Saturday, July 07, 2007

Report 350, Mental Health Input

Report 350 from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, Mental Health Input

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Yesterday, Friday, July 6, 2007, Marilyn and I did a visibility at the Goose Meadow. The entrance created in October 1999 is very close to the Cambridge end of the BU Bridge. It sees a great deal of rush hour traffic.

I had my long time sign with me and on display: an excellent photo of the gaggle by Anne Lynch with the message, "Save the Geese." As we always have had, there was a lot of very favorable input.

I had an extended discussion with a mental health professional from Marlboro Street in Boston.

We were specifically talking about the rape and murder of the young woman in October 2001 with regard to the level of blood on the hands of the then nine Cambridge City Councilors.

Her analysis was that the person who killed multiple mother geese on their nests with great brutality was always a danger to human beings. The difference and the culpability of nine city councilors lies in his getting up the nerve to do the same sort of thing to humans.

The goose killings were cowardly acts. He used a blanket or the equivalent to prevent self defense by throwing it over the nesting geese before he proceeded to beat them to death. The rape and murder of the woman in October was accomplished by a gang which overwhelmed her on the nearby rail bridge after one person raped her in the goose meadow.

Nine Cambridge City Councilors repeatedly heard pleas to stand up to these actions. The silence of the guilty was their reaction even after the clearly political killing of the leader of the gaggle. Channel 4 led their evening news with video footage of his body being dragged out of the Charles River. The Cambridge Chronicle dominated their front page with reports of our memorial service.

Nine city councilor with a wink and a nod sent exactly the message the killer wanted to hear. Nine city councilors told the killer by their silence that they saw nothing wrong with his behavior.

Nine city councilors reemphasized their venality by spending more that an hour discussing the rape and murder WHILE NOT WANTING TO KNOW WHERE IT HAPPENED. Councilor Davis briefly mentioned the location of the rape and murder. She looked around with a guilty look, swallowed her words and did not say it again.

Nine truly vile Cambridge City Councilors are showing the reason why they were silent and encouraged that rape and murder.

Nine truly vile Cambridge City Councilors have indulged in three years of heartless, undeserved, abuse to the Charles River White Geese by their deliberate starvation attacks on them at Magazine Beach and across from the Hyatt Regency.

Now the next step is coming. Nine truly reprehensible people intend to dig up their food itself, the grass at Magazine Beach, and the dirt upon which that grass sits. They intend to replace it with dirt, grass and poisons, poisons which are not now necessary.

Like their protege in 2001, they have built up the nerve. Like their protege in 2001, they have looked to see if there was any sanction coming.

Their pious lies of environmental sainthood, their holier than thou lies, with the support of their syncophants, have worked.

Like their protege in 2001, they have gotten up the guts to take the next step.

They are now going, very quickly, to expose the children of Cambridge to poisons when the children of Cambridge play on those athletic fields. They are very quickly going to increase the level of poisons in the Charles River by the run-off from these fields of poison into the Charles River.

They could very quickly kill off the Charles River as the DCR rather clearly did at Ebersol Fields LAST YEAR.

And they will continue their holier-than-thou lies of environmental holiness.

Once again, please see the analysis on their behalf by the head of the Cambridge Conservation Commission. It is republished below at He goes into the theoretical nonsense of their lies about environmental sainthood. He clearly claims to speak for them.

And a governor who certainly looks no better (and just as holy in his proclamations) will be the weapon.

I appreciate the excellent insight of this mental health professional. Her analysis is not new. It is the same analysis we repeated over and over again before and after the rape and murder.

I have a great deal of concern for disturbed people who live in anguish.

I have flat out contempt for these nine disturbed people who spout holier-than-thou lies while doing these terrible things.

Oh, yes, the sign will be updated. The front with its photo and message will stay the same. The back will read: "Save Magazine Beach!"

But these nine reprehensible people, like their protege in 2001, will get worse and worse and worse as long as their lies work.