the Charles River White Ducks. They were dumped at Magazine Beach about five years ago. I saved their lives from attack by a dog sicced on them by a passer by. Like the Charles River White Geese, the luscious grasses at Magazine Beach have been walled off to them by the bizarre wall of introduced bushes at Magazine Beach.

24 04-15-12

Shot from toward the Charles River near the southern and western extreme of the Destroyed Nesting Area. Visible is the dirt created by the destruction of ground vegetation by the DCR and CRC. Immediately above and to the right is ground vegetation on the hillside above the destroyed area, and the former Ford / Polaroid plant now owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on the far side of Memorial Drive.

Also can vaguely be seen is the edges of the tilled area (soon to be impenetrable thicket) and the native bushes which the impenetrable thicket is intended to replace.

25 04-15-12

One lone goose in the area between the area formerly used for BU Bridge access, soon to be impenetrable thicket, and the Charles River. It is just east of the BU Bridge. Near the camera is the top of one of many bales of hay used to edge the construction area. I think the black items are probably rocks. At the very top of the photo is the Charles River.

Cambridgeport “Neighborhood Association” steps up its fight for construction of impenetrable designer bushes in the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese

1. Introduction.
2. Brief response.
3. A world strikingly different from reality based in part on bizarre use of words.
4. Summary.

1. Introduction.

The fake Cambridgeport “Neighborhood Association” has been running around loving Magazine Beach for awhile now.

That is a very bad sign if you love the Charles River and its animals.

In the last week, one thing they are really fighting for became clear when the outrage at the Destroyed Nesting Area got much worse. The standard tactic of Cambridge Machine entities is to distract attention from outrages by their friends.

For a couple of years now, the state has fully destroyed about two thirds of the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese as part of the BU Bridge project.

Now the state has dumped massive numbers of designer bushes in pots in that location, making it clear that their “amelioration” for the harm done by the BU Bridge is intended to make the destruction of the area for animal use permanent.

This is complemented by creation of large impervious paths through the coming impenetrable thicket.

This is continuation of their implementation of the Department of Conservation and Recreation's policy to kill off all animals on the Charles River while using whatever excuse is readily available.

The most obvious victims are the Charles River White Geese, heartlessly abused, heartlessly abused, heartlessly abused, during non stop lies of “No intent” to harm.

So the fake neighborhood association is running around loving Magazine Beach and distracting attention.

The leader stepped things up a notch last night, April 25, 2012.

He approached me in a hostile manner and objected to my reports that the fake neighborhood association was created in coordination with the Cambridge City Manager.

Standard technique: they are doing something really rotten, so distract attention.

I responded that his comments were in striking contrast to very clear past statements.

2. Brief response.

Now, first of all, if I spend a lot of time on this, I am suckering for their tactics.

Secondly, a full response would need many, many elaborations and digressions, making the response unreadable.

Thirdly, I am not a psychoanalyst, but I can only try to figure out truly outrageous behavior and offer explanations.

Fourthly, the situation with regard to the Cambridge Pols is always such that it is impossible to tell between the knaves and the victims. It is entirely possible that everybody you see is a victim with the person pulling the strings not visible. Trouble with this group is that the implementing behavior is repeatedly very rotten. It is very hard to get that rotten and just be a victim

Fifthly, as is true when talking with pretty much all the Cambridge Pols, “you simply cannot be that stupid.”

3. A world strikingly different from reality based in part on bizarre use of words.

The greatest hostilities from the Cambridge pols come when they are defending their secret world which is at striking deviation from the world of normal people, although the constant lies are that their world is superior to the rest of the world.

One key in the continuing outrage is word games. The Cambridge Pols use secret definitions and confuse terms all over the place, lying on one hand and, on the other hand, simply trying to destroy decent people through confusion.

One of the bigger pieces of nonsense is their insistence that there is a difference between talking to the Cambridge Development Department and talking to the Cambridge City Manager.

One proof of reality is the case of “Monteiro v. City of Cambridge” in which judge, jury and appeals court, with increasing disgust, condemned the Cambridge City Manager for destroying the life of Malvina Monteiro. Department Head Monteiro had the nerve to file a civil rights complaint. So, according to judge, jury and appeals court, the City Manager destroyed her life.

One columnist in the Boston Globe described the extent to which Cambridge carried the fight as far beyond any basic concept of reason.

But, if you have a truly rotten city government sending a message, that fight sends a message.

Any member of the Cambridge Development Department talking to the public would be a damn fool to deviate from the line of the Cambridge City Manager.

It is total nonsense to distinguish between actions of the Development Department and the City Manager.

The position of the leaders of the fake neighborhood association / its supporters when the organization was created was that its leader was repeatedly requested by the Development Department to create a “neighborhood association”.

That leader created the group and his “neighborhood association” has functioned as a highly qualified company union, preventing defense against outrages friendly to the Cambridge City Manager simply by doing nothing, and, when possible, fooling people into outrages friendly to the Cambridge City Manger.

The tactics have too often been downright outrageous.

I am not about to sucker into distinguishing between the Cambridge Development Department and the Cambridge City Manager.

Reality is that the contact was made by the City Manager’s agents, the Cambridge Development Department, according to the explanation of the people creating this group.

Reality is that I am not so stupid as to distinguish between the actions of the City Manager’s agents functioning as the City Manager’s agents and the actions of the City Manager. I remember Monteiro.

The conduit was the Cambridge Development Department. The action was taken by the Cambridge City Manager.

4. Summary.

As I said, many digressions would be appropriate to fully respond to this point, digressions analyzing the sickness which is the Cambridge Pol organization.

Notwithstanding who made the original contact to create the fake “neighborhood association,” all the original contact does is strengthen the case. This organization very clearly functions as a tool of the Cambridge City Manager on matters most important to the Cambridge City Manager, and the actions include actions which can only be described as outrageous.

As far as minor digressions go, you gotta give the victims something on occasion, or they wise up. Additionally, nice actions which have nothing to do with the Cambridge City Manager’s direct goals further the goals of the organization by roping people in.

To the extent I can do so without suckering into chasing my tail, which is the favorite activity that the Machine has for decent people, I will elaborate on side issues later.