Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clean Up Con Leader sees fat goose

1. Summary.

I think the reason why the fake neighborhood association is so determined to censor reality at Magazine Beach is becoming more and more clear.

They are in denial.

If the last twelve years did not exist at Magazine Beach, they are not heartless animal abusers.

2. Clean Up Con Leader report.

A. Her comment.

[A]t the Magazine Beach cleanup this morning, volunteers found a healthy looking but dead goose beside the bridge at River St. I've called Animal Control about this. I/we have no idea what happened to that poor goose, apparently quite near a goose sitting on a nest with 6 eggs (with lots of trash around it).

B. My response.

The dead goose has been deliberately starved for the past 7 years by Cambridge and the DCR by the bizarre wall of introduced bushes.

Running around "loving" Magazine Beach and not wanting to know about the heartless animal abuse makes the "lovers of Magazine Beach" as much part of the problem as is the fake "Friends" of Alewife who have so far achieved the destruction of a major part of Alewife.

The game of distracting from destruction includes not wanting to know about the dumping of a concrete like material in the ghetto to which the Charles River White Geese have been confined making permanent and enlarging worn dirt created by people who destroyed and apparently poisoned almost all the ground vegetation between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse. This is their Destroyed Nesting Area.

The heartless animal abusers at the DCR are in the process of planting designer bushes at the Destroyed Nesting Area which are useless for wild animals. And thus destroy yet more of what little they had to nest in while continuing to starve them with the help of people praising Magazine Beach who censor the poisons, the bizarre wall, the drainage taking away fields, the closing of the boat dock.

But, the game is the game, and this will be censored just as belligerently as the first "Magazine Beach" public meeting was censored and as the last 12 years at Magazine Beach were censored as much as possible.

The strongest explanation I have heard for this outrage is that every city councilor is too irresponsible to undo what they have done, so you should praise them and ignore their destructiveness. Praising the and ignoring their destructiveness, supposedly is going to somehow give Cambridge a responsible city council which, through some miracle will become decent humans after they have deliberately killed off all the animals?

The game at Magazine Beach is exactly the same as the game by which the first of Alewife was destroyed. Con games, con games, con games.

The Charles River White Geese facebook page goes into brief detail and links to much more detail AND PHOTOS on the Blog.

C. Con Leader.

The goose did not look starved; it looked like a healthy goose. Hawks have been flying in the area. I've called animal control. Hopefully, they'll remove it today.

D. Your editor.

The geese are being protected from the starvation which you constantly praise. They are being fed by volunteers. The volunteers are all that keeps you from starving them to death.

The geese lived and fed at Magazine Beach for most of the last thirty years until starvation was imposed on them by that wall, starvation that you praise everytime you praise the outrage at Magazine Beach.

And your behavior is very clearly part of a nonstop pattern which includes the bizarre and totally wasteful destruction of acres of the Alewife reservation with massive animal killing.

Ed: I have cleaned up typos by me. “7 years” was incorrectly “20 years” in the original. Starvation was commenced in September 2004 by Cambridge and by a state bureaucracy which has never stopped the flat out lie that they have no intent to harm the Charles River White Geese. This fake group with its cheerleading and lies of omission is now making itself very much a part of the problem.