Thursday, November 06, 2014

Massachusetts, USA, Governor Elect Baker: Environmentalist?

Massachusetts, USA, Governor Elect Baker: Environmentalist?

0. Update.
1. Introduction.
2. Intelligent response.
3. Response to the Response.

0. Update.

I am concerned about the non environmental allegations in the letter in section 2.

I have thus offered to the Governor elect’s office an opportunity to respond.

1. Introduction.

Yesterday, I analyzed the Massachusetts governor election in a report entitled: “Baker Victory for Massachusetts Governor could be a Victory for the REAL Environment” and posted at

I got a well written response which is quoted without edit in section 2.  My response to the response is posted in section 3.

2. Intelligent response.

Sorry but I doubt Baker is any friend of the environment.

I expect the country will be in Recession in a year, thanks to the Republicans trying the same failed things that they did in Kansas on a national level and Baker will have spent MA into that doom as well, probably to send more jobs out of the country for his buddies.

Remember he was involved in bringing us the Big Dig and the lies about how much it would cost and the financing scheme around it.


He has no plans to change environmental spending or to do anything except let the utility companies dig more pipelines thru the state for natural gas. He wants no governmental tax credits for individuals or companies developing alternative energy systems or setting up solar, wind etc systems to supplement the power systems. He will let the Utilities run that show and do all the environmental damage they want.

He may even end up driven out of office (and maybe to jail) for his involvement thru his company in the NJ pay-to-play scandal thats under current investigation.

Just what we need - a potential Jailbird Governor. That will play well on the national stage for our states reputation. We'll end up a laughing stock like Rhode Island if that happens. And even if he doesn't its obvious that his company broke the law and he's trying to cover up his involvement level.

I don't see him doing squat to change the status quo on how our city council and City Manager run things or stopping them and Harvard from doing whatever they want.

The only thing that his sitting in the governors office does for us is MAYBE reduce the damage the Republican controlled mess in congress will do to us, so they don't return to their 'punish massachusetts' approach that started with our being the one state that Nixon didn't win the electoral college on so many many years ago. They tend to go softer on us when theres a Republican sitting as figurehead.

We can expect more creeping federal Fascism over the next couple of years, a major recession within a year to 18 months after the new congressional term takes control. Watch for another worse Ebola kind of scare (It's no accident the latest one started in Texas) blown out of proportion from Fox's Hate TV Propaganda Channel.

The only thing that we can say that is good from this election is the passing of Question 4 in this state, Paid Sick Leave was something that should have been put in place nationally during FDR's time in office. It's way over due and needs to be national.

3. Response to the Response.

Thanks for the ideas.

The key is not that he is a friend of the environment. The key is that he is much less likely to toss money at destroying the world for the sake of destroying the world, or in the alternative, destroying the world because Cambridge and the DCR feel like destroying the world.

Without state money the destruction and heartless animal abuse which is Cambridge and the DCR's norm is much less likely to go forward.

Baker does not have to scratch their backs, and, possibly, he might destroy the DCR as it deserves.

At the same time, to mention just one thing, killing the $20 million destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive would be a feather in his cap. Saving the Cambridge Common would probably be in the past by the time he gets on board. The various outrages at Alewife may or may not be viable for support, but the ongoing destruction on Memorial Drive, especially all those trees, that is something a conservative would love to prevent.

I will probably next print an apology to MassDOT. I think I understated the extent of their assistance to Cambridge in defense against the City of Cambridge. Really, MassDOT is the only adult in the room.