Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 398 at the Destroyed Nesting Area, Comments on the Fake Public Meeting

1. Report from the Destroyed Nesting Area.
2. Cher.
3. Your editor.
4. Summary.

1. Report from the Destroyed Nesting Area.

Late in the afternoon of April 18, 2011, I conducted day 398 of the visibilities at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

This was closer to the normal rush hour, but there was no construction activity and none of the usual commuter traffic because of the Patriot’s Day holiday and because of the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon ran perhaps half a mile to the south and, even that late in the day, affected traffic.

There was significantly more foot traffic and, really, without the construction, the people driving looked much more normal as well. The foot traffic was clearly impacted by the Boston Marathon. There were far more people walking from Boston (the Marathon location) to Cambridge than the other way around.

People, as usual, were very supportive. One woman who stopped to chat was amazed by the number of fliers which were accepted by other people going by. Various cars, carefully, asked for fliers as well.

I had several people chat.

The discussion that stands out was from a couple who had seen the fliers for the fake public meeting on Magazine Beach. They quoted the gushingly positive words of the flier by heart.

My response was: yeh, those are the enemies, friends of the city manager and city council pulling a con game to try to fool people about what side they are on.

The minute I said “No negative comments allowed,” there was really no need to say any more.

2. Cher.

Cher responds:

Oh I agree with you 100% about these people, but I still think if we spread the word somehow people that is more folks will get involved. We need as many as possible.

3. Your editor.

The Cambridge Pols are propping up a really bad city council and city manager. They use whatever technique is available to them, and by the techniques they use, they demonstrate that they have no ethics. The most important lie is the non stop holier than thou proclamation that they are on the side of the angels.

A key part of the lie is the sort of techniques used in this meeting intended to prop up environmental destruction.

They piously say they are neutral.

They piously say they are allowing all forms of speech.

They piously say the free speech had better be positive. If it is not positive, it is not allowed.

As a civil rights judge said in Monteiro v. Cambridge (on appeal without the city council asking for an independent legal opinion): “Reprehensible.” This is a case the Cambridge Pols also do not want to hear about.

4. Summary.

The reality is that this sort of lying is normal in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Without the pretty much nonstop outrages committed by the Cambridge Pols, a really bad City Council and City Manager would have been thrown out long ago.