Thursday, January 31, 2019

Charles River: Tree Destroyers “Defend” Trees

Charles River:  Tree Destroyers “Defend” Trees

Excellent example of how environmental destroyers get reelected in environmentally conscious Cambridge, MA, USA.

They yell at the other guy, using words which, honestly listened to, condemn themselves.

The following letter to the Cambridge City Council and City Manager will be presented at the next meeting of the Cambridge City Council.

RE: Alleged Pending Tree Protections

Gentlemen / Ladies:

I have reviewed order 7 of January 28, 2019 and Committee Report 3 of the same date enough to understand that this “proposal” exempts from protection the 56 mostly excellent trees whose destruction the Cambridge City Council supports at Magazine Beach, both through Order 1 of April 24, 2017, through your repeated praise for Department of Conservation and Recreation plans on the Charles River, and through multiple votes this year in which did not want to know about the massive tree destruction AND OTHER DESTRUCTION going on.

At absolute minimum, silence under circumstances which call for outrage is consent.

Listen to the commendable words from so many people to the City Council at the January 28, 2019 meeting who actually thought you were doing something, instead of papering over these outrages in which the Cambridge City Council is complicit.

I must strongly support the excellent words said by so many people.  I must remind you of our letter of June 6, 2017 which goes over the plans filed by the DCR with the Cambridge Conservation Commission and matches destruction proposed by the DCR to trees DOOMED by the DCR AND THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL.

These plans are official.  These plans say what you support affirmatively.  These plans say WHAT YOU ARE PRAISING EVERY TIME YOU PRAISE THE DCR PLANS FOR THE CHARLES RIVER.  Our summation of YOUR DESTRUCTION is spelled out in our June 6, 2017 letter.  It is published at

At the January 28, 2019 meeting, you had a lot of people fighting against your destructiveness on the Charles River.  Con games are con games.  Lovely, saintly words do not reverse a false reality.

Reality is what you are doing on the Charles River.  It is major.  It is outrageous, and it is allowed by your supposed protections.

Once again, what you support is spelled out in our June 6, 2017 letter provided both to the last city council and to the current city council.  It is posted on the Charles River White Geese Blog at

Repeating the absolute minimum you need to do YOURSELF, rather than yelling at the other guy through statutory changes.  None of this requires the sort of detailed legal requirements in your yelling at the other guy.:

The City Council should be:

(1) Reversing and rescinding its vote in Order 1 of April 24, 2017 supporting and seeking funds for this outrage and reversing and rescinding all related praise of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation;

(2) Through the legislature, replacing the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation in all of its responsibilities in Cambridge with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation; and

(3) Repairing, insofar as possible, all damage inflicted on the Charles by the City of Cambridge, the DCR, its predecessor, and or / by agents / assistants of one or more, directly or indirectly, since November 1, 1999, and terminating all pending such destruction.

Continued failure to do all three would be in direct conflict with the self proclamations of environmental sainthood which are so common from members of the Cambridge City Council.


Robert J. La Trémouille
Chair, Friends of the White Geese

* * * * *


The destruction plans at Magazine Beach are posted at

Our video presenting the accomplished destruction east of the BU Bridge in January 2016 is posted at:  This includes an extended analysis as to impact then, AND TO COME, on the 38 year resident gaggle of the Charles River White Geese.

A photo on general principles.

The river is the Charles River.  The Grand Junction Railroad Bridge is at the top of the picture.