Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA’s Experience with mandating bikes on sidewalks.

One of the many outrageous cons being forwarded by the City of Cambridge and its friends is that Cambridge is pro bicyclists.

Reality is that bicycle activists are used as a means to readily get support for environmental destruction while Cambridge turns around and stabs bicyclists in their backs.

Cambridge, after telling the bicycle activists that they are the activists’ friends, uses those activists to severely hurt bicyclists by confining bikes to sidewalks.

The only explanation which appears to be real is that confining bicycles to sidewalks has value to an important constituency. The value is that confining bikes to sidewalks provides welfare for contractors.

The following is a link to a year old report on new sidewalk bicycling mandated on Concord Avenue in the western part of Cambridge. The mandated sidewalk bicycling starts about half a mile from the environmental outrage at Alewife.

This report, with photos, was posted on Robert Winters’ blog. This destructive project runs from Alewife Brook Parkway to Belmont.

The report is written (trying to translate the cite) by what would appear to be J.S. Allen.

The cite is: